It’s been a while!

Happy Chinese New Year! 恭禧发财!

Ahhh first off, I want to apologize for my absence. Exams are done but I got busy with tennis and had to help dad with his upcoming project. Also, our desktop PC’s still needs repair so I only had to use my phone for internet connection for the past few days. ;;

Anyway, onto the release update!

→ Some pretty covers from titles released recently this month:

→ And for some upcoming releases:

Quite excited for “Uchi no Ko ga Ichiban!” since it’s all about animals and seeing Ogura Muku’s illustration for the cover made it more exciting! *q* it also has a very exciting line up—click!

→ Now for some upcoming releases for the month of February:

♦ 02/10 (GUSH COMICS)
天城れの「上司のくせに生意気だ 」
天王寺ミオ 「紳士と野良犬 」

♦ 02/10 (ビーボーイコミックス)
楢崎壮太 「アオイコイ」
腰乃  「部活の後輩に迫られています 」

♦ 02/15 (ミリオンコミックス HertZ Series)
山本小鉄子 「マッドシンデレラ2 」

♦ 02/15 (gateauコミックス)
ありいめめこ「ひとりじめマイヒーロー  」

♦ 02/22 (ダリアコミックス)

→ For anthology/magazine news, did I already mention Ootsuki Miu’s series in Canna, “Loser“, will finally end on the upcoming issue? 8) so yeah anyway, I hope we’ll be expecting 2 tankoubon releases from her this year. ;w; ❤

And for lovers of Konjiki Runa—like me, it seems she has a new series in drap entitled “Bara no Hanabira ~Hachimitsu Syrup ga Ke~“. But unfortunately I have to wait until the tankoubon comes out. orz; and there’s also a sequel to Ootsuki Miu’s “Vanilla Resort“—so yeah let’s just wait for that too. ;; Tbh I haven’t read “Familiar” yet. Although I did try scanning some of the pages. But I can’t wait for more Ootsuki Miu releases. I already have a growing collection of her works which makes me so proud because I didn’t even think I could buy a single work of hers before. ;;

Anyway, as I said in my previous post/s, I’ll be on a long, I mean loooooooong purchasing hiatus this year. But I don’t know, maybe I can review already some of the mangas I’ve bought last December. I’m expecting my last orders within this week and I’m both and and happy at the same time because it’ll be my last orders before I can buy again sometime later this year. /sobs

But yes, I’ll still try to maintain this blog with release updates and whatnots. I’m thinking of posting some personal opinions up here as well (like those continuous BL argumentative issues).

Although right now, I’ll be apologizing in advance since I’ll be having once again an indefinite internet status until March since I’ll be already preparing for our final examinations this February. I actually a lot of online work “debts” with a lot of people (translating and the like) but all of those has to wait until summer vacation. ;n;


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