First December orders finally arrived!

So after waiting for a month, I finally got my first batch of orders thanks to Yokatta Shopping Service. 8D

I was actually so frustrated about these since I’m not used to orders arriving a month later but oddly enough, it was worth the wait. And considering I took EMS as my courier of choice, it arrived pretty early as to what I expected.

Their packaging is splendid. All items are wrapped nicely and placed properly making sure none of it will get damaged. Also, they included a complimentary snack! *w* ❤

See what I mean by neatly wrapped?

So there you go. A sneak peak of what to expect if any one of you will try Yokatta’s shipping services.

Note that they’re NOT a direct seller so it may take some time for your items to arrive at their warehouse. They have I think, 3 shipping couriers to choose from so please do visit their site (linked on top) for more info!

Now for some sneak peak of all the items. *u*


It was… big, thick and heavy as to what I expected. Great quality of paper was used but it makes me cry because I’ll seriously have a hard time scanning it since the whole thing is so hard to bend and I’m afraid I might break the spine. ;;

Kumota Haruko. Goddammit Kumota Haruko. Finally I will be able to read your dameBL story at long last. \o/

I saw this once tweeted by my friend Nia and I swear it’s even funnier the second time!! Oh, Yoneda Kou. You never fail to amuse us with your ideas that results to us having indescribable feelings about it. /laughing forever at the homeless couple orz;

Jaryuu Dokuro’s interview in Citron 11. \o/

Her newest much-anticipated oneshot, “Yume touka Endroll“.

Other than Jaryuu Dokuro, what I was really looking forward to in Citron 11 is Kumota Haruko. *q*

Sob so adorableeee. /;w;\

Oh and! THEY FINALLY HAD SEX!! \o/ Everyone’s been waiting for this, yes? YES. I just hope I can get my hands on the second tankoubon. ;;

KSJFKDLG;FD;SKFCHSDJDHFJ !!! MY COPY OF AKIYAMA-KUN IS HEREEEE. /;A;\ been longing for this manga a month after it’s release but it was only last month that I finally got to include it in my order. ;;

Ahh would you look at those two above? So adorable I can’t even— /;w;\

Yummy? Yes. Very. I already got to read some of it and I must say I already have this very indescribable love for Nobara Aiko. This manga shocked me and it left a huge impact on me. I was greatly overwhelmed by the plot. *n*

Let’s see if I can make a review soon. ;;

And yay Yamada Torico! \;w;/ cute as ever I swear.

Hnnnghhh see!? ;w; Ishino Aya’s fashion-forward style and Kojima Lalako’s cute art style in one!! ❤

Thankfully I didn’t bother buying Canna 17 (and the back issues) to continue reading “Long and Beautiful Life” since the tankoubon came out a few months later. ;;

Another one of my most-awaited releases—Nimoda Ai’s “Moe Goe“. /;w;\ as expected it was insanely cute.

See how cute this is? ;A; Wonder if seiyuus really do this when they practice… Yum.

Another one from Nimoda Ai, “Trouble x Prince“.

What I’m loving about Nimoda Ai is her shota-ish art style. If anyone of you got to read the post wherein I got to talk about her a bit and said that she does insanely adorable Inazuma Eleven fanarts. Cuteness overload doesn’t change in her original works!

I haven’t read any of these yet but I really feel I would like it, considering it has some shota feel to it. ;;

Hakutou Noriko’s “Pet Shimasu!

Yet another sexy work from her. I noticed I already got to collect almost all of her works! *0*Although, I do hope I enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed her “Ijiwaru“.

Kari Sumako’s “Kawaii Kakurenbo“. Bought this since a lot of my friends told me they really enjoyed her works (even non-BL ones) and eventually recommended her. Art style looks intriguing so I’m quite excited. *u*

Katsuragiiiii~! \o/ I was supposed to buy her “Kimi Nashi ja Irarenai” but then I ran out of extra cash so… orz;; I’ve been wanting to read her works for a long time now so thankfully I finally got a hold of one of her latest works!

The reason why my orders weren’t shipped out early. ;; This was out of stock in Amazon jp a week(?) after its release! ;A; Oh Natsume Isaku.

/getting all teary-eyed/ sobs I finally have this baby. FINALLY. Been tempted to read the scanlation for a few months now but I told myself to just patiently wait until the tankoubon comes out. Surprisingly I lasted that long considering I’m such an impatient person especially with things I would like to have immediately. ;;

Nonetheless, Junko I have you. I have your Konbini-kun—-finally!! \*A*/

Shimaji’s “Yoake no Inu“. I haven’t read any of her works even if some friends have been telling me to read her “Honki ni Natta Merryman” for quite a while now. Ehe /late as ever ;;

And lastly but not the least, OOTSUKI MIU~!!! \*A*/

Proud to say this is already my 5th (out of 14? LOL) manga from her. It’s really rare for me to buy previous releases so I always end up buying new ones instead. But yeah, at least I got already 3 of her previous ones and 2 latest releases. ❤

An extra booklet comes together if you get to buy the first few prints—well that’s how BL manga extra booklets usually go if I’m not mistaken.

Hopefully we’ll expect a new release by Ootsuki Miu (from Canna) within this year!!


Whew okay doooone!! /o/ kind of in a hurry that’s why I couldn’t provide more previews and detailed descriptions. orz; But I do hope everyone enjoyed reading! And of course, try using Yokatta’s service soon! 8D

I’m still expecting 7 mangas this week so please do look forward for some more previews. ;w;/


12 thoughts on “First December orders finally arrived!

  1. if you don’t mind sharing, how much did this order cost you? I read in their website it’s 700 yen per 3 items from the same seller? It also seems that they can get items from physical stores which means may include paper and stuff?
    I’m interested because i don’t have any credit card to order from amazon and Yokatta can accept paypal. 🙂

    • I only ordered from one seller which is Amazon jp. Costs approx 13k yen all in all (about $180)—that’s only for the items, though. You still have to pay for shipping and that where it becomes kind of nerve-wracking since you don’t know how much they will charge because they refer to the weight of items.
      Actually, it’s 700yen maximum to 3 items per seller. 🙂 they can order anything for you just tell them what site or what the item looks like.
      That’s what I like about them too! PayPal is too convenient don’t you think? Hahaha

      • PayPal is awesome! I usually order from HMV because that’s about the only place that accepts visa debit, but you can never get the bonuses like at animate or toranoana T_T awwh.
        Maybe I’ll give Yokatta a try after doing some rough calculation XD
        Have you tried other services like celga or tenso though?

      • Hrmm, if I remember correcntly, doesn’t accept visa debit as well? but I rarely order there nowadays since their shipping is pretty pricey.
        I’ve heard of Tenso but haven’t tried their service yet! ;u;
        This is actually my first time to order from shipping services like Yokatta.

  2. Wow!! Finally, such a big order *O* at last is already with you. A friend of mine actually ordered from Yokatta last year and we waited probably about two months because we wanted djs from toranoana so yeah… It was a LONG wait but I don’t think we received snacks ; ; so you’re very lucky! yey!.

    About DameBL I must confess Yoneda Kou’s ideas are really weird xDDD.
    And Moegoeeeee *u* it looks so cuteeee, ahh Nimoda Ai ;w; her style may be a little shotaish but ahhh ;_; I don’t really like shotaish arts but idk I just can’t help but like her lol…

    ❤ Konbini kun! and Familiar. I think I've finally liked a cover from Ootsuki Miu. She's improving in her illustrations!

    Looking forward for your next post!

    • Did you guys pick EMS? I heard Mexico’s having shipping problems right now so maybe that’s why? :<
      But at least your orders came in already as well! \o/ ❤

      Agree. I was laughing so much reading that part. ;; DameBL is splendid I swear it is.
      A lot of people like shota-ish arts idk why. :< but yes, Nimoda Ai's just too irresistible not like. *w*

      Haha, Ootsuki Miu's gorgeous as ever don't you think? <33

  3. Hello~!
    Uhm I don’t know where to ask but don’t you have a page on suggested sites to buy manga (esp from someone living in the Phils ^^;;)? Or it’s just my imagination? ^^;; I’d like to refer to our previous conversation and not ask the same questions again.

    • Hi sorry for replying late ;;
      I haven’t done such page yet, though?;; but I usually suggest HMV because the shipping fee is more practical than
      I’ve also tried YesAsia recently and if you buy an item worth $20++ it’s eligible for free shipping. 😀
      But for free shipping you won’t be given a tracking number. ;; they will still charge if you want a good express shipping service. ;;
      Their items are more expensive too than the original since they don’t charge taxes (customs fees methinks?).

      • Oh so it must have been your About page? :O
        Anyway, thanks for the recommendations! 😀 I’m planning to have my December order but I want to avoid paying expensive custom fees ;w;. Btw, have you tried ordering from :O

      • I think so! ;w;; /doesn’t recall her own comments sob
        Friends recommended BK1/Honto to me a long time ago but I haven’t really tried it! ;n;; they told me they have good service though and their discounts are also useable even for non-Japanese residents! ;v;
        You can look at my “Where to Buy” page if you’re thinking of buying from BK1/Honto! 🙂 a friend of mine did a helpful tutorial if you’re having problems with navigating within their website. 8)

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