BL updates

These are the days when there’s nothing really much to update. But thankfully I got to stumble upon some exciting release announcements today so…

→ First off, Lynx already posted their new covers in their site. As expected from Madarame Hiro, the covers for “Beautiful Days” are really pretty! *u* The Christmas present special in Lynx’s new issue (which is out today) sounds really interesting unfortunately I don’t buy Lynx so I won’t know how the special present feature goes. /sob

→ For Kitabeppu Nica fans, Citron already posted her special page—click! And as for the cover of her upcoming release, “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“…

Adorable cover *q* I cannot wait to see the second cover from Animate! ;u; I’m not familiar with Animate since I don’t really get to buy from them so I don’t really how they usually do the double cover feature. ;; Together with her 10th comic release celebration, if you buy her previous release “Hibari Hinadori Sudatsu Hi ni“, it includes a special manga paper of the said previous title and her upcoming release, “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“. *u*

→ Nobara Aiko is in COMIC Be’s first issue—click! *u* it features an interview and a special extra from her previous release, “Akiyama-kun“. I haven’t read it up to now sadly. ;n; I just got to order it a week ago and I’m really expecting to get my copy next week. *n*


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