Natsume Isaku and other things.

So Citron already posted the cover for Natsume Isaku’s Nov.10 release, “Devil’s Honey“. \*u*/ The pop up’s cute, too!

As some of you know, I’m really into teacher x student relationships especially if the student is an adorable yankee (delinquent). ❤

Tbh, I really haven’t read much of Natsume Isaku’s works and this will only be my second tankoubon by her once I get my copy. Oh and for those who didn’t catch my post about Viz Media’s “SuBLime”, “Devil’s Honey” is actually included in their list of soon-to-be-published English licensed series! \*w*/

On another note, I’ve always mentioned here that I’m a sucker for collecting BL magazines since they’re pretty pricey and collecting them every month will be too much for my wallet—SO! I might finally subscribe since I just knew a bout CDJapan’s magazine subscription offers. click!

Oh, If anyone of you has other sites that offers Japanese magazine subscriptions—particularly BL magazines—please do recommend! ;u; ❤

P.S. For those who are following my BL tumblr “homodesu“, I’m sorry I’m quite inactive in posting scans lately because our desktop PC’s PMS-ing again. orz; but thank you so so much for those who followed recently! ;u; ❤

Yamada Torico + Kojima Lalako

→ finally posted the cover of Yamada Torico’s latest tankoubon release next month—“Long & Beautiful Life“!! *u* really happy to finally got to see the cover design! Adorable isn’t it? ❤

I really got all jumpy when Yamada Torico tweeted about it a few minutes ago since I was already hoping Chill-Chill would post the cover on their site within this week. ;;

→ Kojima Lalako never fails in amusing me every time—I recently got to stumble upon her “The Interviews” page (it’s like a Japanese version of and I swear you’ll really fall in love with her and her adorable way of answering all of the questions! Aaahhh she really is my moe queen. ;3; ❤

Awesome sources.

For those who’ve been visiting this blog, I’m sorry I couldn’t update as much. (;A;) I still couldn’t order in Amazon since the limit of my new credit card is too low (my aunt changed the credit limit OTL) so I asked my dad if he can just get me a savings card, lol.

Anyway, ever since I started this blog early this year, I’m very happy (and proud) to have met a lot of awesome people along the way. My first source post can be found here. As you can see I only had 3 known sources. But if anyone of you has followed my blog ever since I posted that, you surely have noticed my growing blogger links list.

Some of the bloggers I will mention here are already included in my bloggers list. I’m just making this post so that none of you will have a hard time visiting their blogs without having any knowledge of what their actual posts are. And of course, to let you guys know my thoughts about their blogs.

First off, we have “Katayottemasu”, Kijitora’s fujoshi blog. 「かたよってます。」

Just days after that BL sources post of mine, I happen to stumble upon Kijitora’s fujoshi blog through Fuuko’s links list. ( ´∀`)

Kijitora’s entries are very helpful because she doesn’t only do reviews for tankoubons but for magazines as well. She is VERY up-to-date with all the new tankoubon releases and is also fast in reviewing them. *u*b

If you can read Japanese, her site is one of the best choices if you want to be updated with release announcements and magazine reivews.

Note: Her old blog can be found here. She finally moved all her posts in her new blog just recently.

“BL Traveler” – Mizuho’s fujoshi blog「BLトラベラー」

Found her blog through Kijitora’s links list. Just like Kijitora, she has a very nice selection of BL tankoubon/magazine  reviews ANDDD — BLCDs. *A*

It was also through her that I found about “MURA” ranking, a website wherein Japanese BL bloggers are ranked basing on their popularity with visitors and trackbacks. As for Mizuho’s rank, she currently ranks 7 out of 100. *A*

“Hazukashi nagara” – Yoruco’s fujoshi blog「恥ずかしながら」

Found her through MURA and later found her link on Mizuho’s blog. I find it so sweet on how these bloggers are connected to one another. *u*

Sooo, Yoruco’s blog is pretty much like Kijitora and Mizuho. But her blog’s quite bountiful of helpful informaton – especially her ranking/best list! *A* I really love it how organized her blog is. Other BL bloggers are also very much organized but sometimes I get dizzy with their tags. /;A;\

“BL ni Mamireta Hibi Nitsuite” – Nico’s fujoshi blog「BLにまみれた日々について。」

I’m loving MURA for giving me good infos on Japanese BL bloggers, lol. Also, I shallowly like this blog because the author and I have the same names. Haha!

I don’t really go to her blog that much but he entries are just as helpful as the previous blogs I mentioned. Also, I sometimes base my purchases on her “currently reading” list. Her featured covers never fails to make me weep silently and immediately go to Amazon to place it all in my cart, lol. Lately I’ve been thinking if I should buy everything in her recommended list. OTL

I still have a LOT of Japanese BL bloggers on my list but I think this should be enough for today, lol.

For English/scanlated BL manga reviews and insights, try Annie’s fujoshi tumblr – “beamuuu (ノゝ∀・)~☆

Annie’s one of the first few lovely people I met through BL blogging. Other than her English/scanlated manga reviews, she also did a couple of OVA reviews, too. Try checking out her recommendation and review tags. Although I think almost all of her interesting stuff are tagged under “ramblings”, lol. But lately she mostly posts sexy scanned manga snippets. *w*

Nia’s otaku blog – “Project Cottontail

Also one of the first few people I got to know early this year. *u*

Nia posts pretty much everything a fangirl wants to read about, lol. She’s pretty much into a lot of fandoms especially BLCDs and seiyuus. I actually stumbled upon her site because I was looking for some Starry Sky walkthroughs, lol. Then when I got to her “About Me” section, I was dumbfounded when I knew she’s the same nationality as me (we’re both from the Philippines). *A*

Sandeian and Domshiki’s BL/Otome game blog – “4 Shiki

When my friend linked me to their site before, I immediately fell in love with their amusing reviews. They’re already pretty well-known for their game reviews. You must love Domshiki’s hilarious but amusing remarks in their posts, lol. *w*

Other than games, they do appreciation posts for fanarts and  NicoNico videos as well.


That’s it for now. /o/

BL links + other sources

So I was thinking of putting a couple of very reliable links in my blog from now on! (*u*)

Recently, I got to talk with a few BL bloggers. Well, not really talk-talk. It  was just a simple “Hello, mind if I feature you?” kind of talk, lol. Anyway! So I got a couple of favorites ever since I started taking BL/yaoi blogging seriously. Just for everyone’s information, I started this yaoi fandom of mine at an early age of 9 (or was it 10) years old. But during those times, I wasn’t that much of a blogger. I just loved lurking around LiveJournal and read smut until I was satisfied. So for this rather new blog of mine, I will start featuring BL bloggers, BL source blogs and other BL links. But I did mention in my very first post that this blog will also contain other geeky stuff like games, anime, non-yaoi manga and the like so I’ll be posting a non-yaoi entry from time-to-time.

Miruiki on LJ

– Miru is one of my closest friends in real life. ❤ She’s like a sister to me and we share the same love for BL smut. (*A*) So about her blog, she writes hardcore JE (Johnny’s Entertainment) fanfictions. Her favorite OTP is RyoDa (Ryo Nishikido and Tatsuya Ueda) and I swear, she writes BRILLIANT ones. Please do try checking her fics! You can sometimes request for one if she’s in the mood to write, lol.

Bird on BlogPeople

– One of my ultimate sources in keeping me updated with all my BL tankoubon needs. (*u*) Bird-san gives you all the latest news about tankoubon releases and she gives pretty nice short reviews! ❤  Oh, her blog is in Japanese by the way (^_^;)  She also has links of other BL bloggers and a couple of wonderful mangakas on her sidebar. Please do visit her blog!

Oh and I must thank her (in this post) for being so kind in replying to my messages for the past 2 days! I keep on apologizing to her for my Japanese grammar but thankfully, she got my point. (*u*)

Fuuko on WordPress

– Already a senior and a well-known blogger here on WP; One of my very recent sources. (*u*) Also like Bird-san, Fuuko updates tankoubon releases and other BL goodies. The only difference is, Fuuko’s site is in English and she usually post long and detailed reviews since she provides scanned or photogrpahed images! (*u*) She also has, if not all, most of the official BL sites on her sidebar. ❤ Because of her recent post, I got to buy myself this very amazing art book full of BL sex positions. It’s brilliant. I just can’t wait to get my copy of it!

Please do visit their blogs! I swear you won’t regret reading all of their posts!  (*u*)