BL updates

These are the days when there’s nothing really much to update. But thankfully I got to stumble upon some exciting release announcements today so…

→ First off, Lynx already posted their new covers in their site. As expected from Madarame Hiro, the covers for “Beautiful Days” are really pretty! *u* The Christmas present special in Lynx’s new issue (which is out today) sounds really interesting unfortunately I don’t buy Lynx so I won’t know how the special present feature goes. /sob

→ For Kitabeppu Nica fans, Citron already posted her special page—click! And as for the cover of her upcoming release, “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“…

Adorable cover *q* I cannot wait to see the second cover from Animate! ;u; I’m not familiar with Animate since I don’t really get to buy from them so I don’t really how they usually do the double cover feature. ;; Together with her 10th comic release celebration, if you buy her previous release “Hibari Hinadori Sudatsu Hi ni“, it includes a special manga paper of the said previous title and her upcoming release, “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“. *u*

→ Nobara Aiko is in COMIC Be’s first issue—click! *u* it features an interview and a special extra from her previous release, “Akiyama-kun“. I haven’t read it up to now sadly. ;n; I just got to order it a week ago and I’m really expecting to get my copy next week. *n*

BL updates

→ First off for Yamashita Tomoko fans, I’ve read from onBLUE’s blog the other day that they’ll be having a special feature on Yamashita Tomoko which includes an interview and a conversation together with Hideyoshico! *w* also, they included a “prototype” oneshot from her previous doujinshi—which I never heard of before.

→ More from onBLUE, Ishino Aya will finally have her first comic appearance entitled “Boku to Kimi no Midori to Drill“. \*u*/ They also mentioned this anticipated new BL work entitled “good morning, bad day“. UGH SO EXCITING. ;A;

→ The cover of HertZ band. 47 has been posted—click! *u*

→ Okay, so what I’m really excited about is Canna’s volume 21 cover—YAMADA TORICO. She has a new series coming up!!! \*A*/

→ As for Citron, they already posted in their blog a preview of Kitabeppu Nica’s cover for her upcoming January 2012 release, “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“. *u*

Citron Web will also be holding an anniversary celebration since this is finally Kitabeppu Nica’s 10th tankoubon release. Will really look forward to it! ;u; ❤

Kojima Lalako + a few other updates.

I’ve been waiting for the cover to be posted eversince a friend tweeted Kojima Lalako will be on the cover—-AND HERE IT IS! ❤ morning just got better. /;w;\

Ahh I missed her so much sob. Lately she’s only been releasing novels she illustrated for, and I still can’t read Japanese novels so I’ve been sulking while waiting until she finally gets something released. orz;

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Kitabeppu Nica + a few releases

→ Came across Kijitora’s blog entry about Kitabeppu Nica’s upcoming release this January entitled “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“.


I actually tried to order her “Receipt” a few months ago but since it was always out of stock in so I ended up not buying it anymore sob. A friend recommended me her “Kanashii Izumi” manga a while ago and so far, I’m really loving it! *w*

Her art style is very cute even if it’s not really distinct since I’ve seen mangakas with a similar art style. Nonetheless, I’m really excited for her January release since the title really sounds very interesting! (I kind of have a thing for older guys so…orz;;)

→ So for Hanaoto, they finally posted the covers for their November 29 releases—click!


→ Ahhhhhh! Hakutou Noriko’s cover for “Pet Shimasu!” /;w;\ asdhcjfivkfc;csd so adorable omg why. ;; I actually saw the medium version in bookmeter a few days ago but just decided to wait for the larger version before sharing it here, lol.

→ Here are some other upcoming releases:

11/10 (ビーボーイコミックス)
麻生 海 「草食上司のオトしかた」
11/15 (CRAFTシリーズ)
宝井理人「花のみぞ知る 2」
11/24 (ルチルコレクション)
11/25 (Charaコミックス)
高久尚子「僕はすべてを知っている 2 限定版」
11/28 (EDGE COMIX)
西田東「社長 桃井くん」
11/30 (ディアプラス・コミックス)

→ Lastly, few exciting releases for December! /o/

12/1 (シトロンコミックス)
12/3 ( drapコミックス )
12/24 (drapコミックス)