Manako and Kondoru + some random notes

Ahh finally an update~! \*A*/ now for some pretty covers…

New releases from Baby comics—Manako’s “Yankee-kun to Ouji-sama” and Kondoru’s “Funky Kuni no Oniisan“. *v*

Somewhat surprised to see Manako’s cover like this since my impression of her work was really cutesy basing from her cover of “Mou Ikkai“. I actually had an unfortunate experience when I tried pre-ordering for Mou Ikkai—HMV suddenly cancelled my order and I wasn’t sure why so I ended up bypassing it already /sob/. Hopefully my pre-order of this new release won’t get cancelled anymore. I’m curious on what kind of plots she makes. Although it’s already giving me the first impression I had with Yamada Torico’s works wherein I also based her plots with her covers and got surprised when I finally got to read her works—which was so far from the looks of the covers. orz;

As for Kondoru, at first I thought, “Oh wow what is this? Heart no Kuni no Alice… BL version…?” LOL. But it’s not and it really seems interesting. I’ve always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland and I just love how most of the pretty good manga series today are all inspired by this classic story (e.g. Pandora Hearts, Are You Alice, Heart no Kuni no Alice, etc). Okay so other than Are You Alice (which is not really BL), here comes “Funky Kuni no Oniisan“—now a BL one. I’m not sure if I’m going to get this, though. Better read reviews first before spending 924 yen on a manga whose mangaka I’m not familiar with. But the art seems really adorable and I think some of you will get curious enough to buy this, haha!


I apologize for the lack of purchase posts and reviews lately. I recently ordered a couple of new mangas but sadly, I didn’t order from a direct seller so it’s taking really long to arrive. 😦

Fortunately, my mom already gave me my Christmas allowance the other day so I immediately ordered my second set of orders for December. *v* I promise if my first set of orders arrive, I’ll definitely blog about it. Also, I’m really, really excited to finally read dameBL, Moe Goe, onBLUE 4… just to name a few. ;u; I was supposed to get dameBL and Moe Goe early this month but since I had problems with cash, I only got to say OK to the dealer 2 weeks ago.  orz; But it’s okay, at least there’s something to look forward to this Christmas. ;v;

Speaking of Christmas, have you guys submitted your essays already? I’ve already received a few essays this week and I must say all of them are just so adorable. I wish I can make all of them winners but unfortunately, I can only pick one. ;A;

Anyway, please do submit your essays! Deadline of submission will be on December 18, 11PM (EST). Thank you and good luck you guys~! ❤