What’s in for April

Long time no pooooostt!!

So I know it’s been a month since my last update orz;; something happened lately and I don’t really feel like typing personal stuff in here so let me just link this post from my personal blog. ;; Although everything worked out in the end after yesterday’s talk with the department head—5 years isn’t such a big deal after all! ;u;

Anyway, I haven’t been checking BL sites that much for the past few weeks since it’s a pain to see release updates when you’re in a purchasing hiatus. But I still got to see some release updates since, well, I practically follow a bunch of mangakas and BL publishers on Twitter so it’s really hard to miss out especially if you’re on Twitter most of the time. orz;;

→ Shimaji is on the cover of Cab Vol.19 featuring her new manga, “Fair Bianca“. (2012/4/25)

→ Some of this month’s upcoming tankoubon releases:

(Click on the covers for more details on  Chill-Chill)

→ Pretty covers never fail to make me weep. ;; I’m pretty excited for those tankoubons of Kumonosuke, Inoue Nawo, Uchida Tsuchi and Murakami Sachi. /o\ I haven’t heard of Ogawa Chiyo (the 4th cover from the left) but for those of you who are lucky enough to buy HertZ (or any magazine/anthology she was featured in) may have read her works already sobs. But yeah, this will be her debut tankoubon release so it’s pretty intriguing especially when I got to see the cover.

Been a while since I last saw something by Inoue Nawo, yeah? Ever since a couple of friends told me her works are wonderful, I’ve been dying to read her stories. Her stories always seem melancholic but idk maybe it’s the other way around like any other BL covers that never fails in deceiving me (or us).

On another rather personal note, I haven’t been reading BL mangas for quite a while now simply because of problems with uni and I’ve been more focused on actually making a good illustration/photography portfolio since my future is at stake right now.

I’m really thankful to all my recent subscribers and I must apologize for the extreme lack of updates. I haven’t been updating homodesu@tumblr as well and sometimes I just feel like closing all my BL blogs because I feel like I’m not actually doing a good job in maintaining them. /sobs/ But yes, seeing that at least I still have readers and new subscribers, it makes me really happy and try not to think of myself as a useless blogger. orz;

Serious things aside, I already got to check some pretty exciting BL tankoubon releases for May and June so please do look out for the next update posts! ;u;

Also, I’ve been asked by a lot of people in formspring, tumblr and twitter about learning Japanese and how I self-studied so I’m thinking of actually making a post for that matter soon~. Funny how almost everyone of them actually want to learn Japanese so they can read original BL manga? Hahahaha! Well, I do hope it will help a lot of you—not just by reading BL manga but having more benefits by learning the language. ❤


4 thoughts on “What’s in for April

  1. It seems like we all have the same purpose for learning Japanese XD~. I’ll be looking forward to your post… Have a question: Do you buy books to study or just use materials from the internet @@?

    • Hahaha it’s really funny to receive questions regarding Japanese studies saying “I want to learn Japanese just so I can read BL!” loool. Adorable. XD
      Regarding your question, yes I do buy books and use references from the internet. 🙂
      Although since books cost a lot and sometimes the internet doesn’t really give me enough information like what I get from reading books. I’ll talk more about it in my entry about this matter soon! ;u;

  2. :U i’m actually tempted to leave japanese learning and BL altogether. it’s given me some kind of happiness but it’s also had a terrible cost on my time, mood (dat fandom…) and wallet. they say if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen – unlike some people who have parents who can support them in their hobbies, i’m just a ‘poor boy from a poor family’ who has to work and can’t be distracted and can’t multitask to save my life. 4 years of college turned into 5 and now they look to be turning into 6 if they don’t kick me out. when did things get so bitter.

    • First of all, I’m very sorry to hear/read about your story. :<
      I can totally relate since there was actually a similar point in my life wherein collecting became such a mejor obsession and I was uncontrollable. I didn't have the money to actually afford anything I want so I tend to rely on my parents and it became such a major issue in our household which made it worse for me since I'm the kind of person who NEEDS to get what I want and not being able to get it means I can commit suicide if I don't get it. I was really lost. ;;
      So, I really understand your position and want to tell you that it's not really late to actually make a change with regards to your dilemmas with balancing college and hobbies. 🙂 but it's really your decision so… ;u;
      Also, I'm not in the position to actually say these stuff but this is what I recently learned after getting that failing mark which led me to stay for another year instead of graduating 2 years from now sobs.

      I do hope things get better for you though! ;n; /prays

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