December haul I

Finally my 2nd batch of orders finally came in today. \*A*/ 2nd batch because the 1st batch, which I actually ordered 3 weeks ago, isn’t shipped yet since I didn’t order from a direct seller. orz;

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Nakamura Asumiko Fanbook – Delayed release (again).

So early this year, all of us were so excited about Nakamura Asumiko’s Doukyusei Fanbook that was orginally scheduled to be released last June. Then after a few weeks just before it’s release, EDGE re-scheduled the release on July 22. Now, it’s once again delayed and it’s latest scheduled release will be on September 10. orz;

2 more months you guys! /sob

萌え男子がたり ~Moe Danshi Gatari~

Aah. Sorry for not updating for a while. Been busy organizing my BL purchases for the next few months and I’m still trying to finish Persona 4, lol. But I am back with this short review – or preview for those who haven’t checked out this wonderful book yet.

So as I said in this post, I finally decided to do the review today since I got too lazy to do it in more earlier time. ( ̄□ ̄;)

Anyway, Moe Danshi Gatari is basically an artbook which contains 52 gorgeously colored illustrations of different Moe men types by 52 different mangakas. Some of the noted mangakas that contributed here are: Nakamura Asumiko, Aniya Yuiji, Itsuki Kaname, Est Em, Matsumoto Miecohouse, Yoneda Kou, Natsumizu Ritsu, Fujimoto Haruki, Manda Ringo and Nangoku Banana.

Those are just some of the noted ones. There are a lot more interesting mangakas who contributed here so I suggest everyone to buy this wonderful book. (*´▽`*)

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Nakamura Asumiko’s Graduation Album (Doukyusei Fanbook)

Price: ¥2,400 (¥2,286 without taxes)

List of contents:


描き下ろしイラスト Illustrations
佐条&草壁年表 Chronology of Sajou & Kusakabe
カラーイラストメイキング Making of color illustration
モノクロ原稿メイキング Making of monochrome manuscript
仕事場紹介 Introduction of workplace
カラー漫画『そして京都』 Color comic
京都小旅行記 Kyoto travel diary
アイテムコンプリート(全グッズ紹介)Complete items (Introduction to all goods) ⇠ Um, I’m not sure about this one.
描き下ろし漫画 Extra comic

充実の内容に加えて初回限定分には佐条と草壁の着せ替えステッカー付き! Limited edition changeable clothes stickers for Sajou & Kusakabe (lol you can dress them up. ilu sensei)

中村先生からのご提案により、この本の売上金の一部は、この度の東北地方太平洋沖地震により被災された方々の救済や、被災地の復興に役立てていただくため、義援金として日本赤十字社へ送らせていただきます。Part of the proceeds will be going to the earthquake disaster relief fund.

You can get it from: Amazon / bk1

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Too excited!

Nakamura Asumiko will finally be releasing a new illustration book!! (*A*)

Click here for hazukashiikedo’s post about it!

Aaaah. Too excited (;~;) Although like Ms. Fuuko (hazukashiikedo), I’m not a hardcore fan of Nakamura Asumiko but I must say I admire her illustrations and BL stories very, very much. So this illustration book is DEFINITELY a must-buy for all Nakamura Asumiko fans. Hopefully I won’t be late in pre-ordering this because I have a serious feeling this book will easily be out of stock in a lot of leading Japanese online stores, lol.

I’m back.

I’m finally back from my short vacation trip! That place is quite known for stargazing – so I enjoyed a lot of course. (*´▽`*)



So these are my second to the last order for this month. These actually came in last Thursday but I didn’t get to share it on my blog since just as I said, I went on a short trip to stargazing paradise for a while. (^v^)Although, I really couldn’t wait to get home during my trip since I know my beloved BL purchases are waiting for me to devour them. (;__;) So as you can see, I’m loading up with some previous titles lately since I’m way behind BL fandom already, lol.

Anyway, I just finished reading Kojima Lalako’s “Iya yo Yamete yo” and currently reading “Neko no Yomeiri“. After that, I’ll be reading Junko’s “Star-like Words” then Sunae Hata’s “Neko no Me no Horoscope“. (*u*)

I might do a “Moe Danshi Gatari” post soon for those who haven’t seen this gorgeous art book yet (like me who only got to see some scanned images ;__;).

Until the next review updates. (*´▽`*)