Insight: Kojima Lalako

At long last, my very first mangaka review. Initially, I planned to do this last year but then stuff happened so… .___.

Anyway, for this very first mangaka review, I’ll will briefly be talking about one of my favorite mangakas, Kojima Lalako.


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Reviews: 一途恋愛自覚ナシ!~Ichizu Renai Jikaku Nashi!~ (バーズコミックス リンクスコレクション)

First off, a very Happy New Year to everyone~! How was your first few days of 2012? For me I was pretty much bombarded with death photography plates of doom + a few other school works. 8D

Moving on, “Ichizu Renai Jikaku Nashi!” (10/11) is Rokuro Kuro’s debut tankoubon release from Lynx. It consists of 3 main stories and 5 all in all. Tbh, I didn’t really include this in my list of debut releases to-buy but I’m so glad I decided to buy it. (*´▽`*)

Okay so the first story, “Ichizu Renai Jikaku Nashi“, follows the story of childhood friends Kozuka and Sasamoto. Judging from their looks, you’ll really wonder why they hang out together since their looks are pretty much the total opposite of each other: Kozuka looks like your typical black-haired, glasses-wearing obedient honor student while on the other hand, Sasamoto is the typical light brown hair-colored delinquent.

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Reviews: 君色リアル。~Kimi Iro Real~ (バーズコミックス リンクスコレクション)

Finally got to make this review I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about. ;u;

Anyway, “Kimiiro Real” is Yamano Deco’s first ever tankoubon release through Lynx (8/24). I randomly included it in my orders last September since I’m a sucker for new mangakas (with cute art styles) and I just can’t help but get myself a copy whenever someone gets to have their very first tankoubon release. orz; I only got to read this a few days ago, and since school got in the way (as usual), I only managed to finish it recently.

Okay so let me just say how much I enjoyed this manga—it’s just so cute and Yamano Deco’s art style is very adorable!! ;u; (I’m sorry if I use the words “cute” and “adorable” too much in my entries sob) I kind of talked about it in my tumblr a few days ago as well, lol.

So the tankoubon consists of 3 oneshots and a side story. Tbh, I kind of had a hard time reading since  tend to read slow when there’s furigana (yes, I’m the opposite sob) and it’s in kansai dialect—which I find rather difficult to understand sometimes—so forgive me if I messed up some parts in the review. orz;

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BL commentaries

Finally decided on making a short BL review since it’s been a while since I last made a long, detailed one. ;;

Kanashii Hito wa Doko ni mo Inai by Yamada Torico

→ This is Yamada Torico’s second BL tankoubon release—technically her third (her second tankoubon release was “Onnanoko no Subete“). I first read one of her works—particulary “Long and Beautiful Life” through Canna and became so intrigued about her works ever since. Her art is very simple yet cute. Some angles look awkward sometimes but I still find it adorable for some reason. ;; don’t fall for her cute art, though. It seems cutesy but you’ll be surprised on how deep and mysterious her stories are.

The first story is about two brothers—their mom died when they were young and their father is a wanderlust. Anyway, older brother has a brother complex on his younger brother. He tried moving out so he can forget his immoral feelings for his younger brother but eventually realized how much of a coward he is as the older brother so came back and found out they actually had mutual feelings for each other. It was pretty cute and the siblings were just so adorable! *w*

The second story was a bit unusual so I pretty much enjoyed it. It’s about a male college student who works part time at a doughnut store. A strange ossan came in at the store one day and asked if he can take care of his “dog” while he goes out of town for a month. This “dog” is actually a person. I don’t really know what kind of person that ossan is but really refers to that person as “inu“—also treats him like one. Unlike the ossan, the college guy treats inu well and they eventually started to have feelings for each other. I seriously got all teary-eyed when inu was asked to leave the ossan’s apartment so he ended up being homeless. ;A;  But thank god the college student chased after him so they finally lived together in the end. ;u; such a touching story. I definitely recommend this. But for those who are still having a hard time understanding some Japanese contexts, you’ll be challenged in reading this. /acutally had a hard time understanding at first ;;

“Renai Game” by Chidori Peko

→ Chidori Peko’s original debut tankoubon release! \*w*/ I immediately fell in love when I saw the cover so I didn’t hesitate to get myself a copy. It consists of 4 stories. The first story is about a shoemaker and a college student who works part time at his shop. It’s a really cute and sexy story especially since the college student is soooo moe. I didn’t really like the second story but it was also cute nonetheless. The third and fourth story were my favorites, in which both has megane guys! \*w*/ The third story was about 2 schoolboys. I got all hyped up when I saw the title page since the megane seemed very naughty—and I was right—he was a complete pervert. /squeal/ the uke was very pretty too and both of them are naughty. *w* I like the supporting character as well but I won’t talk much about that person-you guys have to find out for yourselves. :> not really surprising if you’re already used to reading BL but it’s pretty cute, IMO. I guess some of you has an idea of what is it already. ;;

The last story, which is the main story, it is about 2 guys working at an eroge production company. This is a kouhai x senpai kind of relationship which is another of my kind of story. Kouhai has a secret crush on his megane senpai; he fantasizes about him and pictures him as one of the megane characters in one of their eroges, lol. It was pretty hilarious and at the same time, it’s very cute. If you have a creepy obsession with megane guys, you’ll love this manga. *u*

Chidori Peko’s art style is just gorgeous. Very well-drawn and all the characters are just adorableee! ❤ I definitely recommend this if you want a romantic/comedy kind of read. 8)

“Sono Toki wa Tada Kokoro ni Furete” by Umiyuki Lily

→ My newest love. *u* as much as I don’t want to compare her to my darling moe queen, Kojima Lalako, I can’t help it since I literally had goosebumps when I was reading her work since it was very Kojima Lalako-like. Not only her stories but her art style as well! But I don’t know, maybe I’m just biased with Kojima Lalako’s art style. ;; Umiyuki Lily is quite new, btw. Her works are mostly featured in Canna. 🙂 if you have a twitter account, you can follow her (she follows back!)—just look for her blog link on my sidebar. *u*

Anyway, so I pretty much anticipated this tankoubon release. I just love discovering new mangakas, and being able to get a copy of their debut tankoubon release is one of the best feelings a fujoshi can ever experience, lol. So it consists of 4 stories. The first story is about two guys who works in a film production company. The uke is a very timid college student who comes into the company one day and was assigned to work under the seme (uhh, not literally if you know what I mean /shot). So the seme noticed that the college student was kind of anti-social since he’s timid and all, so he tried talking to him and found out that the college student has a tremendous love for movies. I really love how their story went since it was pretty dramatic and I loved how the uke’s character developed. The second and third story were also very nice. The second was pretty hilarious and the third was kind of tense since the turn of events was very surprising—or was it just me that I didn’t see it coming. ;; anyway, what I loved most is the 4th story—unrequited love. *u*

So the fourth story is about 2 schoolboys. The uke reminded me of Akahoshi from Kojima Lalako’s “Kimi to Parade” because of his appearance and… attitude… well, maybe a little. Now uke has a crush on a male schoolmate—unfortunately he’s already seeing some girl. The seme on the other hand is your typical Mr. Brightside(?). I honestly thought he was just a supporting character at first since I thought the guy that the uke has a crush on will consider his feelings in the end, lol. But the story was great nonetheless—especially the extra story! /*A*\ Totally recommend. ;u;


Ugh sorry it turned out to be pretty long orz; I really fail in summarizing stories since I really want to talk about it in detail. ;;

I promise I’ll try to make a shorter “short” review post next time. /time to work on summarizing skills .__.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this long post! ;u;/


「同級生」「卒業生」公式ファンブック~卒業アルバム | Doukyusei Fanbook

adhfhsdkskfjgjhglfldfldjdghfghfjsldjkghgkdl;f;gj I FINALLY HAVE IT. /;A;\

I actually thought I won’t be able to get my own copy of this gorgeous thing since I was having trouble with some budgeting matters and it really took time for me to get my allowance. I was also very frustrated when it was released last Sept. 9 since I really thought it will immediately be out-of-stock after a few days. ;; But thankfully it was still available when I finally got my allowance 2 days after the release date — and of course, I immediately ordered it without any hesitation, lol. Continue reading

Reviews: お前でなきゃダメみたい ~Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai~ (GUSH COMICS)

Hello once again everyone! Woah, it’s been a long time since I last reviewed anything here. orz;

Anyway! “Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai” is Hakutou Noriko’s third tankoubon release and her second through Gush.

First off, I just want to say how much I love Hakutou Noriko and her obvious love for megane men! (which is one of my major fetishes) *w*

So this tankoubon consists of 5 shots. As expected from Hakutou Noriko, she never fails in amusing me with her characters. Although, I didn’t really like this one as much as I liked “Ijiwaru“. ;;

But I don’t really regret buying this one because I can’t just get enough of Hakutou Noriko nowadays. Her stories amuse me and her art style is also very adorable! ❤

Okay, I’ll just save some of my other thoughts about her works later as you read on with the review. So please enjoy yourselves! ;u;

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Reviews: Calling (バーズコミックス リンクスコレクション)

Calling” is Ootsuki Miu’s sixth tankoubon release and her third through Lynx Comics (please correct me if I’m wrong). This is actually my very first time to read anything from her since some people have been asking me why don’t I mention Ootsuki Miu that much (because according to them, her stories are just my type, lol).

Obviously, a lot of people have read this already so this review will be short unlike my usual ones since I’ll only be sharing a few thoughts about this tankoubon and how Ootsuki Miu finally got to have a place in my heart. ;u;

Let me just start off with my first impressions about Ootsuki Miu. When I first saw her works online, I really thought her art was cute, and since I’m a sucker for ukes with feminine features, I didn’t hesitate to get myself a copy of her works.

I’ve also read other people’s opinions about her art style. According to them, those thick long eyelashes and feminine features kind of freak them out. ;;;

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Reviews: 君とパレード~Kimi to Parade~ (カンナコミックス Canna Comics)

Finally got to work on the review. Been busy for the past couple of days because I’ve been organizing some stuff – and also, I have succumbed to the Tiger and Bunny fandom, lol.

So anyway, “Kimi to Parade” is Kojima Lalako’s third tankoubon release and her first through Canna. The tankoubon only consists of one main story and an extra chapter (which was the very nngggggghhh chapter).

For those who have been reading my blog for the past few months, I think all of you know how much I love Kojima Lalako. This is a vague warning telling everyone that my impressions on this manga will sound biased, lol. But seriously, every manga Kojima Lalako creates, it’s just insanely cute and you won’t be able to think of any flaws about it. Or is it just really me since I adore this woman so much? (;A;)

But IMHO, this is one of her best mangas yet. I wasn’t really that satisfied with some of her stories – and when I say “some” it’s really a few since most of her works are just so precious to me and Kojima Lalako is like, goddess of all moe, lol.

So anyway, onto the review!

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萌え男子がたり ~Moe Danshi Gatari~

Aah. Sorry for not updating for a while. Been busy organizing my BL purchases for the next few months and I’m still trying to finish Persona 4, lol. But I am back with this short review – or preview for those who haven’t checked out this wonderful book yet.

So as I said in this post, I finally decided to do the review today since I got too lazy to do it in more earlier time. ( ̄□ ̄;)

Anyway, Moe Danshi Gatari is basically an artbook which contains 52 gorgeously colored illustrations of different Moe men types by 52 different mangakas. Some of the noted mangakas that contributed here are: Nakamura Asumiko, Aniya Yuiji, Itsuki Kaname, Est Em, Matsumoto Miecohouse, Yoneda Kou, Natsumizu Ritsu, Fujimoto Haruki, Manda Ringo and Nangoku Banana.

Those are just some of the noted ones. There are a lot more interesting mangakas who contributed here so I suggest everyone to buy this wonderful book. (*´▽`*)

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Reviews: ねこの嫁入り~Neko no Yomeiri~ (ミリオンコミックス Hertz Series 97)

Neko no Yomeiri” is Kojima Lalako’s first ever tankoubon release and her first through HertZ. But even though this is her first tankoubon release, she already did illustrations for a novel by Kuriki Shinobu entitled “Koi wo Suru ni wa Too Sugite“. I think this tankoubon was very much anticipated by many. Even when I first heard of Kojima Lalako, I immediately checked her works and fell in love with her illustrations immediately. Also, even if I’m not familiar with her works during those times, I had a feeling I would love her stories very much that’s why I was one of the many who eagerly anticipated for this tankoubon’s release. (*´▽`*)

I’ve read some reviews and as expected, a lot of readers found the stories extremely cute and I can’t agree more. I’m so glad I got into Kojima Lalako’s works. ❤

So anyway, onto the review. It contains three stories: “Himitsu no Rika-chan” which is a oneshot, “Neko no Yomeiri“, main story with 3 chapters and “Fuwa Fuwa no Hirari” which is also a oneshot.

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