December haul I

Finally my 2nd batch of orders finally came in today. \*A*/ 2nd batch because the 1st batch, which I actually ordered 3 weeks ago, isn’t shipped yet since I didn’t order from a direct seller. orz;

Pin-up by Hakomachi. ❤

Reason why I persuaded myself to buy this issue of moca—Kojima Lalako. As you all know, I don’t really buy anthologies regularly unless a favorite mangaka of mine is included and this is totally an exception. I cannot wait to finally read it after this blog entry omg. /o\

Because of this certain story by Kashio, I’ve become curious with her works. Funny how I noticed that lately, I am always deceived by cutesy art styles like this that turn out to be quite erotic when I finally get to read it’s contents. ;;

Ahh Yamada Nichoumeeeeee. /o\ This is her first appearance in moca if I’m not mistaken.

Anddd… *drum roll* will finally get to read onBLUE vol.4’s Yamashita Tomoko special feature~! \*A*/

Long interview is loooooong.

Some kind of meme  requested by some readers. Yamashita Tomoko was asked to choose 8 guys (from her works) and describe each one of them depending on what kind of relationship she thinks is suitable for her and that specific character.

Now here are some of the things she likes. I was so surprised when I got to see Hanaregumi and Chara on the list. I recently got into Hanaregumi when I got to discover ACIDMAN early this year. And I’ve been listening to Chara since forever. If you guys haven’t listened to these artists yet, I definitely recommend them as well. ;u; lol is this a music blog now?

Funniest segment in the whole interview. Certain mangakas (see names from content features image above) were asked to make a some sort of impression comic on Yamashita Tomoko and—Yamashita Tomoko is actually a tall woman with… enormous (gorgeous) breasts….? orz

Still haven’t read all since I just scanned through the images and found this really cute one by Psyche Delico. Other versions were very amusing as well~!

And last but not the least, her most-anticipated new story, “good morning, bad day“.

The feature is pretty long—85 pages in total. So to Yamashita Tomoko fans, this is definitely one issue you can’t afford to miss. *n*

Ishino Aya’s first appearance in onBLUE with her newest work, “Boku to Kimi no Midori to Drill“. <333

Takarai Rihito’s “Hana no Mizo Shiru 2“. Just took a photo of the back cover for the lovely illustration of precious Shouta. OHOHO. *3*

Rokuro Kuro’s “Ichizu Renai Jikaku Nashi!“. Lmao I still can’t get over the resemblance of this guy (left) from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu’s Koizumi. ;;

This is actually Rokuro Kuro’s first tankoubon release~! *u*

Umino Sachi’s “Onegai! Oneesan!“. It looks really interesting so I decided to get a copy. And just as I expected when I tried scanning through the whole thing, it’s really erotic and cute. *q*

See? Isn’t it just precious? Omg. /flails

Then we have Kazuki Souto’s (or thought’s) “Karamawari no Dimple“.

I’m really loving her art style even though it looks kind of awkward in some angles. Agh, I just love cutesy-erotic art styles. Too adorable.

Okay last share for today is Hotta Kiichi’s “Kimi to Boku -After School- Official Fanbook“. Yes, as you all know this is NOT BL/yaoi but I did mention that I’ll be sharing non-BL stuff once in a while didn’t I? *w*

It was pretty small as to what I expected it to be. It’s the same size as the “BL48手” artbook and is also paperback.

Obligatory Koichi/Akira share. Say hello to my OTP. /rolls around/ Actually, I have a lot of OTPs in KB. ;; but Koichi/Akira and Asaba twins ranks top. HOHO

Will do a separate review for this fanbook next time. It’s really a great buy you guys~! *A* all you KB fans will definitely love it. The print’s beautiful and the whole book is just so informative and it’s gorgeous.

Okay, that’s all for today’s share. I’m actually pretty distracted while doing this blog entry since I was reading onBLUE at the same time. KUMOTA HARUKO IS JUST…. ;A; <33333


7 thoughts on “December haul I

    • She mainly uses watercolors that’s why. ;u; or idk, maybe she has some kind of digital coloring technique to achieve the watercolor effect (which is also possible). Her coloring is wonderful. ❤

  1. Awwn, Kojima Lalako, cute~ and yamashita tomoko hahaha, now I wonder how she really looks like.
    Psyche Delico <333 glad she was recently published in anthology.

    Oh! “Ichizu Renai Jikaku Nashi!“ looks nice for a first takoubon. Now that you have said that boy looks like Koizumi …. I laughed hard xDDDD but it's true!

    And adorable fanbook of kimi to boku \o/

    Wow, your order arrived so fast. Really fast !

    • She just contributed for this short but very hilarious report (Psyche Delico). I can’t wait to read her story from dameBL, though~!

      He does, right!? *A* I was shocked as well when I realized it haha!

      Surprisingly, yes. :’D I do hope I get my first batch of orders already! ;A;

  2. You received your KtB fanbook! 8D I’m gonna have to give onBLUE a miss ‘cos the available shelf space in my room is…negative lol. So thanks for the preview! I’ll just hope and wait patiently that I can get the stuff from both Yamashita Tomoko and Ishino Aya in their own separate volume at a later date. :3

    And Merry Christmas to you~

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