BLush Convention

BLush Convention is a not-for-profit event organized for fans. BLush is a new concept envisioned by some members of the former Lights Out — bringing you a new and different spin on the genre we all know and love.

9th December 2012
11:00 AM to 19:00 PM
500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
The Philippines

Tickets are at PhP 400/USD 10 for Pre-registered participants and PhP 450 at the gate. Pre-registration is open until 18th November 2012. Keep it here at for updates, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.


I’m sure if not all, most of you already know about this, especially fujoshis in the Philippines. 8)

I’m not really the type who goes to conventions but I was informed about this by a very lovely and talented senior (fashion) blogger/photographer who I got to know years ago—thanks again, Ate Chai! ❤
Also, it will be the first time I’ll be meeting those I only get to talk with online (including my own circle) so I’m pretty excited!

Quite late to talk about this since I was busy with uni and September is not really a good month for me since prelims and whatnots. orz;

So if anyone of you will be going, I would just like to say that my circle might participate in the market. ;u; ❤
We’ll be selling Kurobas stuff plus other fandoms you lovelies might like! Although we’re still not sure about the market, we’re participating in the anthology. We were supposed to send in our original mangas but then due to busy schedules in work and school, we just decided to contribute artworks instead. My circle is still very new since we only got to form it this year due to our excessive love for BL, ossans and… shotas…. /cough

Mmm, I remember having few Filipino readers so I hope I get to see you guys there? ;w; it will be awesome if we follow each other in tumblr/twitter so I can keep you guys updated about our table. ;w;

And, please don’t expect much since we only started and we’re not that good (yet!) but we’ll be giving away free prints so please do visit our table! ;w; ❤
We’ll be posting more details about it soon!


10 thoughts on “BLush Convention

  1. See you there! Although I’m not 100% sure that I can go, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can. 😀 Oh and if you’ll ever go to the cafe, my friends and I will be on the 2nd shift. 🙂

  2. Hey! I\’ve always been reading your blog and I didn\’t know you were from the Philippines too! XDD I\’m from Iloilo and like you, I don\’t usually go to cons much, but since it\’s yaoi themed, I\’m definitely selling all my cosplay stuff and saving my allowance to fly there and grab the doujinshis and all the yaoi I could get my hands on XDD I\’m fourteen years old and it\’s my first time to travel so..I hope I could meet you :33 As a fellow fujoshi, I admire your collection and I was inspired to collect BL manga after I stumbled upon your blog :L So far, I only have around fifteen titles for BL cuz I\’m just so pathetically poor..but I know it\’ll grow bigger like yours in time \\(^3^)/ Waa matta ne! I\’m Mai..I hope we could see each other! 😀 Yoroshiku!

    • Waah 14y/o? So you’ll be going with an adult yeah? ;w; please do visit our table if you have the time! ;v; I’m not sure if sellers are okay to roam around but I’ll definitely drop by yours as well if ever! ❤
      And ahh thank you! It really means a lot to me whenever I get to inspire someone into buying BL manga because I feel like I'm really doing a good job in supporting my favorite mangakas by recommending them and their works being bought by other fujoshis. ;w;)/
      And fifteen is already many! And at least you get to buy so that's alright! 8)
      I do hope we'll meet, Mai! Kochirakoso yoroshiku ne ;w;)/ ❤

  3. Yup, I’m going with a fujoshi cousin xD And yes, I’ll definitely visit your table! What are you guys selling? :3 Oh, and I’m not a seller ^^;; Oh oh, do you have a facebook, Hachi-san? :3 I really want to add you :DDD

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