Insight: Kojima Lalako

At long last, my very first mangaka review. Initially, I planned to do this last year but then stuff happened so… .___.

Anyway, for this very first mangaka review, I’ll will briefly be talking about one of my favorite mangakas, Kojima Lalako.


If you’ve been regularly reading my blog, or follow me on Twitter, I always talk about this woman especially before when my hobby of collecting and being updated with BL was just crazy.

I found out about Kojima Lalako 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with her works. I never really knew what kind of stories she made but when it was announced that she’ll be releasing her very first tankoubon, I immediately pre-ordered like a mad woman and impatiently waited for my copy. Funny thing was, she was also pretty new to the BL industry when I started blogging back in early 2011.


The very first work I read from her was “Neko no Yomeiri” which I reviewed here.

When I first saw her interview in HertZ’s website, I thought, “Oh she seems like a really, really cute person I bet her works are just as cute as she is, lol” > well, not my exact words—but I hope you guys get the point. So yeah when I finally received my copies, if I remember correctly I received Neko no Yomeiri and Iya yo Yamete yo first—I went on and read Neko no Yomeiri because I was so intrigued about the story—not because I love cats to death…. Okay maybe because I do. (:3)rz


After reading Neko no Yomeiri, I now went ahead on to “Iya yo Yamete yo“—which was very, very amusing. I also reviewed it here.

This was a complete shocker after reading Neko no Yomeiri. Shock in a good way since I finally got to see Kojima Lalako’s flexibility with regards to her plot since Iya yo Yamete yo is just full of delicious H scenes.

Out of all of Kojima Lalako’s works, this was the most obscene one yet. Although, when she tends to put up with an H-full plot, it tends to be kind of a PWP work. I’m really biased with her but I should tell you that Iya yo Yamete yo isn’t really that much of a great read compared to her other ones but if you want to see some good adorable sex scenes then by all means please, go ahead!

Cross-dressing boys are one of her best illustrations, lol.


Also from Iya yo Yamete yo, “Hana no Ma ni Ma ni” is my personal favorite. You’ll know why if you read my review. *u*)/

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy Iya yo Yamete yo becuase of what I just said about it quite leaning to PWP, in fact, I enjoyed it really much because of the very lol kinky stories and… 3P…. (:3)rz


Now my favorite, “Kimi to Parade” which I again, reviewed here.

I’ve alwaaaaaaaays LOVED teacher-student relationships. I always say this whenever I get to review (BL) mangas like that, lol.

I cried when I read Neko no Yomeiri but reading this manga had me crying a lot more especially when the whole tank just consists of the main story—which I think was for the best since if it left me hanging, who knows what would’ve happened to my sanity.

So as always, please just read the review for further info about this manga! ;u;)/ Although I must say again, I really, REALLY loved this so much. Whenever friends asks me for Kojima Lalako recs I really recommend this one first. The story left such a big impact on me about relationships and career.

Reading the middle parts are quite hard to take into heart because of all the frustrations of the two but once you finish it, it’s really all worth it. Which reminds me I have to read this again someday once I have time—which I doubt I would but hopefully!


One of her very recent releases, “Ano Ko to Juliette” is about two high school boys who ran away from home and hopefully live a new life together—well, the title speaks for itself, it’s kind of like a short BL spin-off of Rome and Juliette.

Sadly, I still haven’t posted a review on this. I’m terribly sorry about that! ;A: but soon I will!

Anyway, to make a brief insight on this tank, it kind of introduces a new side to Kojima Lalako’s works—for some reason since it was really, really angst-y. You wouldn’t feel the “fuwa fuwa-ness” of her works much in this particular tankoubon.

Overall, I liked it; the last story was my favorite. I love how the seme’s feelings got to develop for the uke because of a dead girl’s spirit who wants to reach out to her lover(?) which is the seme. Sorry, I’m not really sure of the girl’s relationship with the seme but it seems they both like each other given the fact that the girl asked the uke, whose main purpose in the story was to write “special” love letters to guys (as requested by his girl schoolmates), to give her undelivered message to the seme. Did I make sense there?


I-i-isn’t she the cutest!!?? Uuuuuuuu Michiruuuuuuuu ;A;)/

Anywho, I’ll make sure to write a review on this if I have extra time on my hands. I do recommend this by the way! ;u;)/


Last but definitely not the least, “Amakute Shinjauyo“. Again, the title speaks for itself.

I still haven’t made a sneak peak and review of this yet orz; also, I kind of placed it aside a few months back since I got busy so up to now I still haven’t finished reading it. ;;


Although so far, it has an Iya yo Yamete yo feel to it with all the H scenes—but Iya yo Yamete yo still tops as her smut work.

Other than the works I mentioned above, Kojima Lalako has also released a few new titles recently:

Kimi ni Utsuru Hoshi
Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi
And very soon, Yume Yume Shinjuu.

I just found out about this “Nandome no Gomen ne” oneshot and it looks very, very interesting. Yet another new feel to her works since this already falls under “Psychological” and “Tragedy”. Is it just me or is Kojima Lalako leaning to a much more angst-y plots lately? Hrmm, not sure but it kind of feels like it. ;;

Anyway! Other than tankoubons, if you’re new to Kojima Lalako you must check her doujinshis. She makes doujinshis for Magi, Code Geass and most recently, Kuroko no Basket! *u* ❤ She has also illustrated for novels which I never really had the chance to read any since my knowledge of Japanese is still… scarce. orz;

Art-wise, I’ve always loved her art style. It looks kind of old school which makes it looks so classy. Combined with distinctive cuteness and coloring style it’s really unique! As someone who often looks at art first, this is one factor why I came to like Kojima Lalako. Although I admit I must change this kind of attitude towards judging by BL covers.

If you have any questions/suggestions/violent reactions please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “Insight: Kojima Lalako

  1. I’ve only read Kojima Lalako’s newest books Kimi ni Utsuru Hoshi and Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi but I really want to get her older works too, they sound just as good, especially Kimi to Parade! I just wanted thank you for writing this and I hope you don’t mind that I followed you too ^^; I couldn’t resist following a Kojima Lalako fan lol.

    • Hello!
      And please do! For me I have to get her new works haha. ;;
      Thank you for following! Followed back since your reviews are pretty interesting! Nice to meet you, Roni. ;v;)/

  2. Ah, I’ve been on a bit of a BL reading spree ever since I got my iPhone, and so far Kojima Lalako’s become one of my favorites when it comes to art style * u *

    Can you suggest more stuff for me to read, Hachi? I liked all of your other suggestions (Junko, Ootsuki Miu). I think I’ve pretty much read everything on MangaFox / MangaHere LOL /slapped

    • Kumota Haruko! ;w; I’m not sure if you’ll like her works but I think they’re very cute ////
      Also… Have you tried reading Hideyoshico’s works? ;w; Ogura Muku has a lot of amazing works, too!
      Who else… I’m not familiar with scanlated works but I’ll try to DM you a list in twitter soon!

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