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Finally got around to at least make (or try making) a decent entry for after how many months. I’ve noticed, whenever school starts that’s only the only time when I actually feel motivated to make decent blogs entries. ;;

– For moca 12, Ogura Muku will be on the cover and some pretty exciting oneshots of wanko (dog) BL by Kojima Lalako, Kashio, Takarai Saki and Mizuno Naiki (also her debut appearance in moca!). Crying at the thought of wanko BL. I have never read any of Mizuno Naiki’s woks (although I’m sure I’ve talked about her in one of my blog posts and that was about how pretty her art is judging from her previous release, Mezawari na Otoko).

– drap has also released Tanaka Ball’s and Ootsuki Miu’s newest tankoubons. click!
Aaaah I don’t think I’ll be getting these at the moment. Although I’m not exactly sure about Tanaka Ball’s since I really haven’t read any of her works yet? But the cover looks pretty amusing so I might! Too bad I won’t be able to get the booklet/s by the time I buy my copy. ;;

– Hanaoto has also updated their site with new covers + December releases.

*Click here for December release list.

– As for Gush comics, only got to take note of Shimaji’s Love Cafe Mocha and Kuwabara Yuuko’s Kimi to Asagohan!

*Images from Chill-Chill.

– I’m not sure if all of you know about Ishino Aya’s “room share” but it got released lately and I’m very excited about it! I’ve been tentatively following it since I did collect quite a number of OPERA anthologies so I got to read some of the chapters. It’s an interesting story eventhough I don’t know much about Ishino Aya’s works since I only get to discuss it with a certain friend who pretty much collected all her previous releases (Tsubaki series) and I only have one tankoubon of hers that I got to buy which was Amanojaku no Koi.

– Not for November but I’m pretty much excited for Kobato Mebaru’s upcoming release this December entitled “Oboreru Koi no Itade” (Dear+Comics). I know I’ve mentioned before about how much I love Kobato Mebaru’s works since I’ve read and loved most of her works!


Okay, that’s it for now. I actually forgot to make a continuation of my sneak peek post (which includes Erotoro, Kojima Lalako and Yamano Deco—if I’m not mistaken only those I think. But I was also planning on showing you guys a book I just got to discover entitled “Mousou Hello Work“. It’s not BL but a textbook of some sort that explains different kinds of professions—normal to fantasy ones. I don’t really get the sense of it all but it was a pretty fun read nonetheless. Also, I’ve burried myself with BL for the past few weeks juggling drawing practice and I have lots—I mean LOTS to talk about in here if I can find the time to actually make long blog posts! By those I mean reviews, (finally!) mangaka insights, BL commentaries and so on.

Kitabeppu Nica + a few releases

→ Came across Kijitora’s blog entry about Kitabeppu Nica’s upcoming release this January entitled “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“.


I actually tried to order her “Receipt” a few months ago but since it was always out of stock in so I ended up not buying it anymore sob. A friend recommended me her “Kanashii Izumi” manga a while ago and so far, I’m really loving it! *w*

Her art style is very cute even if it’s not really distinct since I’ve seen mangakas with a similar art style. Nonetheless, I’m really excited for her January release since the title really sounds very interesting! (I kind of have a thing for older guys so…orz;;)

→ So for Hanaoto, they finally posted the covers for their November 29 releases—click!


→ Ahhhhhh! Hakutou Noriko’s cover for “Pet Shimasu!” /;w;\ asdhcjfivkfc;csd so adorable omg why. ;; I actually saw the medium version in bookmeter a few days ago but just decided to wait for the larger version before sharing it here, lol.

→ Here are some other upcoming releases:

11/10 (ビーボーイコミックス)
麻生 海 「草食上司のオトしかた」
11/15 (CRAFTシリーズ)
宝井理人「花のみぞ知る 2」
11/24 (ルチルコレクション)
11/25 (Charaコミックス)
高久尚子「僕はすべてを知っている 2 限定版」
11/28 (EDGE COMIX)
西田東「社長 桃井くん」
11/30 (ディアプラス・コミックス)

→ Lastly, few exciting releases for December! /o/

12/1 (シトロンコミックス)
12/3 ( drapコミックス )
12/24 (drapコミックス)

Covers once again.

First off, I just want to apologize for the lack of release updates lately. I couldn’t manage going to BL sites lately for release updates so I often rely on subscription e-mails. Unfortunately, even if I received those release info, I still couldn’t make a release update since I’m pretty much lame with time management /sob/ so I always make my release update outline late and eventually end up not posting at all. I’m so sorry. orz;;

But here I am! And today, I’ll be talking about covers of some exciting releases! It’s a looooong weekend for most of us right now (in the Philippines) since we have a lot of holidays coming up. Haha! 8)

Anyway, on to the main entry!

→ For BLCD fans, have you already checked out the releases of Kumota Haruko’s “Itoshi no Nekokke” and the 2nd part of Moegi Yuu’s “Katekyo!“? *u* It was both released last 8/24. I’m actually excited about Kumota Haruko’s since I’ve been talking and spazzing about it ever since it was announced, lol. But I might just get myself a copy next time. ;; I posted the cast in my previous entry here.

onBLUE 3 and Nanaki Katsura’s “Ita Hime” (also from onBLUE) both released last 8/25. I really, really regret not buying onBLUE. I mean, I do include it on my list but I never got to buy it since I always put Canna and OPERA first. orz;; but I think I’ll start buying it when I have an extra budget for it. What actually caught my attention is Nanaki Katsura’s first tankoubon release — IT LOOKS SO ADORABLE.

Read: hikikomori + megane + otaku+ cross-dressing! Ohmygod. /;A;\ and I read it’s pretty sexy so will definitely get a copy!

→ I finally got to see the cover for OPERA 28 KISS (8/26)!!! /*A*\ AND OMG  KUSAMA SAKAE AJFGHSDKSHFJSDJKFGHFJ THIS IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. When I was talking about this in my previous entry, I was actually trying to control the urge to go all “ajkdhgfjskfgh” since I’m still waiting for the cover, lol. It really looks more gorgeous than I have imagined it to be. Although, I’m so frustrated right now since I still can’t order until next week and I’m afraid they might run out of stock already at HMV. orz;; but yeah I’m praying to have my copy by next month. ;;

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Some releases.

I am so sorry for the lack of new updates lately. Been busy with some illustrations I’m working on and last night I couldn’t update about next month’s releases because I was also busy reading Takarai Rihito’s “Hana no Mizo Shiru” . I still have to read some old Yamana Hiko titles after that. /currently burried but loving it OTL

Anyway, onto the releases!

  • Hanaoto

I never really gave much attention to Hanaoto’s comics anthologies until I saw one of their cover illustrations by Sakura Haiji. And I see CJ Michalski – uhh, well it’s not that I don’t like her works but I knew her for doing a lot of shotacon titles before and, I have this love-hate relationship with shotacon stories (Cobra Mansion of Terror, anyone?). OTL;;

Ah. I see Sakuraga Mei’s work again. It’s been a while since I last read her Waruikoto series (haven’t finished it yet, though). I miss Towa’s adorable stupidity. (;w;)

For some May releases…

I am so curious about Fujisaki Kou’s works. Even though I don’t really like her kind of serious art that much, I want to give her stories a try. Will do more research about her soon.


Quite excited for next month’s releases! (*u*) I feel Koshino’s “Acchi to Kocchi” cover illustration will be so cute. Also, Sagami Waka’s anticipated “Dramatic Maestro Vol.3” will finally be released. Speaking of Sagami Waka, I forgot to order her “Kamatte Kawaii Hito” in my last orders. OTL Her cover illustrations are soooooo cute. Not familiar with any of Chitose Piyoko’s works but I have seen numerous covers of her works which are, well, usually very, very sexy. /cough (ーー;)

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Mujihi na Otoko Drama CD + Other BL News

Aaaah. Finally! Schools over! Summer’s here! (*´▽`*)

Anyway, GUESS WHAT!? Sakuraga Mei’s “Mujihi na Otoko” drama CD will be finally released this May! (T▽T)

It’s my personal favorite from the  Waruikotoshitai series.<3

Aah. I still can’t get over Nanao’s CV – KOJI YUSA. Sigh. He’s one of my favorite seiyuus since the characters that are being assigned to him are mostly my favorites, and now it’s Shirahane Nanao. ( T▽T)=3

(From Hanaoto)


Finally got to see Kojima Lalako’s ‘Kimi to Parade’ cover in full view. Although I like the cover of ‘Neko no Yomeiri’ more. Nonetheless, both covers look adorable. I really worship Kojima Lalako’s art. Her watercoloring techniques are just so lovely. ( ´∀`)

Image from

Pre-order it here.


Dear+ magazine April issue. Hrmm. I see a very intriguing Hashimoto Aoi work. ( ̄ー ̄)

Lineup: ‘Realist niyoru Romanticism’ by Kinoshita Keiko;

‘Leopard Hakusho’ by Ogi Yuzuha

‘Hoshiarashi’ by Hashimoto Aoi

Please see the full lineup in Dear+’s site. CLICK


As for Canna news, 2 new covers by Yamada Nichome and Sunae Hata will be released today.

‘Okami-san, sorosoro junbi wa iidesu ka’ by Yamada Nichome and ‘Neko no Me no Horoscope’ by Sunae Hata

Yamada Nichome’s new tankoubon looks so cute! I tried reading the preview and it was so adorable. A yankee having a a weakness for sweets is just so cute. ❤ I haven’t tried reading any of Sunae Hata’s works but her works seem so interesting.

Images from Canna site.