First December orders finally arrived!

So after waiting for a month, I finally got my first batch of orders thanks to Yokatta Shopping Service. 8D

I was actually so frustrated about these since I’m not used to orders arriving a month later but oddly enough, it was worth the wait. And considering I took EMS as my courier of choice, it arrived pretty early as to what I expected.

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Qpa + Citron + BLink

→ Cover for the latest B-Prince novels has been posted! ;u; click! Lol, why am I getting so excited when I don’t even read novels sob. But gaaahh Ogura Muku! /;A;\ beautiful cover as always. ❤

→ Yet another new BL anthology for PC + smartphone—Qpa! Obviously it will only be available for those in Japan, but it’s an exciting news nonetheless! You can see more of it’s info here.

→ Citron already posted a preview of their newest cover on their blog introducing a new series by Kyuushu Danshi—click!

→ My friend Snakey informed me about BLink’s latest issue’s cover—NATSUME ISAKU! *A*

→ I was complaining to myself again just now on why I don’t get to buy BL magazines especially BLink since they haven’t published anything yet which made it harder for me to read the works included in their magazines—BUT!!

They’re finally releasing some of their titles in tankoubon form under the name “EYE’S COMICS BLink”!! \*A*/ First 2 works that will be released are Aoi Levin’s “Danshi Hanayakanare 1” and Takaoka Nanaroku’s “Koi Bake“.

Natsume Isaku and other things.

So Citron already posted the cover for Natsume Isaku’s Nov.10 release, “Devil’s Honey“. \*u*/ The pop up’s cute, too!

As some of you know, I’m really into teacher x student relationships especially if the student is an adorable yankee (delinquent). ❤

Tbh, I really haven’t read much of Natsume Isaku’s works and this will only be my second tankoubon by her once I get my copy. Oh and for those who didn’t catch my post about Viz Media’s “SuBLime”, “Devil’s Honey” is actually included in their list of soon-to-be-published English licensed series! \*w*/

On another note, I’ve always mentioned here that I’m a sucker for collecting BL magazines since they’re pretty pricey and collecting them every month will be too much for my wallet—SO! I might finally subscribe since I just knew a bout CDJapan’s magazine subscription offers. click!

Oh, If anyone of you has other sites that offers Japanese magazine subscriptions—particularly BL magazines—please do recommend! ;u; ❤

P.S. For those who are following my BL tumblr “homodesu“, I’m sorry I’m quite inactive in posting scans lately because our desktop PC’s PMS-ing again. orz; but thank you so so much for those who followed recently! ;u; ❤


It’s November 1! First off, Happy All Saint’s Day to everyone. I’m sure all of you enjoyed Halloween—even if most of you were already too big for trick or treating—like me. /sob

So anyway, today’s a new day which means a lot of new releases and announcements on BL websites, lol.

→ On my noted releases, Minazuki Akira’s “Nobaseru Karada” will be released today as well as Citron Vol.11. I’m really thinking if I should buy Citron since it’s Jaryuu Dokuro’s special feature and I just can’t miss that interview. /sob/ but aaahh, too many good releases this November and I don’t think my wallet can handle buying any more anthologies for this month except Dame BL. orz;

→ On HertZ mobile—iHertZ—IT’S KOJIMA LALAKO ON THE COVER. /;A;\ but ahdgshdgdh MOBILE. /sob/ she actually has a lot of novel releases lately but I still can’t read Japanese novels so… orz;

→ Last night, I was already fixing my orders for this month and noticed the mangaka “Nimoda Ai”. I happen to stumble upon her blog and clicked on her Pixiv account and guess what I found? SHOTA PARADISE. Inazuma Eleven paradise to be exact. And a couple of APH. I’ve been pretty obsessed with shotas ever since my best friends and I were randomly hunting for little boys in the mall a few months ago… /perv

She’ll be having a tankoubon release this month enitled “Trouble x Prince“. And for next month, Citron will finally release her “Moe Goe“. Pretty excited, really. *u*

→ For those who are residing in Japan, Natsume Isaku will be having a signing event for her newest tankoubon release this Nov.10— “Devil’s Honey“. Aahh, how I wish I can go to such events but buying a plane ticket just for a signing event is just too impossible.


HMV haul.


This is actually my first time to order in HMV; they really annoyed me at first because they took so much time in despatching my orders. Also, EMS tracking was a pain. Well, I’m not sure if tracking will be easier for other countries because here in the Philippines, EMS packages undergo a long period once it arrives at the inward office exchange and after that, tracking can be so annoying. Nonetheless, HMV shipping is way cheaper than and they don’t charge expensive custom fees (since their delivery method is via EMS).

Anyway, on to the main entry~

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BL Update – finally.

I’m so sorry for the long absence! I got busy with driving school and enlisting matters at my university. I was actually thinking of updating last week since I was all hyped up about Kojima Lalako’s recent blog entries.

➜ First of all, she made a tumblr account. Although, she removed her post about it after a few days (or was it the following day?). I don’t really know what’s her reason for removing that post but she didn’t delete her account – she’s still posting some yummy doujinshi teasers and fanarts there, lol.

➜ For those who wanted to buy her “Kawaii Kimi no Koto da Mono” doujinshi at the Super Comic City 20 held early this month in Japan, you can finally buy here it at ComiComi Studio. \*u*/

➜ For magazine/anthology news, she’s in the newest issue of Chara Selection and Moca! I swear the stories seem so interesting (I promise this is not me being biased! ;u;). So as I always say in my blog, I rarely read stories serialized in magazines. I only buy magazines/anthologies whenever I see a mangaka I know and if something seems new and interesting. ;;;

Gateau’s Vol.3 cover by Ogura Muku – IT IS SOOOOO  BEAUTIFUL. /;A;\ and what’s more is that, from what I read on Chill-Chill, Arii Memeko’s “Hitorijime Boyfriend” has been continued! Not really sure about the story though since I haven’t read it yet. sob

I’m pretty sure a lot of Arii Memeko fans are very much hyped up about this said continuation; so if you were able to read the first story and loved it, better grab your copy of Gateau Vol.3 noww. *q*

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