Drama CD: Kumota Haruko’s “Shinjuku Lucky Hole”

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Kumota Haruko’s “Shinjuku Lucky Hole” is finally getting a drama CD~! ;v;)b
As always I deeply apologize for not being able to post reviews including this one. ;__;

Anyway, as for the cast:

Kumi: Miki Shinichiro
Katagiri: Hatano Wataru
Sakuma: Horiuchi Kenyuu
Ryu: Suzuki Tatsuhisa 
Saiki: Ono Yuki
Leni: Takeuchi Ken
Kumicho (Boss): Kuroda Takaya

Cast is really good. Wacchan as Katagiri and Tattsun as Ryu seriously made me flip. ;//A//;)/

Release date is August 21, 2013.


BL rebound

Waited for quite a long time for me to get back on buying BL so I think it’s okay to spoil myself again with a few titles. As much as I want to spend all out on releases I missed, I limited myself to the ones I really like and just took note of the others that I can just buy next time. I don’t really have much time to read lately anyways since uni has been a pain plus I’m busy for a convention this December. ;;

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Itoshi no Nekokke 2 cover!

いとしの猫っ毛 2 (CITRON COMICS)  (2012/02/01) – 雲田 はるこ

The only work of Kumota Haruko which I insanely loved so much. I only got to discover her early last year and Itoshi no Nekokke was the first work I read and it immediately became an all-time favorite of mine. I always recommend it whenever I meet a new fujoshi friend and they would always tell me how cute the art style is and the plot’s just as adorable. So for those of you who haven’t read this yet… Or any of Kumota Haruko’s work for that matter, please do! I highly recommend reading anything from her! ;u;

Anyway. Mixed feeling of happiness and sadness right now though, lol. Happy since the cover didn’t disappoint me—it’s so cute and definitely as expected from Kumota Haruko. Sad because I won’t be able to read it until I can finally buy mangas again… which is still a very long time from now. ;A;

For now, I’m just enjoying (and torturing myself) as I patiently wait for new covers these coming months. I’m afraid I have already listed a lot so most probably I’ll be spending a lot when this purchasing break is finally over.

I should really get a job this summer. orz;

Itoshi no Nekokke 2!

Overheard some friends over twitter talking about it earlier so I immediately checked Kijitora’s blog when I got home and ahdhsjkashfjd…!

YAAAY!!! More Mii-kun and Kei-chan cuteness~! ;u; <33

I have a few friends who already got to finish this since they’re lucky enough to buy anthologies every month /sob/ I didn’t want to spoil myself so I tried not to talk about it until Citron finally announces the second book—and here it isss. A month and a half to go~! *A*


Cover update on Dame BL Anthology!


Details are finally posted! → click

AAHHH KUMOTA HARUKO. ;w; this is just too gorgeous I just can’t—!

Thank you very much to Kijitora and Annie who brought the very exciting news as I got back from a long day of grocery shopping, lol.

So the actual main reason why “Dame BL” came to be is because of Kumota Haruko’s certain tweet last May 2010 which created a huge commotion with BL mangakas and readers. Different mangakas started tweeting about the things they would like to draw, and readers started tweeting stories they would like to read. But the stories aren’t really your ordinary BL stories—it has to be unusual. *w*

If you want to join in the conversation, tweet your desired “Dame BL” story with the hashtag #dameBL. The editors would surely love to hear from us readers! ;u; @ reply @bookman_chan or @yama_bookman. Lots of responses will surely result to many more issues to come of Dame BL anthology! *u*

As for my own idea, I actually thought of having a gay trans man as my main character. Then when I saw Psyche Delico’s column with that kind of theme—AHHH. Quite flattered to know we have some kind of same brain wave or something. ;; Originally, that thought of mine started when I read Haruki Murakami’s “Kafka on the Shore” wherein one of the main characters was a gay transgender man—he was the most awesome character, imo.

Anyway, I hope you’ll all enjoy talking about Dame BL on Twitter! ;u; the release is still on the 25th but time will surely pass by with all these excitement! ❤

Update on Dame BL anthology release date.

Great news as I got home today—-the release of Dame BL anthology’s release is finally announced! \*w*/

Got this information on Psyche Delico’s blog.

Her contributed story is about a trans man and a gay man ajsfhhjdjfh. Omg. I really can’t wait to get this book. /;w;\

Also, I got to see Kumota Haruko’s work for Dame BL a few days ago →  click! <33

She was actually the one I was stalking on twitter about the release information since Bookman doesn’t really update much about the release date, err. ;; She tweeted a few days ago that the release date was still indefinite so I was praying that they won’t delay it too much. ;;

I hope they won’t move the release anymore! ;u; I’m really excited to know the other mangakas who contributed—well, you guys know those who I’m expecting. :>


Covers once again.

First off, I just want to apologize for the lack of release updates lately. I couldn’t manage going to BL sites lately for release updates so I often rely on subscription e-mails. Unfortunately, even if I received those release info, I still couldn’t make a release update since I’m pretty much lame with time management /sob/ so I always make my release update outline late and eventually end up not posting at all. I’m so sorry. orz;;

But here I am! And today, I’ll be talking about covers of some exciting releases! It’s a looooong weekend for most of us right now (in the Philippines) since we have a lot of holidays coming up. Haha! 8)

Anyway, on to the main entry!

→ For BLCD fans, have you already checked out the releases of Kumota Haruko’s “Itoshi no Nekokke” and the 2nd part of Moegi Yuu’s “Katekyo!“? *u* It was both released last 8/24. I’m actually excited about Kumota Haruko’s since I’ve been talking and spazzing about it ever since it was announced, lol. But I might just get myself a copy next time. ;; I posted the cast in my previous entry here.

onBLUE 3 and Nanaki Katsura’s “Ita Hime” (also from onBLUE) both released last 8/25. I really, really regret not buying onBLUE. I mean, I do include it on my list but I never got to buy it since I always put Canna and OPERA first. orz;; but I think I’ll start buying it when I have an extra budget for it. What actually caught my attention is Nanaki Katsura’s first tankoubon release — IT LOOKS SO ADORABLE.

Read: hikikomori + megane + otaku+ cross-dressing! Ohmygod. /;A;\ and I read it’s pretty sexy so will definitely get a copy!

→ I finally got to see the cover for OPERA 28 KISS (8/26)!!! /*A*\ AND OMG  KUSAMA SAKAE AJFGHSDKSHFJSDJKFGHFJ THIS IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. When I was talking about this in my previous entry, I was actually trying to control the urge to go all “ajkdhgfjskfgh” since I’m still waiting for the cover, lol. It really looks more gorgeous than I have imagined it to be. Although, I’m so frustrated right now since I still can’t order until next week and I’m afraid they might run out of stock already at HMV. orz;; but yeah I’m praying to have my copy by next month. ;;

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Covers + Itoshi no Nekokke BLCD update

Here I go again with a couple of new covers…

➜ Just got to see the cover of the  newest issue of CRAFT earlier– Takarai Rihito! \o/

I still haven’t tried buying CRAFT that’s why I’m not really updated with the latest story of  Takarai Rihito’s “Hana no Mizo Shiru”. Will just wait until the second volume of the tankoubon comes out. ;; Continue reading

Kumota Haruko + Achi Harufumi + Hanamori Mito.

So I checked Libre’s page the other day and found myself screaming and jumping around my work room for a few minutes. OTL


/flails wildly. I just read this manga recently and fell deeply in love with the characters and the plot – and this announcement was surely just in time. ❤

On another note, I’m beginning to like this new mangaka – Achi Harufumi. She’ll be having her first tankoubon release through Canna this late May together with Hanamori Mito. They’re both new and I really must say I’m already loving their art styles! (*´▽`*)

(Source: Chill-Chill)

And I end this post with a Ao no Exorcist fanart by Achi Harufumi, because I’m also so obsessed with this series right now…

P.S. I already added their websites on my sidebar so if you want to see more of their illustrations, you know where to find them. 😀

P.P.S. Edited Achiha Rufumi to “Achi Harufumi”. My bad on spelling error. OTL

BL48手+ いとしの猫っ毛 ~Itoshi no Nekokke~ (CITRON COMICS)

I first saw the BL48手 on Fuuko‘s blog before and decided to get a copy for myself since I really thought it was interesting and it’s definitely a must-buy. When I read about it in Amazon.jp, I got more excited in ordering it, lol. Then a few weeks later, my payment method got messed up so I had to wait for it again to be in stock. Then after a few days, it was finally in stock again so I unhesitatingly ordered it together with some other tankoubons.

The book consists of colored illustrations by different mangakas showing different unique positions each together with a short story and an explanation of the position. Mhmm. Anyway, I still have to read all of the stories next time.  I must say that it’s REALLY worth it. (*A*) Great quality and a lot of helpful information – about sex positions of course, lol.

Note that this book is about (gay) sex positions, I do not recommend it if you’re not into seeing eccentric and acrobatic (sex) poses, AND the book is in full Japanese text, so if you can’t read Japanese, you’ll just waste your money – unless if you’re already satisfied with just looking at the illustrations, then go buy one. I highly recommend it. ( ̄ー ̄)

The other one is Kumota Haruko’s “Itoshi no Nekokke“. I’m not familiar with Kumota Haruko but just like how I usually discover new mangakas, I stumbled upon this tankoubon once again and got to read some nice reviews and decided to get myself a copy. I haven’t read it yet since I still have to finish reading Mieno Saori’s “Ano Ko ga Kare o Suki na Riyuu“. (´・ω・`)