July update.

➜ (07/01/2011) Nishida Higashi‘s on the cover of Citron VOL. 9 this month. Together with that is Itoi Nozo’s first tankoubon release, Koinohi.

➜ Some of this month’s releases that I find interesting:


(L-R: Momoyama Naoko’s “Kono Sekai de Tatta Futari“, Moto Haruko’s “Byousoku Zero Mile”, Sakura Sakuya’s “Ouji, Ikebukuro-kei” and Honjou Rie’s “Kawaii Anata ni Amai Wana“)


➜ Also, Konjiki Runa will be releasing her latest tankoubon, “Yawaraka na Yuutsu“, this month! *u*

I am actually hoping to get a copy of her “Darling, I love you” (continuation of her “Hana no Arashi wa,“).

There are a lot of nice novel releases too but too bad my Japanese knowledge is still not enough for me to finally read novels. These are the times when I just want to spend most of my time studying Japanese. But since I’m still in college, I have to prioritize my academics first. ;;;

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hopefully I can come up with a worthy post next time. orz;


Reviews: 花の嵐は、~Hana no Arashi wa,~ (ミリオンコミックス Hertz Series 96)

First of all, I’m terribly sorry for the late post. Had a hard time connecting to the internet yesterday. OTL

Note: Entry consists a lot of images.

So, this is my first time to read Konjiki Runa’s work. I just managed to stumble upon this tankoubon while lurking around HertZ’s site (B’s-garden) a month ago. Her art really intrigued me (since I’m a sucker for pretty illustrations) and when I read the synopsis in HertZ, I unhesitatingly ordered a copy. I’m not very familiar with her old works but I might try buying her “Yubisaki Kara Kisu o Shite” and “Te Tsunagi Gokko” if the last of my current orders arrive already.

It’s been a long time since I last read a comic with full Japanese texts (grade 4, I think) and some of the sentence structures and kanji characters gave me a hard time since my knowledge of the Japanese language is still not at that level. But nonetheless, I managed to finish it.

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Happy April Fools!

So for the past few days, I loaded up on a crazy manga reading spree, lol. Got to finish Kojiki Runa’s “Hana no Arashi wa” a few days ago and got to read Mebaru Kobato’s “Sawatte, Tokashite” and Katou Setsuko’s “Wasuremono” yesterday. I’m currently on vacation right now and damn happy about it – more time to read more BL and watch gay porn at home. /gets shot

Anyway! I’ll be doing a review about Konjiki Runa’s “Hana no Arashi wa“… TOMORROW! I forgot to bring my memory card reader with me here at our vacation place so I won’t be able to share some manga scenes with you if I do the review now. About the story, I reaaally liked it a lot since it also had some incest moments! (>///<) but overall, it was kind of… missing something. Nonetheless, I liked the whole story. The characters are totally adorable and Konjiki Runa’s illustrations are just wonderful – although it reminds me so much of Kojima Lalako’s. Hrm. I still have a lot of mangas to read back home – Takarai Rihito, Mieno Saori , Kumoto Haruko and Younezo Nekota.

On magazine releases, HertZ just posted their cover today:

No cover for CRAFT yet.

I haven’t really tried reading a lot of BL magazines. I just happen to get some downloads of their anthologies in some random sites. But since I’m starting to love a lot of new BL mangakas lately, and most of them get their works published in HertZ magazine, I’ll start buying BL magazines as well. /wallet crying

Also, Ishida Ikue’s “Shitsuji wa Yoru wo Matou” will be released today. HertZ already updated their site with it’s release feature. CLICK

For Yamane Ayano fans, her cover for her latest addition to her Finder series is already posted in Libre’s site. CLICK

Morozumi Sumitomo’s “Kitto Yumemiru Yamaarashi” will be released today as well!

Image from Libre.

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Kojima Lalako’s latest blog entry. HUU SO CUTE. (;u;) ❤

Yay for Kojima Lalako’s first tankobon release last March 30th! \(*A*)/

I was so late in congratulating her (in Twitter). (* ̄m ̄)

Aoi Seri + Nakamura Asumiko + finally got my orders

I was browsing through some icon journals at LiveJournal (yes, I came back to LJ recently) and a certain illustration caught my attention – Aoi Seri’s art. I once again, fell in love with a great artist. (*A*) I am currently browsing her blog right now and all of her drawings look great. I haven’t read any of her works, though.

See for yourselves. CLICK

Oh and just now, I found something interesting. It seems Fuuko (hazukashiikedo) has a review on one of Aoi Seri’s work before! \(*A*)/ CLICK

Moving on, I also stumbled upon Nakamura Asumiko’s works a while ago. Although I don’t really know what happened, it seems she’s on hiatus right now. Will try reading her Doukyuusei and Double Mints later.


What I have been doing last night:

My usual OCs (original characters). Yes, I know they look so common especially Takagi-sensei (the one with the glasses). He was actually inspired by Nagi from Amagi Reno’s Oni ni Hatsujou. I already drew him before although in my other drawing, he looks much matured. See it here in my tumblr blog.

Not yet finished. Unfortunately, I have no intentions of finishing it – or maybe I will but it will take months for me to decide, lol.

Hello everyone! Meet Aki and Saigo. As you can see, Aki’s hair isn’t done yet. (.__. ) Saigo’s expression still needs improvement, and overall, I still have to ink and color it. I think I’ll be finishing this one. (ーー;)


It finally arrived! (@_@)

I still have 2 orders lined up for delivery tomorrow. I can’t wait to read these later. (T▽T)

Japan + fail ordering + what I’m expecting this month

First of all, I want to say that I’m terribly saddened to hear about the current situation in Japan. I was informed about it by my dad and step-mom last Friday. They told me how the tsunami destroyed every house and building in Honshu. I had goosebumps just by imagining it that time. A while ago, I finally had the time to watch TV and I immediately tuned into CNN. I really cried when I saw how the tsunami destroyed different places and how many lives were taken because of it. So please, let us all pray for Japan’s recovery. I’m sure there are a lot of easy ways on how to donate. So please do if you can.

Only for Filipinos:

Filipinos who wish to help earthquake- and tsunami-stricken Japan may send their monetary donations via text message to the Philippine Red Cross, the humanitarian organization’s secretary-general Gwendolyn Pang said Sunday.

People who wish to donate must type on their mobile phones ‘RED AMOUNT’ and send the message to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart).

Globe subscribers may also send donations through the G-Cash transfer scheme by typing ‘DONATE (space) AMOUNT (space) 4-digit M-PIN (space) REDCROSS’ and then sending the message to 2882.

The Philippine Red Cross website also lists donation schemes through PayPal, cash or check, or bank deposits.

Okay, so serious topic aside, I’m want to share how I failed to order in Amazon.jp the other day – I actually forgot the due payment, lol. I hope they’ll let me order it again. (T▽T)

Alongside that first order of mine, I ordered 4 new items and this time, I used a debit card to be sure. ( ̄ー ̄)

These are the titles I ordered:

Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish reading them all by the end of this month so I can make a review already. (*´▽`*)