BL rebound

Waited for quite a long time for me to get back on buying BL so I think it’s okay to spoil myself again with a few titles. As much as I want to spend all out on releases I missed, I limited myself to the ones I really like and just took note of the others that I can just buy next time. I don’t really have much time to read lately anyways since uni has been a pain plus I’m busy for a convention this December. ;;

Kumota Haruko’s “Shinjuku Lucky Hole“. Ever since “Itoshi no Nekokke“, I couldn’t get enough of Kumota Haruko. I’ve read one story from onBLUE and that was “Hiatari no Warui Heya” or “You Atari no Warui Heya“. When I got to check this on Chill-Chill a few weeks ago, it was number one in the manga ranking so didn’t hesitate to put it in my orders—but it is by Kumota Haruko so I really won’t hesitate buying it in the first place?

The inside photo shows Naka-Dori street which is in 2-chome, Shinjuku. This place is pretty well-known for gay bars—let’s just say it’s Tokyo’s largest gay street. Now you know where Yamada Nichoume’s name came from (for those who still doesn’t!). ❤

The manga’s setting is also here so that makes sense.

Also, one of the reasons why I actually bought this is I wanted to read a whole new different story by Kumota Haruko. Honestly I only got to read Itoshi no Nekokke but some of her previous works were also very fuwa fuwa-like, and very light? Shinjuku Lucky Hole seems to have a more serious plot to it so. ;w;

So cute ajdhshjfghdhf. ;A;)/

The bitterness feeling is all over—I CAN FINALLY READ THIS AFTER WAITING FOR HOW MANY MONTHS. How many months did this run in OPERA though?

Not much of a Nakamura Asumiko fan but I do read her works. I loved Sotsugyosei but I think I’ll love Sora to Hara more? ;w; not to mention I like Harasen a lot. /////

Now of course I won’t be using these. ;;

Aoi Aki’s “Tsumasaki ni Kourozu” . I’ve been wanting to read one of her works when I first saw her in Canna but during that time, I couldn’t find any news about her releasing a tankoubon soon? And her blog only had a few post but I did fell in love with her art already. It’s really beautiful and I love the pretty feel to it. ;w; ❤

See what I mean by beautiful ahhhh. She uses textures a lot and that’s what I really love about it. Personally, I dislike using textures because in my uni, it’s a pain when looking for textures that can fit your painting subject of choice. orz;; For Aoi Aki, it’s like all of it is in place and I really love it /sob. In one short review I read, she described the manga having a “Beautiful world”—which seems true.

I kind of prepared myself for the headache I’ll be facing because stories like these usually has deep meanings and my kanji level isn’t really that good yet so I’ll be taking time to finish reading this. ;;

And at long laaaaast!! A new tank from my kawaii queen of all things kawaii, Kojima Lalako. ;3;)/ ❤

I first got to read “Ano ko to Juliette” in my single copy of Chara Selection, lol. Well, the only reason why I bought that is solely because of Kojima Lalako. ;; I tend to buy magazines when I read that a new story will be featured by my favorite mangaka so I only get to read the first chapter just for craving needs. ;;

A friend who also collects BL manga once told me “Why do you still need to buy magazines when you can just buy the tank later on?” So didn’t hesitate to just follow her advice. And in the first place, magazines costs a lot so I think waiting for the tank is more practical especially if you’re in a tight budget. ;;

Very excited to read this because I haven’t read anything from Kojima Lalako for the longest time! Thankfully my buying hiatus stopped just in time this was released. ;w;

I’m also pretty much excited to get my own copy of her Kuroko no Basket KiKuro doujin which I can hopefully get by next month or November? Or if all else fails with shipping service, I’ll just kindly ask someone to get it for me in FuyuComi. ;;

I really missed all the cute! ;w;

Aikawa Fuu’s debut tankoubon, “Kimi ga Iru Shinya 2-ji 20-pun“. Got curious and just included it in my orders. And the art style seems nice?

Reminds me of a certain manga I just can’t remember but it’s pretty popular. ;;

And it looks cute! This first colored page reminds me so much of very OC adult!Haru and adult!Natsu from Tsuritama omg. ;;

THIS ONE IS VERY CUTE!!! ;w;; ❤ not being biased on stories with cats since I love cats but I swear when I tried browsing the story is adorable. I bought it because when I read reviews, it seemed intriguing!

Funny thing was, when I was browsing this last night two cats were also making love outside our house jsfhsyfsdydhdgd /cries. “IS IT THEM?” lol.

Anri is a real spoiled kitty that’s why he’s so chubby and cute. You will get to see Anri’s thinner version as the story comes to the near end! ;w; ❤

Volume 3 of “Hana no Mizo Shiru“. The cover is so beautiful uuuu ;;

Honestly I really haven’t finished Vol. 2 yet, lol. But I bought just so I won’t have any troubles of getting a copy later on. ;; As much as I really want to talk about Vol. 2 since I got to review Vol. 1 before, I have a feeling no one will actually read it because everyone knows about this beautiful story already and won’t bother reading anyone else’s thoughts on it especially mine /sob. ;;

But if I actually get motivated after finishing volume 2 + 3, then I just might pour all my loving thoughts on it soon. ;;

BLT48. *q*)/ ❤

This is quite similar to BL48手 but in BLT48, it’s in comic form. The total difference is that in the former, it  consists of novels and explanations while the latter on the other hand consists of comics and a few illustrations with explanations.

Above comics is by Yamada Maya. ❤ Speaking of Yamada Maya I would love to buy all her works in one orders if I’m lucky enough to do so anytime soon, lol. Her cover for “Naruse-kun no Ana” had me suffer raging sexual hormones for the longest time. orz; I would really, really love to tap that ochinchin.

Yamada Torico because I am biased. ;; I want to put Psyche Delico’s as well but I might spoil the whole fun, lol.

Example page of the illustration + short position explanation. ❤

Mangaka line-up as follows: Kimura Hidesato, Yamada Maya, Inose, Koiwazurai Shibito, Lagurazaka Hanko, Ketchup/Kechappu, Koiko, Rikou, Akou Susugu. Fuji Mako, Sagami Waka, Shimaji, Psyche Delico, Asou Mitsuaki, Kyuugou, Manako, Hachi Fujimako, Kanai Kei, Yamada Torico.


So that’s it for this month’s order! I’m still expecting 3 more orders soon but they really won’t be much. ;; I am really looking forward to that KiKuro doujinshi by Kojima Lalako though! ;w;;

Also, I tried out ordering in YesAsia recently but I’m still waiting for my order to arrive until I can finally put them up on my “Where to Buy” list. o/

Until the next sneak peek!


13 thoughts on “BL rebound

    • I do hope I’ll get to finish everything before Christmas break since I’ll be busy with family outings and stuff ahhh ;;

  1. Waah!~ So many mangas *A* (wish I could read kanji) I’d go to your house and just listen to you read them xDD (I live in the Philippines too btw xDD just a heads up when someone knocks on your door xDD) <—- Stalkah!

  2. Haha~ A year late and you’re on hiatus as well~ I don’t even know when you’ll get to reply to this! I just wanted to say that those Sora to Hara stickers are awesome!:D ❤ So cute!:D Did you know if they where part of the volume(or only of the first printing) or an extra from a specific seller? I buy from honto and there's usually not much extra stuff there:((( 😀 Anyway, nice to meet you and thanks!:)

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply.

      Sorry I don’t exactly remember if it’s only for a particular number of copies, though. 😦
      I hope you can find some in auctions, though! Although knowing auctions, it’s double the price. orz;

      And nice to meet you, too! Thanks for visiting my blog!

      • Hi! It’s okay!

        I see^^ Thank you! Well, I’ll buy it from honto at the end of December and if the stickers aren’t in, I’ll probably try yahoo auctions.They are sooo cuuuuute!<3

        Your blog is very nice!^^ Have a good day!

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