customs horror + last January orders.

I just realized otakutofujoshi already turned 1 last January 27. /;n;\ belated happy birthday to my blog. ;u; ❤

I was supposed to do an appreciation post to everyone who have subscribed, read, commented and linked my blog to theirs but I always run out of time so I’ll just be posting my appreciation post when I’m not too busy. ;u;

Anyway! These last orders from January were as frustrating as my first orders from December. Well for one, waiting for a month was a pain. I was worried EMS wasn’t able to get a hold of my package and it got lost somewhere—thankfully it didn’t. But what was so frustrating is that it ended up in customs so I had to go all the way to the main office just so I can get these.

This is the first time I have encountered such inconvenience with EMS. I can’t say I wasn’t able to encounter problems with them before but compared to this one, this one’s just scary. ;A;

So it all started a few weeks ago. I tried calling the customs office and asked about my package. The one who answered my call was a woman. She was so uncooperative that I had to repeat my tracking number 5 times for her to finally track it. Imagine if I didn’t call them then my package will just remain at their office for eternity… err. So yeah after that, she told me it was ready for pick-up. I then asked my dad if he can accompany me to the customs since I don’t know how to get there.

Once we arrived, the people at the customer service were nice. They told me what I should do, where I should go and what should I present to the people at the parcel room. After that, me and my dad waited for 30 minutes for them to locate my parcel. I swear their service was so bad since they were so disorganized. The old man from the parcel section told me to go to the parcel collecting station and just wait for my parcel there. Thinking I can already get my parcel, I was shocked to know that they still had to OPEN IT UP. Imagine the intense feeling I had when a middle-aged man finally called me and asked me to have a look at my parcel. Of course it wasn’t only me who was going to check it—there’s the middle-aged man, an old lady who gets to check the invoice receipts and suddenly, MY DAD came over beside me. I was literally  seconds away from actually throwing up since I was too scared of what might actually happen. ;;

Thankfully, they didn’t sort it out anymore because if they did, and if they saw Manako’s and Katou Setsuko’s cover, I’ll probably be in a serious questioning session.

Anyway, enough of my horror story and onto some sneak peeks!

First colored page, Kikuya Kikuko’s newest story entitled “Usohaki to Mamagoto“.

What I’ve been actually looking forward to reading—Yamada Torico’s newest story, “Bara no Subete“.

And other than Yamada Torico, I’ve been also waiting to read this zodiac-themed oneshots.

The one above is by Honma Akira, “Eto so 2012“.

This one is by Takao Hiroi entitled, “Shu-chan no Nengajo“.

Hnnnnngggghhhhhh. UMIYUKI LILY~~!! \*A*/ <33

This one is entitled “Ichizuna Puppy“. I’m so excited to read this not only does it involve incest but it also revolves around dogs!! Or, a dog rather. A very cute one at that!

SEEEEEEE. Such an adorable baby I just can’t— ;A;

I’ve always wanted to own a corgi. ;;

Hitotose Futari” by Suzukura Hal.

I really haven’t looked much into her works but I always get to notice her art style. ;u;

Hanamori Mito’s “Okaeri, Itterasshai“. Her art style is pretty as ever. Sadly I still haven’t bought any of her works up to now. /o\

Just looking at its prettiness is making me cry. ;A;/ ❤

Aikawa Fuu’s “Sarainen deto Shimashou ne ♡”. I think I already saw her last name before but this is the first time I actually encountered her work. Pretty cute art style don’t you think? ;u;

Manako’s “Yankee-kun to Ouji-sama“. I’ve always wondered how Manako’s works actually looked like since I only get to see her covers but not her actual manga.

I was rather surprised by this front colored page because her work being as dramatic and gorgeous as this didn’t really crossed my mind—I expected a more cutesy style from her judging from her previous cover for “Mou Ikkai“.

Yes, that’s a teddy bear raping a boy.

Manako’s good in shocking people, I swear. I didn’t expect this. This is definitely dame BL at it’s finest. I lol’d so hard at the part when the teddy bear actually had an erection and was ready to put it inside the boy’s butthole. Yum.

Did you all notice the unsustained style she has? We first see a cutesy cover from her debut tankoubon, “Mou Ikkai“. This particular manga’s cover and front colored page now has a mature feel to it, THEN you scan a few pages to find a boy getting raped by a teddy bear. Finally, this Little Prince-like back cover. Manako’s a mystery.

Takarai Saki’s “Momoiro Syndrome“. Bought it for the obvious shota plot. /plain guilty

Beautiful isn’t he not…? ;w; ❤

A present from Takarai Saki. Huuu it’s so adorable I feel like I can just peep under that boy’s skirt for days… or months… or years… FOR LIFE. ;A; AHH COME TO MEEE.

And lol it actually blended with my bedsheet.

Narazaki Souta’s “Fudanshi Monogatari“.

Ever since I read Yamano Deco’s “Kimi Iro Real” (I made a review of it here), I started looking for stories that involves fudanshis. Coincidentally, this manga was released a few months after I read Kimi Iro Real so obviously, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. I might make a review of this soon. ;u;

An extra manga paper came together with the tankoubon.

Katou Setsuko’s “Akari wo Otoshita Ato de“.

I missed her. ;n; I really did. I think it has been… a year or so that I haven’t read anything new from her. Although I was aware she was featured in some magazines last year, I wasn’t able to buy them since… I don’t buy magazines—yes, I really have to repeat that millions of times.


OMG SOUJI (Yu from Persona 4) IS THAT YOU!?


But he does look like Souji okay. Scary. But cool.

Last but not the least, Tachibana Venio and Takarai Rihito’s “Seven Days” which I’ve been waiting to get a copy for almost a year now—it was always out of stock whenever I try to order it before. /sobs

I’ve read the scanlation numerous of times already but nothing beats having the original copies. ;u;


Okay so that’s it for today’s share. Hopefully everyone enjoyed this entry. Oh I’m sorry if some of the photos are too light or too dark. I had troubles shooting because of the lighting inside the room.

I’m still on a purchasing break, unfortunately. So you guys will only expect updates and cover posts from me for the next few months. ;n;

I’ll try sharing scans at homodesu asap. I feel sorry for it since I haven’t been sharing scans for a few months now. But thankfully my followers are still there. ;u; ❤

Until next time! /actually very sleepy (1:18am on my time and I haven’t had enough sleep for days).


10 thoughts on “customs horror + last January orders.

  1. Happy belated anniversary!
    I haven’t had problems with customs yet, but I keep freaking out everytime I order that this will be the time custom gets me. ;o; *pat* Wow, if I was in your position and had to open the box… aaah! Good thing it worked out alright.
    I had to stop and stare at the pic of the teddy bear rape. lmao Manako whatisthat?! (The back cover is so cute though, you totally wouldn’t expect that orz.)
    And you’re not the only one who thought that was Souji. XD;; The glasses and the hair and everything…

    • Thank you! ;w;/
      Yes, glad it worked out alright. I really had to put on an innocent face so they can finally let me go. ;n;

      Ahh Manako. I’m really starting to like her! ;w;
      I still haven’t read any of her stories so let’s see how Yankee-kun to Ouji-sama goes. *u*
      RIGHT!? It’s hard not to think of Souji when I saw that, lol.

  2. Hello!! *A* and happy blog birthday! hahaha ;a; time goes on so fast.

    I think I got scared when reading about your experience with customs!! *fear* ;w; and your dad was there! You was lucky!

    I don’t recall have read something from Umiyuki Lily, but it looks cute :3

    and I must confess I was waiting for a peek to “Yankee kun…” and….. I don’t have words xDDDD a rapist teddy bear is something really unexpected ajfjdgujdhajd ; ;U

    Good luck with your activities Hachi!

    • Hahaha, thanks! ;w;/
      And yes, going with my dad just made the situation worse. /sobs
      But I’m glad it all turned out alright!

      Oh! Try reading her debut tankoubon which I reviewed here together with Yamada Torico’s and Chidori Peko’s works. ;u;

      Lol, isn’t it just the cutest!? I swear you need to see more of that hilarious story! XD

      And thank you, Miyuki~! ;u; ❤

  3. Happy blog birthday! ^-^
    Omg, I also got scared O.o
    I’ve never had an experince like this before but for sure I’d freak out
    I also want to buy Seven Days =)
    Where did you buy?

    • Thank you! ;u;
      Yes, it sure was scary but thankfully it turned out alright in the end. orz;;

      I usually buy from HMV! 8)
      Please go here for more details about buying manga online. ;u;

      • ahh, I know HMV, I always wanted to buy there =)
        I usually buy on Ebay or from some people on Livejournal XP
        Thanks ^^

      It’s really cute Annie! ;w; I’ll be scanning it soon so you can also look at it’s adorableness. HAHA ❤

      And thank you! ;3; ❤ I can't believe it's been a year already. @u@

  4. I wish i could have bought Katou Setsuko’s “Akari wo Otoshita Ato de“ when I first saw it at Kino but alas I had not the cash ;w; The cover reminded me of something like a master and servant kind of thing.

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