BL Update – finally.

I’m so sorry for the long absence! I got busy with driving school and enlisting matters at my university. I was actually thinking of updating last week since I was all hyped up about Kojima Lalako’s recent blog entries.

➜ First of all, she made a tumblr account. Although, she removed her post about it after a few days (or was it the following day?). I don’t really know what’s her reason for removing that post but she didn’t delete her account – she’s still posting some yummy doujinshi teasers and fanarts there, lol.

➜ For those who wanted to buy her “Kawaii Kimi no Koto da Mono” doujinshi at the Super Comic City 20 held early this month in Japan, you can finally buy here it at ComiComi Studio. \*u*/

➜ For magazine/anthology news, she’s in the newest issue of Chara Selection and Moca! I swear the stories seem so interesting (I promise this is not me being biased! ;u;). So as I always say in my blog, I rarely read stories serialized in magazines. I only buy magazines/anthologies whenever I see a mangaka I know and if something seems new and interesting. ;;;

Gateau’s Vol.3 cover by Ogura Muku – IT IS SOOOOO  BEAUTIFUL. /;A;\ and what’s more is that, from what I read on Chill-Chill, Arii Memeko’s “Hitorijime Boyfriend” has been continued! Not really sure about the story though since I haven’t read it yet. sob

I’m pretty sure a lot of Arii Memeko fans are very much hyped up about this said continuation; so if you were able to read the first story and loved it, better grab your copy of Gateau Vol.3 noww. *q*

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Super Comic City 20 + Kojima Lalako

So today’s the last day of the event. Too bad I wasn’t able to ask a friend (who’s supposed to go home tomorrow) to check and at least buy me Kojima Lalako’s “Kawaii Kimi no Koto da Mono” and some Gintama and Hetalia doujinshis. (T▽T)

(SuperComi event page)

For those who went yesterday, and today, I envy you people! (;A;) I hope you guys had a great time!  I saw a few blogs taking orders for those who want to purchase a comic but can’t go to the said event. I wish I was able to order earlier! AAH.

Anyway! Kojima Lalako and her doujinshi circle participated in the event!

I really, really wanted to see her. (;~;) According to what she posted on her blog, her doujinshi got sold out so fast so she immediately posted a couple of snippets for those who weren’t able to get a copy. Why is she so sweet. (;A;)

So the doujnshi mainly consists extras of “Kimi to Parade“, “Iya yo Yamete yo” and a little “Neko no Yomeiri“. The rest of the contents includes various genres like the Magi and – OMG YUKIO AND RIN. OTL

HUU. I NEED TO BUY THIS YOU GUYSSSS. </3 But yeah, I think I’ll just wait for it to be available to the public and just ask a relative to get it for me. (;A;)

(Source: Kojima Lalako’s blog)