gateau by Ichijinsha – A New Boys-Love Magazine



Ichijinsha will publish yet another exciting line of BL goodness—gateau Magazine. Their tag line, “Creative Destruction: Ultimate Borderless BL Comics” is really intriguing. I’m not exactly sure if this is a theme just for their first issue but nonetheless, it’s really exciting! 

The artist lineup is also impressive. I’m sure some or most of you got all giddy when you saw Suou and Matsumoto Ikko (or Ichiko I’m quite not sure how to read it)! *u*) I think this will be their debut comic appearances, yeah? I only know Suou got to work for otome and Vocaloid CD illustrations but I haven’t heard any BL-related works yet other than fan goods and stuff. As for Matsumoto Ikko, she recently deleted if not all, most of her sites and pixiv accounts so I have no idea when she announced a debut like this one. I only know she made a lot of BL stuff way back. Really excited on how their works will be like!

The rest of the lineup includes Nagarenai Tessyu, Natsuka Kudan, Arii Memeko, Hideyoshico and Yamada Papiko. ❤

The magazine is scheduled to release on November 30, 2013

Please go to their main site for the wonderful teaser illustrations. 


2 thoughts on “gateau by Ichijinsha – A New Boys-Love Magazine

  1. Do you know if in Amazon already have it for preorder or something like that?
    I can’t find the title in Amazon, can you help me?
    Thank you!!!
    I’m excited now with the new magazine (I already buy gateau but now I want this new magazine too!)
    Sorry for my bad english! ç__ç
    Have a nice week! =D

    • Hello!
      I haven’t found any pre-order links to Amazon yet but I myself ordered from AmiAmi. You can find the pre-order link here.
      If I can find an Amazon one, I’ll link it on this post immediately.

      I’m also realy excited for this! I envy you since you can buy the anthology ;w; I only get to wait for tankoubon releases since anthologies are quite pricey /sob
      And no no your English is fine, no worries!

      May you also have a nice week!

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