Finally signing off—but I have good news!


First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have been subscribed to this blog of mine for the past few years with a blogger like me being lazy and going on tentative hiatus but never got to come back and post new stuffs again.

I’m finally done with college and will start a new chapter in my life again very soon. I’m excited and at the same time frustrated since I’ll be attending school again, LOL. But I feel blessed with all that has happened for the past 2 years since I left my BL blogging life.

Unfortunately, I’ll be finally leaving this blog and will be focusing on a new blog very soon if time allows (here I go again hahaha). But yes, it has been a great few years blogging about BL and meeting new people through the same interest.

On the bright side, I recently opened a sales blog where I’ll be selling some of my preloved BL goods and other fandom merchandises!


Please visit my sales blog at:

I’m still working on it so please bear with me, lol. I’m also thinking of selling some old BL manga titles so please look forward to it!

Again, thank you for all my lovely subscribers and followers. I’m sorry I haven’t been active for a very long time. ;__;)

Lots of buttsexlove,
Hachi ❤