‘Tis the season of Yamashita Tomoko!

It’s already the Christmas season you guys! \*w*/ and what’s even more exciting is that a lot of new yummy BL releases are coming our way! ❤

→ So what I’ve noticed these past few weeks is that Yamashita Tomoko seems to be appearing a lot lately. I’m not that updated with her works so I’m not really sure why I’ve been seeing a lot of her nowadays, orz. But I’ve been waiting for onBLUE 4 nonetheless! ;u; I finally got to see the cover a while ago and god it looks gorgeous.

More exciting stuff in this issue which is making me cry because I’m not sure if I’m going to get myself a copy. ;n;

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Update on Dame BL anthology release date.

Great news as I got home today—-the release of Dame BL anthology’s release is finally announced! \*w*/

Got this information on Psyche Delico’s blog.

Her contributed story is about a trans man and a gay man ajsfhhjdjfh. Omg. I really can’t wait to get this book. /;w;\

Also, I got to see Kumota Haruko’s work for Dame BL a few days ago →  click! <33

She was actually the one I was stalking on twitter about the release information since Bookman doesn’t really update much about the release date, err. ;; She tweeted a few days ago that the release date was still indefinite so I was praying that they won’t delay it too much. ;;

I hope they won’t move the release anymore! ;u; I’m really excited to know the other mangakas who contributed—well, you guys know those who I’m expecting. :>


Today’s haul.

Kobato Mebaru, Psyche Delico, Est Em and Ogura Muku. ❤

As to what I shared on my Tumblr, I’ve been longing to get these titles for a very long time now especially Psyche Delico’s “Junai Ero Ki”. But what I was most excited about is Est Em’s “Equus”. Lol, I’ve been telling a certain open-minded friend about it and she was like, “Omg Hachi. First, gay sex. Now centaur sex. What’s next? Merman sex?”… is there really? orz; Continue reading