First December orders finally arrived!

So after waiting for a month, I finally got my first batch of orders thanks to Yokatta Shopping Service. 8D

I was actually so frustrated about these since I’m not used to orders arriving a month later but oddly enough, it was worth the wait. And considering I took EMS as my courier of choice, it arrived pretty early as to what I expected.

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Kitabeppu Nica + a few releases

→ Came across Kijitora’s blog entry about Kitabeppu Nica’s upcoming release this January entitled “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“.


I actually tried to order her “Receipt” a few months ago but since it was always out of stock in so I ended up not buying it anymore sob. A friend recommended me her “Kanashii Izumi” manga a while ago and so far, I’m really loving it! *w*

Her art style is very cute even if it’s not really distinct since I’ve seen mangakas with a similar art style. Nonetheless, I’m really excited for her January release since the title really sounds very interesting! (I kind of have a thing for older guys so…orz;;)

→ So for Hanaoto, they finally posted the covers for their November 29 releases—click!


→ Ahhhhhh! Hakutou Noriko’s cover for “Pet Shimasu!” /;w;\ asdhcjfivkfc;csd so adorable omg why. ;; I actually saw the medium version in bookmeter a few days ago but just decided to wait for the larger version before sharing it here, lol.

→ Here are some other upcoming releases:

11/10 (ビーボーイコミックス)
麻生 海 「草食上司のオトしかた」
11/15 (CRAFTシリーズ)
宝井理人「花のみぞ知る 2」
11/24 (ルチルコレクション)
11/25 (Charaコミックス)
高久尚子「僕はすべてを知っている 2 限定版」
11/28 (EDGE COMIX)
西田東「社長 桃井くん」
11/30 (ディアプラス・コミックス)

→ Lastly, few exciting releases for December! /o/

12/1 (シトロンコミックス)
12/3 ( drapコミックス )
12/24 (drapコミックス)

Reviews: お前でなきゃダメみたい ~Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai~ (GUSH COMICS)

Hello once again everyone! Woah, it’s been a long time since I last reviewed anything here. orz;

Anyway! “Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai” is Hakutou Noriko’s third tankoubon release and her second through Gush.

First off, I just want to say how much I love Hakutou Noriko and her obvious love for megane men! (which is one of my major fetishes) *w*

So this tankoubon consists of 5 shots. As expected from Hakutou Noriko, she never fails in amusing me with her characters. Although, I didn’t really like this one as much as I liked “Ijiwaru“. ;;

But I don’t really regret buying this one because I can’t just get enough of Hakutou Noriko nowadays. Her stories amuse me and her art style is also very adorable! ❤

Okay, I’ll just save some of my other thoughts about her works later as you read on with the review. So please enjoy yourselves! ;u;

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HMV haul.


This is actually my first time to order in HMV; they really annoyed me at first because they took so much time in despatching my orders. Also, EMS tracking was a pain. Well, I’m not sure if tracking will be easier for other countries because here in the Philippines, EMS packages undergo a long period once it arrives at the inward office exchange and after that, tracking can be so annoying. Nonetheless, HMV shipping is way cheaper than and they don’t charge expensive custom fees (since their delivery method is via EMS).

Anyway, on to the main entry~

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Back from Singapore~!

Just got home from our short trip to Singapore yesterday! *u*

Too bad we only stayed for 3 days. Actually, it didn’t seem like 3 days since when we arrived at Singapore, it was already in the afternoon. ;~~; but when we got to the hotel, we left immediately for Takashimaya since I’ve been dying to go there eversince some of my friends told me how much I would love it there, lol. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay at Takashimaya that long because my aunt wanted to buy some clothes so of course she dragged me with her. orz;;

So anyway, our first stop at Takashimaya was Kinokuniya. Actually, my main reason for our trip was to just hunt for BL tankoubons and artbooks, lol. And of course, to look at some other manga selections. A few Singaporean and non-Singaporean friends told me the Kinokuniya branch at Takashimaya doesn’t really sell BL titles so I just went there to look for a Kazuaki artbook I’ve been dying to buy for a very long time now, and some books for my friend.

I was so lucky to get that Kazuaki artbook since it was the only one left! *A* I nearly screamed when I found it because I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT BIG. I was supposed to buy some Starry Sky ones as well but I decided to just ask someone to buy it for me next time since I was on a tight budget and my money was only for my BL tankoubons. ;~~;

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Semi-hiatus + a couple of new covers

Hello everyone! First off, I really want to thank you all for viewing my blog. I’ve been receiving a couple of sweet messages lately and I’m so happy to know that a lot of you are enjoying my posts! I just started this blog earlier this year and to already receive such compliments is just so overwhelming. /;w;\

So, as to what my title says, I’ll be on semi-hiatus from today onwards since summer vacation has ended already and classes will start soon as well. But of course, I’ll try to update as much as I can during my free days. Also, I’ll be going to Singapore this Thursday (PHT) and I seriously can’t wait to purchase a couple of BL titles and artbooks at their Kinokuniya branches! *A* /so excited

For some brief BL update, a LOT of new covers have been posted recently! \*u*/

(Please click on the covers to view the source)

There are still a lot of them but this is all I can share for now. orz;;

Until the next update~!

OMFG ITSUKI MAKOTO + a very short update.


Itsuki Makoto’s cover for her latest release, “Katei Choukyoushi“!!! /(;A;)\ /crying

Ahhh. It’s so adorable. Just like what I expected it to be. Huuu. (;u;)

I’ve been waiting for this cover ever since her cover for “Oyome-san Hokaku Keikaku” was posted! (;w;)

I have Itsuki Makoto’s Oyomesan on my current purchases so I really do pray it won’t disappoint me because I have quite a high expectation on her works basing from her titles and covers. (._.)

Anyway onto the rest of the post…

➜ So much real life and net drama for me for the past few days. But I’m trying to help myself move on by just updating myself with BL and eat chocolate fudge brownies everyday, lol. Also, if it wasn’t for some friends, I wouldn’t have had the courage to continue on with what I’m doing and that is updating this blog and sharing BL goodies to everyone or to those who are at least appreciating or keeping track of this blog for the past few months now. (;w;)

➜ Anyway, I’ve been busy with listing all of my purchases lately and happily came up with an almost perfect list for May, lol. Since you all (or some of you) know that I’m fairly new to BL fandom, I’ve loaded my order up once again with previous titles like those by Ishino Aya, Inoue Nawo and Yamashita Tomoko. I got to ask Fuuko-san about some good titles by Aniya Yuiji and Ootsuki Miu as well so I gladly included her recommendations in my latest orders.

If any of you noticed, I haven’t been updating purchase posts lately because it’s been a long time since I last ordered in Amazon because my aunt confiscated my credit card, sob. Fortunately, I’ll be getting a new credit card extension soon so hopefully it comes before I Amazon finally prepares my June purchases for shipment. /prays

➜ Speaking of Ishino Aya, I just found out in Chill-Chill the other day that she’ll be releasing her newest tankoubon entitled “Amanojaku no Koi” on the 24th of June! Just in time when I’m about to purchase her Tsubaki series, lol. And in case you’re wondering, I haven’t read her Tsubaki series yet but I have a few chapters of it from some 3 volumes of OPERA I randomly bought a long time ago. Also, a friend (Hello, Azu-chan! lol) told me how great the story is so might as well finally try reading it later. /lazy to do so because it’s obviously not in order.

➜ I’m honestly excited about my June pre-orders! Of course Ishino Aya’s newest tankoubon is already included there but I must say most of it is just gonna be worth the wait!

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