Photobook: “Shoten Danshi”

I’m not familiar with the publishers of this photobook but as to what I read, this is something like “Sagawa Danshi” which was released a year ago if I’m not mistaken.


Shoten Danshi” or “Bookstore Men” in Japanese, is a collection of photos of different (good-looking) male bookstore employees in different but specific popular bookstores in Japan. This is kind of like the artbooks “Moe Danshi Gatari” and “Mousou Hello Work“—lots of in-depth explanation on what their work is about and how they go about in daily life.

The cover illustration is by Kumota Haruko. *u*) ❤
This is not an artbook therefore you won’t be really expecting much illustrations inside other than the cover, a few profile illustrations and comics—as mentioned, it’s a photobook so obviously it contains 90% photos, lol.

The comics are by Kuze Banko, Akitama Koito and Kashio.

Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, I think this is the “Sagawa Danshi” photobook from last year (it’s a Japanese blog). So yes, “Shoten Danshi” will most probably be like this.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m really excited for this one! Not being a total creep but I love seeing working men especially professors, baristas, bookkeepers, bartenders,  pet shop owners… okay this list will just go on and on I must stop.

I hope they can make a photobook about baristas, too! Out of those I mentioned above I would really be interested in baristas and professors. Not going to hope for a photobook about ikemen professors since… well… that’s quite… ;; so yeah settling with baristas!

This will be released on September 26, 2013 for 1575 yen.

Quite unrelated but I’m receiving e-mails and Tumblr messages about where I buy books specifically BL. I’m sorry I’m not asnwering to all mails right now since I put up a “Where to Buy” page already and all info about the stores I usually buy at are all stated there.

If you’re from the Philippines and is having a hard time picking since you’re worried about custom charges, I suggest go for couriers like SAL. It’s a bit longer than EMS but rest assured you won’t  go all the way to the customs and pay a ridiculous amount of charges.

I’m thinking of making a separate entry soon so please look forward to it.

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Photobook: “Shoten Danshi”

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  2. Somehow I immediately thought of Yukina Kou. xDD

    Isn’t SAL prone to lost packages and whatnots? Or so what I’ve read in some posts. ^^;; Still thinking getting things through Air Mail or SAL.Though I always wonder why our post office never deliver my packages directly to my house when they will still charge me 40php be it delivered or directly from the post office.

    • I hope there will be Yukina Kou-look-alikes LOL

      I ordered a DVD from SAL and it arrived safely, thankfully. Although that’s only a small packet type. I haven’t tried ordering via SAL for books and stuff that needs to be boxed. I will try with this photobook + some new BL releases for September via Honto. Hopefully it won’t get lost/damaged. D:

      I don’t really understand our post office’s system on parcels as well to be honest. Before I used to order via HMV and have 100% assurance it will be delivered right at my doorstep—but the last time I ordered a few books it ended up in customs. It happened a lot lately so I’m taking a break from purchasing off HMV and still trying to understand how Honto works.

      • The post office is like a random troll www. Before, I thought customs checking only happens when your package ends up in their main office and when it is via EMS. But I experienced the custom checking horror when my friend sent me my game package. At least they didn’t charge me higher than the usual. ^^;; Will definitely try SAL on my next order. 😀

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