Results of the Christmas BL giveaway!

Congratulations to Miyuki for winning this year’s Christmas contest! \;w;/ please wait patiently for your gift, dear. I hope Santa Hachi made you happy this Christmas! OHOHO *w* ❤

She wished for Psyche Delico’s “Junai Eroki” and I was really amused on how she explained her love for Psyche Delico’s works. :’D


Thank you for all those who participated! :’D Had only a few participants but it’s good enough than having none, lol. For those who e-mailed after the deadline, I’m sorry but I can’t include you guys in the contest even if I wanted to. ;n;

All of the essays were really adorable and I love it how some of you even mentioned a list of their favorite mangaka’s work and described each of them. Also, some even included a summary of the manga they were asking for and told me about what they feel about the plot. It was truly nice reading your essays. ;u; ❤

It’s a surprise someone even joined this little giveaway so again, thank you so much. :’) I’m sorry I only did the contest for 5(?) days since I pretty much predicted only a few will be joining. ;n; but I’ll try extending contest dates next time and I do hope a lot of you will be already joining then! *u*


4 thoughts on “Results of the Christmas BL giveaway!

  1. (ノ)`ω'(ヾ) ~~ kyaan. Of course Santa Hachi made me happy this Christmas (and totally made this holiday season happier). (*ε* ) I’m very excited since it’s the first time I’ve won something hahaha so yep ;w; I can’t thank you enough~~ ; ;

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