Takarai Rihito + Kojima Lalako

→ CRAFT already posted the cover for Takarai Rihito’s cover for “Hana no Mizo Shiru 2“. *w*

Gorgeous. Just as expected from Takarai Rihito. :’D I don’t read the scanlation version of this so I’m pretty excited what the story turned out to be since the first volume.

→ Kojima Lalako will be in the latest issue of BExBOY Magazine (which is out today) so I’m really torn if I should buy it or not. I want to buy it because of Kojima Lalako but I’m not familair with some of the mangakas in the lineup so. ;; I really, really miss reading her works but I can’t afford certain BL magazines like this one so I’ll just patiently wait until she gets a new tankoubon release sob.

→ Also about Kojima Lalako, a friend just told me earlier that she’ll be on the cover of moca Vol.8!!! AHHHHH I seriously can’t wait for the cover to be posted!!! /;w;\

Too bad it’s already back-to-school for me this Tuesday. But it’s already the second semester which means a lot of holidays are coming up so I won’t disappear as much, lol. I’m still waiting for my orders to come in this month so I’ll be planning out a couple of reviews as well. And finally! I might post my very first mangaka insight—in which I will talk about BL mangakas and how thankful I am for their existence and for bringing us these beautiful homoerotic masterpieces. /shot/ it’s pretty obvious who I’ll be writing about first. Haha!

Covers + Itoshi no Nekokke BLCD update

Here I go again with a couple of new covers…

➜ Just got to see the cover of the  newest issue of CRAFT earlier– Takarai Rihito! \o/

I still haven’t tried buying CRAFT that’s why I’m not really updated with the latest story of  Takarai Rihito’s “Hana no Mizo Shiru”. Will just wait until the second volume of the tankoubon comes out. ;; Continue reading

Some exciting releases.

Sorry it’s only now that I got to check some BL release updates. This will be kind of a short post since I forgot to list down all the releases for this month and next month. Gahd. OTL

These are just some of the exciting releases for May and June..

For drap, Okuda Nanao’s releasing her latest tankoubon, “Kimi no Tonari wa Ore no Mon!” on the 25th of May. I’m really, really excited for this even if I only got to read her “Rinjin wo Aisou” just recently. I must say it was soo cute!! The characters are adorable and the plot was very nice. Can’t wait to read more of her works soon!

She also had her “Go no Ato de Kisu o Shite” tankoubon release from Asuka Comics last May 1 together with other title releases by Abe Miyuki, Kitabeppu Nica and Nakamura Shungiku.

And for other exciting drap releases…

Aoi Levin’s “Mata Ai ni Iku” and Jaryuu Dokuro’s “Yakozen“. Really excited about these releases since I rarely buy BL magazines (lazy to do so, actually) so what I do is just patiently wait for its tankoubon to be announced/released. Although I try my best to keep updated with some since I’m always on the look-out for new artists whose works I can actually follow – take Kojima Lalako and Junko for example. (*´▽`*)

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Itsuki Makoto cover + Daria + CRAFT.

Daria already posted Itsuki Makoto’s cover for “Oyomesan Hokaku Keikaku“! Isn’t it cute?! (*´▽`*)

I’ve been waiting for this cover since I knew about its release. The title really amused me since the title means “bride capture plan’. The cover looks just what I expected it to be. It’s so adorable. ❤

I’m fairly new to Itsuki Makoto’s works and I’m very excited to try reading this new tankoubon release. I’m also planning on buying her other previous works such as “Henai Jijou” and “Hoshigari na Kimi“. I’m still waiting for the cover of “Katei Choukyoushi” since the title also seems so interesting. Haha

Anyway together with Itsuki Makoto’s cover, Daria also posted their June issue with Fuyuno Ikuya’s “Patchwork Family” on the cover + Fuyuna Ikuya’s “Binetsu no Kajitsu 2 ~Butterfly Sky~“. Speaking of Fuyuna Ikuya, I’m also thinking of giving her works a try. For those who have been paying attention to this blog for the past few months, I (vaguely) stated that I’m still on the verge of discovering new and old mangakas and Fuyuna Ikuya is one of them. I heard she makes amazing smut so I’m really excited to give her works a try – maybe even her shoujo smut, “Happy Happy Bravo”  because I’m sooo curious about it, lol.

On another note, CRAFT has already posted their cover for vol. 48 on their website! Yay for a larger version + more info on the lineup. (*u*)

I’m still working on my next reviews so please do look forward to it. (*^▽^*)

PS: Spammed everyone with Kojima Lalako, Sunae Hata and Junko manga scans in my tumblr yesterday. (´ー`)

BL updates.

Hello everyone! Here I am again for yet another short BL update. \(o ̄∇ ̄o)

・It’s already the 20th and CRAFT hasn’t posted their latest cover in their website yet. But when I checked in Chill Chill just now, they already posted it. (*u*)

(Image from Chill Chill. Please click for the product page)

KINOSHITA KEIKO! (*A*) Isn’t it lovely? I like this cover more than her previous one on CRAFT vol. 43. I remember copying her art style during one of my art classes at school and absolutely failed. I really like her coloring. (;w;)

・For Nekota Yonezou fans, Chill Chill posted the cover of Mousou Elektel 2 already. It also has a special edition which comes together with a drama CD and a booklet guide of some sort! (*u*) CLICK

・Canna re-posted some vol. 13 snippets a while ago in their twitpic. So if you haven’t seen them yet, please do visit. They post exciting photos all the time so please do follow them! ( ´∀`)

・For some Cab and Marble Comics news…

(Please click the image for the website)

Yes, Ogura Muku’s most-anticipated ‘Castle Mango’ tankoubon release. I wasn’t able to follow this series through Cab so I can’t really relate with the whole fujoshi craze. OTL;; But I have the feeling if only I was this serious with my BL fandom a long time ago, and got to read all the stories of it in Cab, I would be fangirling like a lunatic right now. I’m sure of it, lol.

On an unrelated note, I’m thinking of being active in Livejournal again. It’s been a while since I last lurked there and making icons and community ratings are sorely missed! (;u;) So if you have a Livejournal account, and for sure most of you who are reading this blog are BL lovers, please don’t hesitate to add me up in Livejournal~! ( ´∀`) CLICK

Reviews: あの子が彼を好きな理由 ~Ano ko ga Kare o Suki na Riyuu~ (ミリオンコミックス CRAFT SERIES 45)

AAAH. Finally! An update! Sorry if I update so slow. m(_ _)m

Anyway! “Ano ko ga Kare o Suki na Riyuu” is Mieno Saori’s 3rd tankoubon release. Well, 2nd to be precise since her “Hakumokuren ga Saita nara” is under a different author but she did the illustrations. Also, Ano ko ga Kare o Suki na Riyuu was earlier published in HertZ but later released in tankoubon form by CRAFT. Hrm. (.__.)

Let me just say that no words can describe how I felt when I read this. I couldn’t stop crying while reading every bit of the story. When I first ordered this early last month, I expected the story to be nothing but ordinary but when I finished reading it, it was more than what I truly expected. Well, the plot is quite typical but Mieno Saori managed to add an amazing twist to it which really made my heart stop in every scene. It’s very dramatic and the illustrations are very, let’s say, realistic, or matured-looking I can’t say the right term. OTL

Okay onto the plot!

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