Announcement of hiatus

Hello everyone! Been a long while.

I’ve said this numerous of times already before that I always wanted to finally announce a tentative hiatus. Although for the past few months I still had that urge to actually try and update something but unfortunately I couldn’t do so much. I’m already on my last 2 years of college and it’s becoming more and more hectic. To add to this is actually my urge to improve more on what I want to do most in my life and that is drawing. Thank you to those who still subscribe to my blog. I really appreciate it considering I don’t update as much anymore.

Although to tell you guys honestly, I’ve been itching to buy BL again for a long time now. Recently I’ve been buying anime goods since it’s quite more convenient when it comes to spending—well I know it’s more expensive but what I mean is the waiting time. A certain anime merchandise often gets released during the beginning or the end of the month which helps me actually have more time to save up. When it comes to BL though, spending is daily or weekly. Unfortunately I’m on a strict budget lately and having to buy BL like what I normally do before is a big no-no as of now.  BL has been a very sentimental value in my life and leaving it behind makes me upset to the core. Although right now I’m still enjoying a fair amount of BL illustrations, just not original comics.

Someday not far from today (lol), I’ll seriously get this blog up and running again. I am actually thinking of having a total change of contents since as I mentioned before, “otakutofujoshi” may focus on BL but I will also post non-BL related things from time-to-time—I thought of going with that statement by making this blog 50% BL and 50% “anime goods girls will most likely love”. By anime good girls will most likely love, I mean bishounen items—like official merchandise of a certain anime or otome/BL game. I’m not sure if you guys will appreciate that change but I hope? ;o;)

As to when this hiatus will end, I hope by next year I can finally post something. If you guys would want me to continue on with the official merchandise thing please do let me know? ;w;) I’m pretty much eager to actually share with you guys what I’ve been buying recently and since I’m quite experienced with merchandise purchasing already, I might be able to give everyone some tips on how to conveniently buy anime goods if you’re on a strict budget like me, lol.

Again, thank you to those who still subscribe! Also, to those who have been e-mailing me like “Where did you go”, “Will you still make more reviews”, “Please help us with translating this”, “Could you scan…” and etc.— I’m sorry I don’t reply to all of your mails since honestly I don’t know how to answer most of it orz; but I do want to say something about those who e-mail me about scanning a manga for them: sorry I can’t. As much as I want to share how wonderful the story of the manga you’re wanting me to scan, destroying it just won’t do. I’m very sorry. ;A;) If I have enough money to burn why not.

Anyway this is getting quite long so I might as well end it here.

May you all have a nice day. And hopefully I can talk about BL with you guys again soon. ❤

– Hachi

This month’s haul


Loaded up on Kojima Lalako since I couldn’t afford not to completely read all of her works. (:3)rz

As most of you (regular readers) know, I haven’t been buying BL that much lately because of the usual reasons. Thankfully last month, my mom agreed to let me buy new (manga) releases again and as for school matters, I’m now officially a college senior this coming semester and so my aunt actually allowed me to do anything I want this summer. So of course I’m trying to give all my time to my usual hobbies although most of the time, I dwell on improving my illustration (career—sort of).

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BL rebound

Waited for quite a long time for me to get back on buying BL so I think it’s okay to spoil myself again with a few titles. As much as I want to spend all out on releases I missed, I limited myself to the ones I really like and just took note of the others that I can just buy next time. I don’t really have much time to read lately anyways since uni has been a pain plus I’m busy for a convention this December. ;;

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customs horror + last January orders.

I just realized otakutofujoshi already turned 1 last January 27. /;n;\ belated happy birthday to my blog. ;u; ❤

I was supposed to do an appreciation post to everyone who have subscribed, read, commented and linked my blog to theirs but I always run out of time so I’ll just be posting my appreciation post when I’m not too busy. ;u;

Anyway! These last orders from January were as frustrating as my first orders from December. Well for one, waiting for a month was a pain. I was worried EMS wasn’t able to get a hold of my package and it got lost somewhere—thankfully it didn’t. But what was so frustrating is that it ended up in customs so I had to go all the way to the main office just so I can get these.

This is the first time I have encountered such inconvenience with EMS. I can’t say I wasn’t able to encounter problems with them before but compared to this one, this one’s just scary. ;A;

So it all started a few weeks ago. I tried calling the customs office and asked about my package. The one who answered my call was a woman. She was so uncooperative that I had to repeat my tracking number 5 times for her to finally track it. Imagine if I didn’t call them then my package will just remain at their office for eternity… err. So yeah after that, she told me it was ready for pick-up. I then asked my dad if he can accompany me to the customs since I don’t know how to get there.

Once we arrived, the people at the customer service were nice. They told me what I should do, where I should go and what should I present to the people at the parcel room. After that, me and my dad waited for 30 minutes for them to locate my parcel. I swear their service was so bad since they were so disorganized. The old man from the parcel section told me to go to the parcel collecting station and just wait for my parcel there. Thinking I can already get my parcel, I was shocked to know that they still had to OPEN IT UP. Imagine the intense feeling I had when a middle-aged man finally called me and asked me to have a look at my parcel. Of course it wasn’t only me who was going to check it—there’s the middle-aged man, an old lady who gets to check the invoice receipts and suddenly, MY DAD came over beside me. I was literally  seconds away from actually throwing up since I was too scared of what might actually happen. ;;

Thankfully, they didn’t sort it out anymore because if they did, and if they saw Manako’s and Katou Setsuko’s cover, I’ll probably be in a serious questioning session.

Anyway, enough of my horror story and onto some sneak peeks!

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First December orders finally arrived!

So after waiting for a month, I finally got my first batch of orders thanks to Yokatta Shopping Service. 8D

I was actually so frustrated about these since I’m not used to orders arriving a month later but oddly enough, it was worth the wait. And considering I took EMS as my courier of choice, it arrived pretty early as to what I expected.

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last haul for September.

So my last two orders finally arrived. \*w*/ I actually received the four tankoubons (starting from the left) the other day but decided to just make this blog entry until they finally ship to me the last two — which I happily got today.

Compared to the previous haul I shared, I was actually more excited about this next set of orders since the new works of my most anticipated mangakas-to-try are included here. *u* Continue reading

「同級生」「卒業生」公式ファンブック~卒業アルバム | Doukyusei Fanbook

adhfhsdkskfjgjhglfldfldjdghfghfjsldjkghgkdl;f;gj I FINALLY HAVE IT. /;A;\

I actually thought I won’t be able to get my own copy of this gorgeous thing since I was having trouble with some budgeting matters and it really took time for me to get my allowance. I was also very frustrated when it was released last Sept. 9 since I really thought it will immediately be out-of-stock after a few days. ;; But thankfully it was still available when I finally got my allowance 2 days after the release date — and of course, I immediately ordered it without any hesitation, lol. Continue reading

September haul.

Hello everyone! It’s been ages since I last updated here and I’m terribly sorry about that. Also, our desktop PC keeps on hanging lately which made updating so much difficult. orz;;

On another note, our hell weeks will be finally over really soon and I just can’t wait to have a long deserved(?) rest, lol. Anyway!

So my orders finally arrived today and I swear 1 week was really worth the wait.  I was supposed to receive it last week if I ordered the week before. Unfortunately, I got too busy and just got to order it last week. ;;

This is my first order for September and the second one that will hopefully arrive by next month will include Yamada Papiko’s original tankoubon debut release and some more exciting releases! Aaah I love September ’11, lol. *w* Continue reading

another HMV haul.

I’m really loving HMV’s service nowadays. I’ll probably say goodbye to for a while. </3

Anyway, those tankoubons by Jaryuu Dokuro and Yamada Nichoume (upper ones) were actually delivered to me last month; I just forgot to blog about it since I got too busy with school– the usual cause. D:

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