Blush Vol. 1: First Love

From Blush Anthology‘s website:


“Someone once sang that it only takes a minute to fall in love. But we all know the truth ― it could span a second, or last a lifetime.

As a gift to fans of the genre, the first BLush fanthology “初恋: First Love,” highlights that moment boys fall in love.
The BLush fanthology is a non-profit project of the BLush Convention. This is an independent and amateur publication. The convention and its organizers holds no claim to any work submitted in our fanthology.The 2012 BLush Anthology is a fan anthology dedicated to original stories, comics, illustrations, and essays. We hope to provide an avenue for creative individuals who would like to have a space for their Boy’s Love fantasies and opinions.

A printed copy was distributed during the last BLush convention. Now, we’re happy to distribute the digital edition Blush Vol. 1: First Love Anthology.

This is currently for web-only viewing but for those who wish to read it in your mobile apps, just install Issuu app in your Android mobile device. You must be signed up to Issuu or logged in with their website via your facebook account to view the file.

Enjoy the read everyone!

I can already feel everyone smiling and giggling with excitement. ❤

I really do hope everyone supports Blush! ;w;)/ the organizers and contributors really did a lot of hard work into making this book possible! Not forcing you to read or anything but truly I am ! Although it will be much appreciated if you do! ;w;

Happy reading, fujoshis and fudanshis! ❤


2 thoughts on “Blush Vol. 1: First Love

  1. Thank you very much for the news! I’m all excited seeing fans around the world doing their best to distribute for BL ^^ Thanks to you I got to know about Whut*Nani, and now Blush Anthology! It’s be great if this anthology is downloadable, since my laptop screen is kinda small (a mini HP) it’s kinda hard to read online. Anyway, congrats on your 1st volume, people from Blush ^^

    • You’re very welcome! ❤
      Thank you very much for your interest in those anthologies! ;w;)/ There are a lot of international online BL anthologies out there that still needs more appreciation so I do hope I can actually make a list of it someday for everyone! ❤
      And ahh that's actually the thing the organizers are working on right now—I mean the convenience for people reading it through online. I'm sure they'll be able to transfer it to another site that can be more convenient for reading like in your case. ;v;

      Please do look out for updates! And the digital volume will be out soon as well so please do look forward to it. ❤
      Again, thank you very much!

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