anthologies + covers + Kojima Lalako

Citron already posted the lineup page for Citron 12.

♦ Full-color special extra of Kusama Sakae’s “Ame Furi“.
♦ First appearance by KUJIRA with her newest work “Kinmokusei ni Sayonara“.
♦ New series by Kashio entitled “Sawaranaide, Kowareteimasu“.

Ahh Kashio’s newest series seem interesting. I haven’t read any of her works before although I’ve been rooting for her “Try and Error” ever since the tank first came out last September—if I’m not mistaken. She’s also one of those artists who can deceive you if you only like to look at pretty covers (like me lol). I thought her story seemed to be just fluff but judging from the title of her newest series in this month’s Citron, it sounds pretty dramatic(?) so then I am once again deceived by her previous cute and pretty covers. orz;

→ The newest cover for OPERA has finally been posted—NAKAMURA ASUMIKO. *u*

♦ Last chapter of Nakamura Asumiko’s “Sora to Hara“.
♦ Special extra from Bikke.

Hopefully we can expect a “Sora to Hara” tankoubon soon, lol. Not a hardcore Nakamura Asumiko fan but I do get to enjoy her works most of the time.

I read pretty good reviews about this recent series of her so I’ve been sulking for months just waiting for the final chapter so I can finally tell myself “Oh there you go, now’s your chance to finally catch up with the whole god damn thing since it’s your fault for not buying anthologies.” orz;

Anyway, pretty much sure all Nakamura Asumiko fans are looking forward to this final chapter. :’D Oh and for Bikke lovers, she has the pin-up for this issue so you don’t want to miss that. :’D

Canna also posted up their lineup page the other day for Canna 21.

♦ Yes, the most-awaited new series by Yamada Torico… or is it just me who’s excited lmao.
♦ Zodiac-themed shots by Honma Akira, Takao Hiroi, Umiyuki Lily, Suzukura Hal, Hanamori Mito and Aikawa Fuu(?).
♦ New titles by Kikuya Kikuko, Minazuki Akira and Yoshida Yuuko.

Thankfully I got this month’s Canna since I can’t afford to miss Yamada Torico’s latest work. ;; Also, I didn’t know about the Zodiac puchi project they did so I’m really ecstatic about it since I loooove Zodiac signs and anything that has to do with constellation, lol—AND UMIYUKI LILY’S IN IT so. 8)

Oh I read from, I think Kijitora’s twitter or blog, that Ootsuki Miu’s last chapter for “Loser” will be on Canna 22 so… I sense a tankoubon. \*w*/ I was actually thinking of buying back issues of Canna just for that. orz;

Now for some pretty and adorable covers of some titles that will be released for the rest of the month.

*Click on the thumbnails for Chill-Chill’s page.

B-Prince novels already posted up titles for the coming month as well.

→ Anyway, so for a very important mangaka news, I have a little something from my dearest moe queen Kojima Lalakoclick!

It seems she’ll be in this year’s FuyuComi (or Winter Comiket)! \*A*/ What’s more is that she’ll be promoting her latest “Kimi to Parade” doujinshi!! /;A;\

GDI I’ll definitely order all of Kojima Lalako’s works in one go if I have extra cash hopefully this coming month. I sure hope I can still get her previous doujinshis.


Oh well, that’s it for today’s update. I’m still weeping over my first batch of orders since it’s nearly 4 weeks since I last ordered them and I don’t think the shipping dealer won’t be answering my e-mails until the… 30th. orz; so yeah, still no dameBL, Moe Goe, Jaryuu Dokuro for Citron 11 and some important others. Also, I promise to make proper manga reviews again next year. I may seem like I’m not busy since I’m always online most of the time. Hello to those who follow me on Twitter who never gets to see or read anything that tells them I’m doing something productive since I often tweet about BL, how my dog behaves, video games and well, McDonald’s. Tbh I’m actually busy with 20(?) projects for school, lol. But as usual, I’m still on a relaxed mood so most of the time I just play video games and end up not doing any project.

Lol ok TMI.

Until next tiiimeee. o/


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