Gift Art: Happy Birthday, Amaha Tsubasa!

Happy Birthday to Amaha Tsubasa of Starry Sky! *u*

This is for my friend Celina (or Seriko). Since she made me a gift art before, this is my surprise payback, lol.

That’s her in a Matryoshka (by Miku and Gumi) cosplay. Ohoho ❤

A lot of mistakes here again, lol. Made this for an hour and a half I think. Just a quick sketch and coloring. Wil try to make a more decent artwork next time. (-__-;)

I was actually going to post this as a skech only but decided to color it.

I hope you like it, Cel! *3*

For the love of Starry Sky

Hey, it’s me! XD

For the love of Mizushima Iku (Starry Sky). *u*

In the background, if you can’t read it, it says “Ne, shiteru” (Hey, did you know?) – you’ll know what it means when you play Starry Sky ~in Autumn~! Heehee. ❤

Made by Seriko. ILY BB ❤