New Year covers!


New Year bringing us new colorful and sweet-looking covers—except for Katou Setsuko’s that has a more dramatic feel to it. Sadly, I only got to order Katou Setsuko’s and Narazaki Souta’s for the new year. ;; I’ll be on a long purchasing hiatus next year (but hopefully not sob) since school will surely get in the way already (finals and whatnot).

Anyway, been a while since I last read something from Katou Setsuko and Tennouji Mio so it’s nice to see them releasing tanks again this coming year. Quite excited as well for Narazaki Souta’s “Fudanshi Monogatari” since I’m really hunting down for good fudanshi-themed stories and this one seems to be a perfect buy. *0*

Other covers by Nishihara Keita, Aoiro Iriko, Nakazato Takeko(?) and Mito Hitomi are pretty tempting as well. Newcomer Nakazato Takeko seems pretty interesting but I’m doubting if I should really get myself a copy after my purchasing hiatus, lol. Must read reviews first for this one. ;;

And now, as for the last cover—KOBATO MEBARU. It’s a novel so I’m not sure if I’m going to buy it just because it’s Kobato Mebaru, IDK. /;A;\ I miss her. I really do. I wish she can release a new story soon. ;;


4 thoughts on “New Year covers!

    • Me tooo! She was one of the first few mangakas that brought me to the BL fandom and I’ve always loved her cute stories. ♪( ´▽`)

      Thank youu! ;; ❤

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