Reviews: 一途恋愛自覚ナシ!~Ichizu Renai Jikaku Nashi!~ (バーズコミックス リンクスコレクション)

First off, a very Happy New Year to everyone~! How was your first few days of 2012? For me I was pretty much bombarded with death photography plates of doom + a few other school works. 8D

Moving on, “Ichizu Renai Jikaku Nashi!” (10/11) is Rokuro Kuro’s debut tankoubon release from Lynx. It consists of 3 main stories and 5 all in all. Tbh, I didn’t really include this in my list of debut releases to-buy but I’m so glad I decided to buy it. (*´▽`*)

Okay so the first story, “Ichizu Renai Jikaku Nashi“, follows the story of childhood friends Kozuka and Sasamoto. Judging from their looks, you’ll really wonder why they hang out together since their looks are pretty much the total opposite of each other: Kozuka looks like your typical black-haired, glasses-wearing obedient honor student while on the other hand, Sasamoto is the typical light brown hair-colored delinquent.

Kozuka has always been admiring Sasamoto’s looks ever since middle school and have always referred to him as his “ideal” person. Sasamoto on the other hand has been crushing on Kozuka ever since but never tries to tell Kozuka what he really feels instead, he always follow whatever Kozuka tells him to do—like changing his appearance to meet really meet Kozuka’s ideal type.

One day, Sasamoto was confessed to by a certain girl; Kozuka found it exciting but he thought that girl wasn’t right for Sasamoto at all since he has a different imagination of what Sasamoto should be dating.

One week after, Kozuka gave Sasamoto some photos of different women he would like Sasamoto to go out with. Thinking Kozuka has gone too far, Sasamoto argued with him and declined the idea. Kozuka wondered why so he asked Sasamoto if he has anyone in mind already. Suddenly, Sasamoto moved towards him and pushed him down the bed and finally confessed to him that it was him who he had in mind ever since, that’s why he was doing all this “ideal” transformation crap all along—which was pretty obvious but you know how BL manga goes, lol.

What I loved about the ending of the first chapter is that when Kozuka finally realized that he also had a mutual feeling for Sasamoto after all. Tbh, when I was reading the first few pages, I already thought, “Oh, so Sasamoto is Kozuka’s ideal person which makes it… Oh my god I am spoiling myself with this ugh. because turns out I was right and it was such a predictable story. /sob

Nonetheless, it was a good read. I hated Kozuka at first because his the type of person I would really hate if I were to have a friend like him. Thankful in a way that he’s helping me with my appearance but annoyed at the same time because it makes me look like his living doll or something—but of course to Sasamoto, it’s the other way around—sort of. He didn’t enjoy being Kozuka’s “dress-up doll” but since he loved him so much, he decided to just bear with it.

For the second chapter, “1 Senchi Maigo“, it tells about the current situation of Kozuka and Sasamoto as a couple a month after. Clearly they’re already a couple but they still haven’t had sex—will it really stay that way? They both thought. Kozuka wanted Sasamoto very much but Sasamoto, being a very timid person, always thinks first of Kozuka and his respect for him.

At Kozuka’s house, Kozuka finally told Sasamoto that he wants to do it with Sasamoto. He was wondering why since Sasamoto haven’t asked him about this matter yet to think Sasamoto told him that he likes him very much. Sasamoto then told him Kozuka might not want it but then Kozuka still insisted they do it. Thankful, Sasamoto finally told Kozuka how much he wanted to do it with him and then hugged him tight.

First story ended pretty well, don’t you think? But personally I think it could have been more exciting. Nonetheless, pretty nice read and the characters reminded me of one of my all-time favorite OTPs—Durarara’s ShiZaya because of their appearances and for some other unexplainable reason… lol.

Now for the second story, “Monopoly Communication“, it tells the story of classmates Wada and Yanahara. Wada is your typical happy-go-lucky boy who pretty much gets a long well with everyone, while Yanahara is the silent, timid and expressionless type. The two met when Wada suddenly heard someone singing inside the library. Curious, he went inside to find Yanahara and eventually developed an interesting liking to him. From then on, whenever Wada skips class, he always goes to the library and talk with Yanahara.

Wada has always wondered why Yanahara always has this expressionless face and always tend to think of ways to make him smile. I love the part when Wada asked him what can make him laugh and Yanahara said, “Anything that’s funny,” then Wada goes “Like what? Can I see?” with matching weird hand gestures, lol. Yanahara’s expression was so cute. ;; According to Wada, Yanahara isn’t really the type of person he would be hanging out with but there’s something really interesting about Yanahara that makes talking with him enjoyable—even if Yanahara doesn’t talk too much, haha! Also, the scene where Yanahara found Wada with a lost cat and that cat randomly scratched Wada’s face which made Yanahara giggle. THAT WAS VERY PRECIOUS. And it was also the reason why Wada came to like Yanahara more and would do anything to see that smile again.

One day, Wada went to the library again and caught Yanahara laughing along with a certain classmate seemingly having a good conversation. Surprised, he wondered why Yanahara haven’t showed this side of him yet (to Wada). Curious, Wada asked who it was and Yanahara told him it was just a classmate asking about their assignment. When Wada asked if there was anything funny about their conversation since he saw Yanahara laughing with his classmate but then Yanahara just told him, “Oh you saw that? Then good.” Moments after, feeling kind of betrayed, Wada finally asked Yanahara why he doesn’t let him show him smiling/laughing that way, and at the heat of the moment, Wada kisses Yanahara.

Yanahara then told him he just didn’t have the confidence to show that side of him to Wada yet since obviously he’s not the type of person Wada should be hanging out with in the first place because their attitudes are totally different. Turns out what Yanahara told Wada before is that he just wanted Wada to see that he can also have a normal conversation even with his timid appearance. He does appreciate Wada talking to him but if it wasn’t for that day when Wada noticed the singing coming from the library, he wouldn’t have noticed Yanahara. When Wada realized all these, he felt guilty but then realized his feelings for Yanahara.

Ahh. The second story was pretty good as well, yeah? I just love how their feelings progressed for each other even if you can’t really know Yanahara’s point of view and him not talking that much makes it more difficult to know what’s on his mind, lol. Very cute.

Now for the third story—which is my ultimate favorite. “Love Encounter” tells the story of two school boys and how their love progressed with their very amusing encounter with each other. Their first encounter was during winter when Kazuma slipped and nearly fell but thankfully Fujieda quickly caught him. Kazuma then fell in love at first sight and started stalking Fujieda ever since.

Fujieda is a very cheerful boy who always spends his time playing basketball with some friends after school. One day he noticed Kazuma sitting alone on a bench. Thinking the boy might be interested in playing basketball with them, Fujieda tried calling out to him but Kazuma eventually runs away leaving Fujieda wondering who it was. This occurred for the next few days which made Fujieda develop some kind of interest for the boy. Although one day, he happen to notice a certain older guy who came to meet up with Kazuma. Fujieda then felt a strange feeling of jealousy towards this guy since he developed some sort of attachment already with the boy even if  they still haven’t had a proper conversation.

The same day, the guy together with Kazuma tried approaching Fujieda. Dumbfounded, Fujieda asked if he has done something since he barely knows the two guys and here they are asking if he has the time to talk. The older guy explained that it was Kazuma who wanted to say something. Kazuma then explained that he was very thankful of Fujieda for saving him when he nearly slipped before and that he was sorry for looking at him too much, looking like a stalker. Also, turns out that the older guy was actually his cousin. Fujieda then told him it was okay and that he was actually very glad about it. Then finally, Fujieda got to know Kazuma’s name and they exchanged each other’s e-mail addresses. ;w;

The next day, Fujieda brought Kazuma to a Family Restaurant after his basketball practice. Kazuma then suddenly asked him what kind of relationship are they in. Thinking it was too much to ask, Kazuma excused himself thinking it was stupid of him to actually think Fujieda would like him back considering they’re both guys.

A few days later, Kazuma hasn’t been going to the court for days. To Kazuma’s surprise, Fujieda actually went to his school to check up on him. Moments later, Fujieda asked Kazuma if he did something that made him upset. Taken aback, Kazuma told Fujieda that he absolutely did not do anything to upset him; he was just scared of actually telling Fujieda about his true feelings because he might get rejected. Fujieda on the other hand told him that he also had the same feeling about Kazuma. Since when he first saw Kazuma during his basketball practice, he always thought of him and how he wanted to get to know Kazuma more by talking to him whenever he gets to see him.

Personally, the third story left some kind of sentimental thing for me that is… quite hard to explain. I just loved how their love progressed for each other. Also, Yoshiro (Kazuma’s cousin) is such an adorable supporting character. I wish Rokuro Kuro will have a separate story for him. /sobs

Overall, it was worth reading. Judging from the title “Ichizu Renai Jikaku Nashi!“, it simply means not being aware of each other’s affections in the first place. I love how Rokuro Kuro made the confession scenes so much exciting. Very predictable but it was how she made the events look interesting which made it very exciting to read. Art style wise, very adorable art style. Good proportions and everything. Although I really wish she could do a much more exciting story like… continuation of “Love Encounter“, perhaps? LOL

For the H scenes, I’m sorry but you won’t see blowjobs or any explicit sex scenes here—just PURE LOVE. The first story had some sex scenes but you won’t see the actual penetration.

Recommended for those who love fuwa fuwa stories and for those who are just starting with BL and are looking for some mild ones. 8D

Ahh I need more of Rokuro Kuro’s story (particularly Fujieda/Kazuma pair). /;A;\

Hopefully this long review was worth reading! Until next time. ;u;/


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