Itsuki Makoto cover + Daria + CRAFT.

Daria already posted Itsuki Makoto’s cover for “Oyomesan Hokaku Keikaku“! Isn’t it cute?! (*´▽`*)

I’ve been waiting for this cover since I knew about its release. The title really amused me since the title means “bride capture plan’. The cover looks just what I expected it to be. It’s so adorable. ❤

I’m fairly new to Itsuki Makoto’s works and I’m very excited to try reading this new tankoubon release. I’m also planning on buying her other previous works such as “Henai Jijou” and “Hoshigari na Kimi“. I’m still waiting for the cover of “Katei Choukyoushi” since the title also seems so interesting. Haha

Anyway together with Itsuki Makoto’s cover, Daria also posted their June issue with Fuyuno Ikuya’s “Patchwork Family” on the cover + Fuyuna Ikuya’s “Binetsu no Kajitsu 2 ~Butterfly Sky~“. Speaking of Fuyuna Ikuya, I’m also thinking of giving her works a try. For those who have been paying attention to this blog for the past few months, I (vaguely) stated that I’m still on the verge of discovering new and old mangakas and Fuyuna Ikuya is one of them. I heard she makes amazing smut so I’m really excited to give her works a try – maybe even her shoujo smut, “Happy Happy Bravo”  because I’m sooo curious about it, lol.

On another note, CRAFT has already posted their cover for vol. 48 on their website! Yay for a larger version + more info on the lineup. (*u*)

I’m still working on my next reviews so please do look forward to it. (*^▽^*)

PS: Spammed everyone with Kojima Lalako, Sunae Hata and Junko manga scans in my tumblr yesterday. (´ー`)


Some releases.

I am so sorry for the lack of new updates lately. Been busy with some illustrations I’m working on and last night I couldn’t update about next month’s releases because I was also busy reading Takarai Rihito’s “Hana no Mizo Shiru” . I still have to read some old Yamana Hiko titles after that. /currently burried but loving it OTL

Anyway, onto the releases!

  • Hanaoto

I never really gave much attention to Hanaoto’s comics anthologies until I saw one of their cover illustrations by Sakura Haiji. And I see CJ Michalski – uhh, well it’s not that I don’t like her works but I knew her for doing a lot of shotacon titles before and, I have this love-hate relationship with shotacon stories (Cobra Mansion of Terror, anyone?). OTL;;

Ah. I see Sakuraga Mei’s work again. It’s been a while since I last read her Waruikoto series (haven’t finished it yet, though). I miss Towa’s adorable stupidity. (;w;)

For some May releases…

I am so curious about Fujisaki Kou’s works. Even though I don’t really like her kind of serious art that much, I want to give her stories a try. Will do more research about her soon.


Quite excited for next month’s releases! (*u*) I feel Koshino’s “Acchi to Kocchi” cover illustration will be so cute. Also, Sagami Waka’s anticipated “Dramatic Maestro Vol.3” will finally be released. Speaking of Sagami Waka, I forgot to order her “Kamatte Kawaii Hito” in my last orders. OTL Her cover illustrations are soooooo cute. Not familiar with any of Chitose Piyoko’s works but I have seen numerous covers of her works which are, well, usually very, very sexy. /cough (ーー;)

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Reviews: さわって、とかして。 ~Sawatte, Tokashite~ (Dariaコミックス)

When I was enjoying my first summer week getaway last month, I got to read this beautiful work by Kobato Mebaru. I actually got to download it a long time ago but forgot to read it since I got busy with school and stuff, so yeah.

Anyway, “Sawatte, Tokashite” is Kobato Mebaru’s first tankoubon release from Daria last 2007. So as I usually say in my posts, this is my first time to read any of Kobato Mebaru’s works. Although I’ve read reviews before, I never got the chance to actually read any. So the tankoubon consists of 6 stories and an extra. The story is about 4 high school friends and their adorable love stories. The plot is quite typical, though. But Kobato Mebaru’s play of characters made it so much cuter.

I’ll buy the actual tankoubon soon together with other of Kobato Mebaru’s works – yes, I think I’ve fallen in love once again. (* ̄o ̄*)

Note that this post contains images that are not safe for viewing.

Read: Gay porn. Yes. This is what this blog is all about in the first place. Also, long review is long. OTL

All images are from Blissful Sin. (^_^)

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