X-BL announcements

Last month, a new anthology series called X-BL announced it’s very first themed anthology “『エロほん♥ -ぶっかけ-』 (Erohon ♥ -Bukkake-)” although only the cover illustrator, Kitakami Ren, and a few details were given out.

Earlier today though, the lineup was finally announced and the illustration for the cover was finally revealed. *u*)/


(Image is from X-BL’s site. Please click the image to be redirected to their site)

Just like last year’s Erotoro, X-BL is a more erotic version to say the least. Also, the title of the book is quite self-explanatory. If you don’t know what Bukkake means since you don’t watch Japanese porn, just google it.


Kitakami Ren
Kamon Saeko
Ougi Yuzuha
Takaku Shouko
Kayuma Mimu
Aion Kiu
Abe Akane
Ootsuki Miu
Ogura Muku
Kitazawa Kyou
Kitano Megumi
Kiyomizu Hikaru(?)
Koike Marumi
Sakurai Ryou
Satou Nishiki
Natsumizu Ritsu
Hashiba Mizu
Higashino You
Yamada Maya

Subsequently, brief details for Erotoro R18 (the second for the X-BL series)  has also been announced! Most of the mangakas from Erotoro are still in (Aniya Yuiji, Kashio, Ichikawa Kei, Nimoda Ai) but ahhh Psyche Delico will be in this one!!! /;w;\ The anthology’s theme is about fetishes, btw. ❤

The release for Erohon Bukkake is on May 28, Erotoro R18 is on June 28.


7 thoughts on “X-BL announcements

    • I think I’ll get it at my usual store which is HMV. ;v;
      Although I’m thinking of having someone buy it in Japan for me (to hopefully spare me of customs fee)

      • Didn’t know that HMV carry titles like this O.O
        I’m searching for other sites that sell this as I want to order this (with Pink Gold 1 & 2, and Erotoro) when PG2 comes out in July. But a friend told me that Comicomi doesn’t combine orders from released in different month. ^^;;

      • Oh yeah come to think of it I bought Erotoro off YesAsia.
        Oh really? ;o; I don’t know that thank you for the info! I’ll try ordering something off ComiComi soon.
        Try YesAsia? Although I think Honto is really better as to what my friends say. ;;

  1. Last year’s Erotoro?
    I mentioned this on my other comment, Comicomi ships through EMS. 😀
    I tried searching in YesAsia and the results I’m getting are the 2011 Erohon and 2012 Erotoro. Unless there’s a different search key ^^;;
    But I don’t think Honto carry explicit titles like this? xD;; I remember searching Pink Gold last year and they don’t have it.

    • Yup! ;v;
      And yes yes I saw. Thank you! 🙂
      I tried searching Erohon in YesAsia and got a KnB doujinshi. LOL
      I don’t think they have pre-orders of those yet?

      That’s the problem with most online shops no? They don’t carry everything unlike Amazon jp but I swear to god I won’t buy there unless I have no other choice.
      You can buy in Animate if you can’t find any other site that carries it. Although you’ll need a shopping service. :<

  2. I’ve looked at their preorders too and they don’t have it yet. ;A;
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying from Amazon JP ever. I try to avoid proxy buying since it’s quite hassle. ^^;;
    I guess I’ll just get those books on July so I can ship all of them at once. Probably I’ll buy from Comicomi unless YesAsia will post them.

    Thank you so much! *3*)/
    Oh and sorry for my fail English. orz i got too excited from the Pink Gold 2 tweets XDD

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