This month’s haul


Loaded up on Kojima Lalako since I couldn’t afford not to completely read all of her works. (:3)rz

As most of you (regular readers) know, I haven’t been buying BL that much lately because of the usual reasons. Thankfully last month, my mom agreed to let me buy new (manga) releases again and as for school matters, I’m now officially a college senior this coming semester and so my aunt actually allowed me to do anything I want this summer. So of course I’m trying to give all my time to my usual hobbies although most of the time, I dwell on improving my illustration (career—sort of).


Kojima Lalako’s “Kimi ni Utsuru Hoshi


I bought moca (anthology) just so I can read the first part of this whole tankoubon (I was desperate to read Kojima Lalako’s work that time you see…).

I was skimming through this one when I got it and not being biased—or okay I guess I’m really biased with everything Kojima Lalako has to offer—I’m really intrigued by the characters in this tank. I just love it when Kojima Lalako makes crossdressers. She makes them all the more yummier.


The first paper from the 3-paper series of her new releases. ❤


Next is “Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi

Can I just say how much I’m loving this tank right now. ;v;)<3

And funny thing is, my friends and I were discussing this when I happen to get a few similarities of some Kuroko no Basket characters in this tank.

First thing I spotted was some sort of Kise character. In the story, this girl (friends with the canon pair) has a senpai/boyfriend which one of the boys described as “Someone who has such a pretty face and eyes look like they have 3 stars in it” basically, Kira Kira like Kise. *Forgive me if I have poor translations since I just translate it as to how I literally understood the context. ;-;



But no no it’s just me seeing Kurobas everytime most especially lately with Kojima Lalako since she’s dead obsessed with Kise’s moe-ness. I understand that perfectly, though..

Friends and I were laughing so much at this we had to make it legit that this boy is Aomine and Kise’s lovechild.

But anyway, so far this manga is really nice. I mean really, really nice. I love how Kojima Lalako tends to be more diverse with her characters lately.


The second paper! Last one to go is…


Yume Yume Shinjuu“, Kojima Lalako’s most recent release by HertZ

As expected from HertZ, the paper quality of this tank is splendid. Remember Neko no Yomeiri?

I haven’t checked the contents so I can’t say anything much yet.


It has the prettiest paper though.

That’s it for Kojima Lalako—as of now. I seriously can’t believe it’s been 2 years already since her debut release and I here I am still needy with everything she makes. It’s rare for me to like something or someone this long. Usually I move from another thing to another since I get tired of something quite easily. In Kojima Lalako’s case though, she gives you what she does usually but it makes you feel like they’re timeless.


Sayonara Note” by Tomoe Fumi.

I was actually more intrigued by her previous work “Oujito“. But then I saw she had something new released just early this year so I thought of just including it in my to-buy list and just borrow Oujito from a friend of mine since she will most likely borrow this one as well, lol.


The art is so cute but the characters are like just the same from Oujito, lol. I mean the main. They just switched bodies methinks. Err.


Bokura ga Koi wo Suru ni wa” by Uchida Tsuchi.

I missed a lot of her works prior to this. I got to buy her “Barairo Melancholy” a year and a half(?) ago and it was very adorable as I recall! I’ll most likely try to pick that up again soon.

Note about Uchida Tsuchi’s works, though. It’s not obvious but her H scenes are really sexy. I mean REALLY sexy. Barairo Melancholy left me with that impression, lol. Although as I observe Bokura ga Koi wo Suru ni wa, looking at that suggestive cover, I guess it already made some kind of signal. Yeah? No? Okay. HAVE FUN READING! 8D


Next to a bunch of Kojima Lalako in this order, Ogawa Chise’s “Kono Ore ga Omae Nanka Suki na Wakenai” is one of the main highlights in this month’s orders.

When Ogawa Chise first released “Ouji no Hakoniwa“, I was so intrigued but then I always end up bypassing it. Trust me I always list that in my to-buy but whenever I see another manga with a cover I easily get attracted to, I end up not following the list and just buy whatever I see. Talk about bad buying habit.


I’m so excited to read this after I finish the current Kojima Lalako tank I’m reading right now. ;v;)<3

When I was talking about buying BL again in my twitter, a friend told me I should really get this one because she found it cute! Also, I saw another friend posted her reading this which made me a lot more excited to get my hands on it.


/teases all of you/


Crossdressing. /pants

I seriously have a great feeling I’ll enjoy this so much. No, not just because of the crossdressing and yummy teasing but I love it when a BL manga has an adorable female supporting character. ❤

Oh and… For some reason the seme reminds me of Mukkun (Murasakibara) from KnB.


Mmm. See what I mean? No? O-okay… ;___;

Well that’s it  for now, guys!
Thank you for reading and I hope this post gave you some ideas on what to buy in your next BL purchase!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

Oh and speaking of questions, I don’t go on formspring anymore but I just created an account so if you need to ask something, you can either ask here, my tumblr or Short questions can also be answerable via Twitter! Please check my sidebar for links. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “This month’s haul

  1. Lalako-sensei~ *u*
    Why haven’t I read any of her works yet? WHY? /weeps
    Her art is just my cup of tea. I remember falling for her art when I saw her drawings of I think Kurobas (specifically Midorima). AAAHHH it’s just lovely~~ <333

    I think after I order Erohon, Erotoro, and Pink Gold 2 (and also 1), I'll save up for her tanks!

    Nice post Hachi-san! *3*)/

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