New Year’s resolution—sort of!

I’ve been sulking about this blog of mine again recently. As much as I don’t want to admit how much this blog has been a burden to me, I’ve been feeling the need to finally end it once and for all—but still, I love it too much to actually do that.

So since I want to do something for my blog after all these tentative hiatus for the whole 2012, I decided to make a New Year’s resolution for both of my BL blogs. It’s not much but I hope these few changes will at least make up for my absences! ;v;)/

For otakutofujoshi:

  • I’ll buy at least 2-3 tankoubons every other month—depends on my allowance, of course!
  • Will update more on insights/reviews rather than updates. I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to using scans/photos in my posts (yes, I annoy myself always as well) so with my laptop’s current internet connection, saving photos online can be quite frustrating because of the quality. For the scans, I can only scan using my desktop PC but since it’s currently busted, I can’t obviously use the scanner. But once I get a new PC and scanner, of course I’ll update more on both!
  • I want to surprise people this 2013 with exciting giveaways!
  • Since I’m lazy to do long reviews most of the time, I’ll start doing short commentaries more often.

For homodesu:

  • More scans! /crossed fingers
  • I’ll start posting reviews as well. Of course, once I reviewed something for homodesu, I won’t review it anymore on otakutofujoshi. *Although, reviews here in otakutofujoshi are more detailed—you’ll know what I mean once I start on my first review in homodesu! ;w;)/
  • BL sharing. You can submit anything BL related to homodesu! Be it reviews, recent purchases, essays… anything!

That’s it for now. I’m still thinking of more things to add to my lists. I feel like 2013 will be a great year so I really do hope I’ll be able to do all of the stuff I listed above, lol.

I actually have a bunch of things I’d like to talk about but I’ll just save it for later. It’s BL related of course but it’s more about my personal work.

Anyways! I’ll surely get to talk about it real soon!


2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolution—sort of!

  1. Hi Hachi! Happy holidays and [almost] Happy New Year! I’m glad you’re determined and setting goals for yourself. I look forward to seeing your blogs progress in 2013. At the same time, I hope you are able to relax when things get too stressful. ^^ Best of luck to you in 2013~ -Angela

    • Likewise to you, Angela! ❤
      And thank you! I'm really glad I have blog reader friends like you ;3;)/ ❤
      And yes, I'm still trying to get to remove all these stress from 2012, haha!
      Best of luck to you too and everyone else for the year 2013! ❤

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