Yamada Torico’s “Bara no Subete”


It’s still low-res but settling for this since I really want to share this cover with everyone. ;w;)/

It’s been a while since I last visited BL blogs and when I happen to stumble upon my usual BL sources, I was so ecstatic to see an upcoming release from Yamada Torico!

Quite a new feel to her usual covers isn’t it?  The release date for this is on April 27.


Insight: Kojima Lalako

At long last, my very first mangaka review. Initially, I planned to do this last year but then stuff happened so… .___.

Anyway, for this very first mangaka review, I’ll will briefly be talking about one of my favorite mangakas, Kojima Lalako.


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Blush Vol. 1: First Love

From Blush Anthology‘s website:


“Someone once sang that it only takes a minute to fall in love. But we all know the truth ― it could span a second, or last a lifetime.

As a gift to fans of the genre, the first BLush fanthology “初恋: First Love,” highlights that moment boys fall in love.
The BLush fanthology is a non-profit project of the BLush Convention. This is an independent and amateur publication. The convention and its organizers holds no claim to any work submitted in our fanthology.The 2012 BLush Anthology is a fan anthology dedicated to original stories, comics, illustrations, and essays. We hope to provide an avenue for creative individuals who would like to have a space for their Boy’s Love fantasies and opinions.

A printed copy was distributed during the last BLush convention. Now, we’re happy to distribute the digital edition Blush Vol. 1: First Love Anthology.

This is currently for web-only viewing but for those who wish to read it in your mobile apps, just install Issuu app in your Android mobile device. You must be signed up to Issuu or logged in with their website via your facebook account to view the file.

Enjoy the read everyone!

I can already feel everyone smiling and giggling with excitement. ❤

I really do hope everyone supports Blush! ;w;)/ the organizers and contributors really did a lot of hard work into making this book possible! Not forcing you to read or anything but truly I am ! Although it will be much appreciated if you do! ;w;

Happy reading, fujoshis and fudanshis! ❤

Feature: Whut*Nani Issue 6

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2013 brings the best of luck to all of us! ❤


A few weeks ago, a good online friend of mine invited me to make an article about the recent BLush Convention for the 6th issue of their BL anthology, Whut*Nani.


It was really an honor being a part of this issue. Thank you so much, Snakey (Sho) for inviting me! ❤
You can download the anthology in their website.

On another note, Blush Anthology will be releasing their second volume early this year and I do hope everyone will look forward to it! They already decided on a certain theme and personally I find it very cute! I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say anything regarding BLush’s plans on providing yummy BL reads to everyone but I just want to say there really is a lot to look forward to! ❤

Perspectives on BL manga Part I: BL manga as an esoteric fandom.

It’s only been a year since I got into BL and I admit that I’m still not that experienced with the fandom. Yes, as I said before, I’ve been into yaoi for the longeeeeeeest time already but when I got into BL, it’s a totally different experience.

Just the other day, my friend Yee Hun and I met up with Ms. Khursten Santos, one of the organizers of the BLush Convention, to get our own copies of the very first BLush Anthology. The meeting was also for us to discuss further plans with the anthology which then lead to a more in-depth fujoshi talk—which I enjoyed very much! We talked about the old and new BL fandom, the difference between yaoi, BL and their stereotypes. I loved how similar our views were about BL fandom; she was able to enlighten me with words I long thought of but never had the chance to express or explain it clearly especially here in my blog.

When I was into yaoi before, I never called it “BL”—I didn’t even know what BL was.

My BL fandom all started because of a random BL blog I stumbled upon while looking for some new manga. The blog was in Japanese so at first, I had no idea what she was talking about when I saw posts about BL magazines and anthologies. I thought to myself, “Wow, so stuff like this actually exists in yaoi fandom” since I only knew about Shonen Jump before, lol. After reading a few posts from her and discovered new blogs and fujoshi friends along the way, I now succumbed to the very obsessive fandom that is BL.

So what’s the difference between yaoi and BL anyways?

For me I think the right word to describe BL is that it’s such an esoteric fandom that most fans don’t give time to actually understand what the fandom really is so they just tend to only have knowledge about the general facts. Although, before I also used to think yaoi is more on the obscene side while BL on the other hand is just pure love. But it seems they both have matching descriptions which explains a lot since technically, they’re the same. As to what I understood from further readings about the term’s origin, it just depends on how people got used to calling it. In the end, it all differs on how much the fans understand the genre itself.

Up to now I’m still trying to get the right words out of my head in order for me to properly explain my thoughts about what BL really means and how it influenced me as an artist. All I can say is that it greatly influenced me not only for my art but also my perspective in life. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but that’s how it really is for me, haha!

BL greatly changed a huge part of my personality since it provided me personal guidance. Most of the BL mangas I got to read had a very realistic storyline and because of that, it really made me realize what life is all about—as cliche as it may sound. Since BL tends to lean more on the shojo and josei demographic, it often has a mature feel to it. 

My views on eroticism also changed because of BL. To most people, eroticism is pornographic which often leads to negative impressions. I remember Araki Nobuyoshi (a very famous Japanese (erotic) photographer) saying this in one of his interviews:

I think people should be positively dirty-minded and if you are positively dirty-minded, you end up in the most lively and energetic place. 

The quote seems simple but it actually depends on how you understand it.

Other than those, most of what I learned are too complex to include it here. Right now, I’m still trying to expose myself with more BL so let’s just see what further realizations I’ll get to have in my next post regarding the topic! ;v;)/

I hope this short(?) post gave you guys some realizations of your own!
Don’t hesitate to share your own opinions. ;v;)/

Cluttered thoughts as always. Sorry if my words seem out of place in every sentence!

New Year’s resolution—sort of!

I’ve been sulking about this blog of mine again recently. As much as I don’t want to admit how much this blog has been a burden to me, I’ve been feeling the need to finally end it once and for all—but still, I love it too much to actually do that.

So since I want to do something for my blog after all these tentative hiatus for the whole 2012, I decided to make a New Year’s resolution for both of my BL blogs. It’s not much but I hope these few changes will at least make up for my absences! ;v;)/

For otakutofujoshi:

  • I’ll buy at least 2-3 tankoubons every other month—depends on my allowance, of course!
  • Will update more on insights/reviews rather than updates. I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to using scans/photos in my posts (yes, I annoy myself always as well) so with my laptop’s current internet connection, saving photos online can be quite frustrating because of the quality. For the scans, I can only scan using my desktop PC but since it’s currently busted, I can’t obviously use the scanner. But once I get a new PC and scanner, of course I’ll update more on both!
  • I want to surprise people this 2013 with exciting giveaways!
  • Since I’m lazy to do long reviews most of the time, I’ll start doing short commentaries more often.

For homodesu:

  • More scans! /crossed fingers
  • I’ll start posting reviews as well. Of course, once I reviewed something for homodesu, I won’t review it anymore on otakutofujoshi. *Although, reviews here in otakutofujoshi are more detailed—you’ll know what I mean once I start on my first review in homodesu! ;w;)/
  • BL sharing. You can submit anything BL related to homodesu! Be it reviews, recent purchases, essays… anything!

That’s it for now. I’m still thinking of more things to add to my lists. I feel like 2013 will be a great year so I really do hope I’ll be able to do all of the stuff I listed above, lol.

I actually have a bunch of things I’d like to talk about but I’ll just save it for later. It’s BL related of course but it’s more about my personal work.

Anyways! I’ll surely get to talk about it real soon!

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by! – E. RECTO

From our tumblr:

We would like to thank everyone who dropped by our booth. Thank you so much for buying and for showing your interest in our works. Today has been tiring, nerve-wracking, and exciting for all of us. It was all worth it. We didn’t expect that a lot of people will be interested in our prints and pins. We can’t thank you guys enough.

This is our first con and we have no plans of stopping here. We will try our best to improve and offer more merch next time. Don’t hesitate to contact us about anything. 😀

See you soon! Thank you so much for your support. 🙂

Again, thank you so much everyone! ;v;)/

BLush Con + a certain BL anthology

I always say this but I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates. ;; As always, uni gets in the way of everything but on the brightside, I’m actually pretty relaxed since I’m now an irregular student. Although I really can’t spend that much time on the PC these days since my major subjects just became harder to handle even with my very free schedule (I only go to uni 3 times a week, so).

Also, I’m pretty much busy preparing for the most anticipated BL convention here in the Philippines—BLush. As I said in my previous entry, my circle and I will be part of the marketplace. We’ll be selling pins, bookmarks, cellphone straps and prints! ;v;

We recently made a tumblr—click!
It’s still quite empty but we promise we’ll update as much as we can! We’re quite new with selling stuff especially in this upcoming BL con where we’ll be selling prints and other things on the spot ahhh. ;; Oh and if you’re attending the BLush Con and currently reading this, since most of us do digital works, we won’t accept on-the-spot commissions that day. We’ll ask you to just write your request on a sheet of paper (but we’ll most probably just put it on our cellphones) and discuss payment process after.

2 weeks left until the said event so hopefully all our preparations will be done earlier considering we’re all busy with our own personal works. orz;

As for this blog’s current status, I’m already frustrated about not being able to update this (and homodesu@tumblr) that much but as I always say (like, for the 10000000000000000000000000th time already), I’ll try my best to update both of them. I was actually doing a couple of review drafts I can’t remember when I started though but yeah. I was actually excited to show you guys my last purchases a couple of months ago but meh, uni happened. ;;

I haven’t really mentioned it yet before but have you guys heard of Right BL he Youkoso?
I was reminded by a friend when I saw her post it on Tumblr. I was actually curious about it when I got to read it on the release list before but I only got to see the title and didn’t really know what is was about, lol. The title is written as “ライトBLへようこそ” (Raito BL he Youkoso), I was actually wondering at how Raito is read—Light or Right—but then when I read the description I guess “Right” it is?

So basically it’s a BL guidebook. I’ve seen a lot of similar guidebooks in the past but haven’t encountered a comic one like this? I usually see novels so this one is pretty interesting—not to mention the mangaka lineup!  I checked today on HMV and it’s already available! (I was trying to pre-order before but it wasn’t on their website D:)

If you already have a copy of the book please do tell me how it is! ;v;)/

this month in BL manga

Finally got around to at least make (or try making) a decent entry for after how many months. I’ve noticed, whenever school starts that’s only the only time when I actually feel motivated to make decent blogs entries. ;;

– For moca 12, Ogura Muku will be on the cover and some pretty exciting oneshots of wanko (dog) BL by Kojima Lalako, Kashio, Takarai Saki and Mizuno Naiki (also her debut appearance in moca!). Crying at the thought of wanko BL. I have never read any of Mizuno Naiki’s woks (although I’m sure I’ve talked about her in one of my blog posts and that was about how pretty her art is judging from her previous release, Mezawari na Otoko).

– drap has also released Tanaka Ball’s and Ootsuki Miu’s newest tankoubons. click!
Aaaah I don’t think I’ll be getting these at the moment. Although I’m not exactly sure about Tanaka Ball’s since I really haven’t read any of her works yet? But the cover looks pretty amusing so I might! Too bad I won’t be able to get the booklet/s by the time I buy my copy. ;;

– Hanaoto has also updated their site with new covers + December releases.

*Click here for December release list.

– As for Gush comics, only got to take note of Shimaji’s Love Cafe Mocha and Kuwabara Yuuko’s Kimi to Asagohan!

*Images from Chill-Chill.

– I’m not sure if all of you know about Ishino Aya’s “room share” but it got released lately and I’m very excited about it! I’ve been tentatively following it since I did collect quite a number of OPERA anthologies so I got to read some of the chapters. It’s an interesting story eventhough I don’t know much about Ishino Aya’s works since I only get to discuss it with a certain friend who pretty much collected all her previous releases (Tsubaki series) and I only have one tankoubon of hers that I got to buy which was Amanojaku no Koi.

– Not for November but I’m pretty much excited for Kobato Mebaru’s upcoming release this December entitled “Oboreru Koi no Itade” (Dear+Comics). I know I’ve mentioned before about how much I love Kobato Mebaru’s works since I’ve read and loved most of her works!


Okay, that’s it for now. I actually forgot to make a continuation of my sneak peek post (which includes Erotoro, Kojima Lalako and Yamano Deco—if I’m not mistaken only those I think. But I was also planning on showing you guys a book I just got to discover entitled “Mousou Hello Work“. It’s not BL but a textbook of some sort that explains different kinds of professions—normal to fantasy ones. I don’t really get the sense of it all but it was a pretty fun read nonetheless. Also, I’ve burried myself with BL for the past few weeks juggling drawing practice and I have lots—I mean LOTS to talk about in here if I can find the time to actually make long blog posts! By those I mean reviews, (finally!) mangaka insights, BL commentaries and so on.

Some October BL releases