customs horror + last January orders.

I just realized otakutofujoshi already turned 1 last January 27. /;n;\ belated happy birthday to my blog. ;u; ❤

I was supposed to do an appreciation post to everyone who have subscribed, read, commented and linked my blog to theirs but I always run out of time so I’ll just be posting my appreciation post when I’m not too busy. ;u;

Anyway! These last orders from January were as frustrating as my first orders from December. Well for one, waiting for a month was a pain. I was worried EMS wasn’t able to get a hold of my package and it got lost somewhere—thankfully it didn’t. But what was so frustrating is that it ended up in customs so I had to go all the way to the main office just so I can get these.

This is the first time I have encountered such inconvenience with EMS. I can’t say I wasn’t able to encounter problems with them before but compared to this one, this one’s just scary. ;A;

So it all started a few weeks ago. I tried calling the customs office and asked about my package. The one who answered my call was a woman. She was so uncooperative that I had to repeat my tracking number 5 times for her to finally track it. Imagine if I didn’t call them then my package will just remain at their office for eternity… err. So yeah after that, she told me it was ready for pick-up. I then asked my dad if he can accompany me to the customs since I don’t know how to get there.

Once we arrived, the people at the customer service were nice. They told me what I should do, where I should go and what should I present to the people at the parcel room. After that, me and my dad waited for 30 minutes for them to locate my parcel. I swear their service was so bad since they were so disorganized. The old man from the parcel section told me to go to the parcel collecting station and just wait for my parcel there. Thinking I can already get my parcel, I was shocked to know that they still had to OPEN IT UP. Imagine the intense feeling I had when a middle-aged man finally called me and asked me to have a look at my parcel. Of course it wasn’t only me who was going to check it—there’s the middle-aged man, an old lady who gets to check the invoice receipts and suddenly, MY DAD came over beside me. I was literally  seconds away from actually throwing up since I was too scared of what might actually happen. ;;

Thankfully, they didn’t sort it out anymore because if they did, and if they saw Manako’s and Katou Setsuko’s cover, I’ll probably be in a serious questioning session.

Anyway, enough of my horror story and onto some sneak peeks!

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New Year covers!


New Year bringing us new colorful and sweet-looking covers—except for Katou Setsuko’s that has a more dramatic feel to it. Sadly, I only got to order Katou Setsuko’s and Narazaki Souta’s for the new year. ;; I’ll be on a long purchasing hiatus next year (but hopefully not sob) since school will surely get in the way already (finals and whatnot).

Anyway, been a while since I last read something from Katou Setsuko and Tennouji Mio so it’s nice to see them releasing tanks again this coming year. Quite excited as well for Narazaki Souta’s “Fudanshi Monogatari” since I’m really hunting down for good fudanshi-themed stories and this one seems to be a perfect buy. *0*

Other covers by Nishihara Keita, Aoiro Iriko, Nakazato Takeko(?) and Mito Hitomi are pretty tempting as well. Newcomer Nakazato Takeko seems pretty interesting but I’m doubting if I should really get myself a copy after my purchasing hiatus, lol. Must read reviews first for this one. ;;

And now, as for the last cover—KOBATO MEBARU. It’s a novel so I’m not sure if I’m going to buy it just because it’s Kobato Mebaru, IDK. /;A;\ I miss her. I really do. I wish she can release a new story soon. ;;

‘Tis the season of Yamashita Tomoko!

It’s already the Christmas season you guys! \*w*/ and what’s even more exciting is that a lot of new yummy BL releases are coming our way! ❤

→ So what I’ve noticed these past few weeks is that Yamashita Tomoko seems to be appearing a lot lately. I’m not that updated with her works so I’m not really sure why I’ve been seeing a lot of her nowadays, orz. But I’ve been waiting for onBLUE 4 nonetheless! ;u; I finally got to see the cover a while ago and god it looks gorgeous.

More exciting stuff in this issue which is making me cry because I’m not sure if I’m going to get myself a copy. ;n;

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