First December orders finally arrived!

So after waiting for a month, I finally got my first batch of orders thanks to Yokatta Shopping Service. 8D

I was actually so frustrated about these since I’m not used to orders arriving a month later but oddly enough, it was worth the wait. And considering I took EMS as my courier of choice, it arrived pretty early as to what I expected.

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anthologies + covers + Kojima Lalako

Citron already posted the lineup page for Citron 12.

♦ Full-color special extra of Kusama Sakae’s “Ame Furi“.
♦ First appearance by KUJIRA with her newest work “Kinmokusei ni Sayonara“.
♦ New series by Kashio entitled “Sawaranaide, Kowareteimasu“.

Ahh Kashio’s newest series seem interesting. I haven’t read any of her works before although I’ve been rooting for her “Try and Error” ever since the tank first came out last September—if I’m not mistaken. She’s also one of those artists who can deceive you if you only like to look at pretty covers (like me lol). I thought her story seemed to be just fluff but judging from the title of her newest series in this month’s Citron, it sounds pretty dramatic(?) so then I am once again deceived by her previous cute and pretty covers. orz;

→ The newest cover for OPERA has finally been posted—NAKAMURA ASUMIKO. *u*

♦ Last chapter of Nakamura Asumiko’s “Sora to Hara“.
♦ Special extra from Bikke.

Hopefully we can expect a “Sora to Hara” tankoubon soon, lol. Not a hardcore Nakamura Asumiko fan but I do get to enjoy her works most of the time.

I read pretty good reviews about this recent series of her so I’ve been sulking for months just waiting for the final chapter so I can finally tell myself “Oh there you go, now’s your chance to finally catch up with the whole god damn thing since it’s your fault for not buying anthologies.” orz;

Anyway, pretty much sure all Nakamura Asumiko fans are looking forward to this final chapter. :’D Oh and for Bikke lovers, she has the pin-up for this issue so you don’t want to miss that. :’D

Canna also posted up their lineup page the other day for Canna 21.

♦ Yes, the most-awaited new series by Yamada Torico… or is it just me who’s excited lmao.
♦ Zodiac-themed shots by Honma Akira, Takao Hiroi, Umiyuki Lily, Suzukura Hal, Hanamori Mito and Aikawa Fuu(?).
♦ New titles by Kikuya Kikuko, Minazuki Akira and Yoshida Yuuko.

Thankfully I got this month’s Canna since I can’t afford to miss Yamada Torico’s latest work. ;; Also, I didn’t know about the Zodiac puchi project they did so I’m really ecstatic about it since I loooove Zodiac signs and anything that has to do with constellation, lol—AND UMIYUKI LILY’S IN IT so. 8)

Oh I read from, I think Kijitora’s twitter or blog, that Ootsuki Miu’s last chapter for “Loser” will be on Canna 22 so… I sense a tankoubon. \*w*/ I was actually thinking of buying back issues of Canna just for that. orz;

Now for some pretty and adorable covers of some titles that will be released for the rest of the month.

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BL updates

→ First off for Yamashita Tomoko fans, I’ve read from onBLUE’s blog the other day that they’ll be having a special feature on Yamashita Tomoko which includes an interview and a conversation together with Hideyoshico! *w* also, they included a “prototype” oneshot from her previous doujinshi—which I never heard of before.

→ More from onBLUE, Ishino Aya will finally have her first comic appearance entitled “Boku to Kimi no Midori to Drill“. \*u*/ They also mentioned this anticipated new BL work entitled “good morning, bad day“. UGH SO EXCITING. ;A;

→ The cover of HertZ band. 47 has been posted—click! *u*

→ Okay, so what I’m really excited about is Canna’s volume 21 cover—YAMADA TORICO. She has a new series coming up!!! \*A*/

→ As for Citron, they already posted in their blog a preview of Kitabeppu Nica’s cover for her upcoming January 2012 release, “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“. *u*

Citron Web will also be holding an anniversary celebration since this is finally Kitabeppu Nica’s 10th tankoubon release. Will really look forward to it! ;u; ❤

Yamada Torico + Kojima Lalako

→ finally posted the cover of Yamada Torico’s latest tankoubon release next month—“Long & Beautiful Life“!! *u* really happy to finally got to see the cover design! Adorable isn’t it? ❤

I really got all jumpy when Yamada Torico tweeted about it a few minutes ago since I was already hoping Chill-Chill would post the cover on their site within this week. ;;

→ Kojima Lalako never fails in amusing me every time—I recently got to stumble upon her “The Interviews” page (it’s like a Japanese version of and I swear you’ll really fall in love with her and her adorable way of answering all of the questions! Aaahhh she really is my moe queen. ;3; ❤

BL commentaries

Finally decided on making a short BL review since it’s been a while since I last made a long, detailed one. ;;

Kanashii Hito wa Doko ni mo Inai by Yamada Torico

→ This is Yamada Torico’s second BL tankoubon release—technically her third (her second tankoubon release was “Onnanoko no Subete“). I first read one of her works—particulary “Long and Beautiful Life” through Canna and became so intrigued about her works ever since. Her art is very simple yet cute. Some angles look awkward sometimes but I still find it adorable for some reason. ;; don’t fall for her cute art, though. It seems cutesy but you’ll be surprised on how deep and mysterious her stories are.

The first story is about two brothers—their mom died when they were young and their father is a wanderlust. Anyway, older brother has a brother complex on his younger brother. He tried moving out so he can forget his immoral feelings for his younger brother but eventually realized how much of a coward he is as the older brother so came back and found out they actually had mutual feelings for each other. It was pretty cute and the siblings were just so adorable! *w*

The second story was a bit unusual so I pretty much enjoyed it. It’s about a male college student who works part time at a doughnut store. A strange ossan came in at the store one day and asked if he can take care of his “dog” while he goes out of town for a month. This “dog” is actually a person. I don’t really know what kind of person that ossan is but really refers to that person as “inu“—also treats him like one. Unlike the ossan, the college guy treats inu well and they eventually started to have feelings for each other. I seriously got all teary-eyed when inu was asked to leave the ossan’s apartment so he ended up being homeless. ;A;  But thank god the college student chased after him so they finally lived together in the end. ;u; such a touching story. I definitely recommend this. But for those who are still having a hard time understanding some Japanese contexts, you’ll be challenged in reading this. /acutally had a hard time understanding at first ;;

“Renai Game” by Chidori Peko

→ Chidori Peko’s original debut tankoubon release! \*w*/ I immediately fell in love when I saw the cover so I didn’t hesitate to get myself a copy. It consists of 4 stories. The first story is about a shoemaker and a college student who works part time at his shop. It’s a really cute and sexy story especially since the college student is soooo moe. I didn’t really like the second story but it was also cute nonetheless. The third and fourth story were my favorites, in which both has megane guys! \*w*/ The third story was about 2 schoolboys. I got all hyped up when I saw the title page since the megane seemed very naughty—and I was right—he was a complete pervert. /squeal/ the uke was very pretty too and both of them are naughty. *w* I like the supporting character as well but I won’t talk much about that person-you guys have to find out for yourselves. :> not really surprising if you’re already used to reading BL but it’s pretty cute, IMO. I guess some of you has an idea of what is it already. ;;

The last story, which is the main story, it is about 2 guys working at an eroge production company. This is a kouhai x senpai kind of relationship which is another of my kind of story. Kouhai has a secret crush on his megane senpai; he fantasizes about him and pictures him as one of the megane characters in one of their eroges, lol. It was pretty hilarious and at the same time, it’s very cute. If you have a creepy obsession with megane guys, you’ll love this manga. *u*

Chidori Peko’s art style is just gorgeous. Very well-drawn and all the characters are just adorableee! ❤ I definitely recommend this if you want a romantic/comedy kind of read. 8)

“Sono Toki wa Tada Kokoro ni Furete” by Umiyuki Lily

→ My newest love. *u* as much as I don’t want to compare her to my darling moe queen, Kojima Lalako, I can’t help it since I literally had goosebumps when I was reading her work since it was very Kojima Lalako-like. Not only her stories but her art style as well! But I don’t know, maybe I’m just biased with Kojima Lalako’s art style. ;; Umiyuki Lily is quite new, btw. Her works are mostly featured in Canna. 🙂 if you have a twitter account, you can follow her (she follows back!)—just look for her blog link on my sidebar. *u*

Anyway, so I pretty much anticipated this tankoubon release. I just love discovering new mangakas, and being able to get a copy of their debut tankoubon release is one of the best feelings a fujoshi can ever experience, lol. So it consists of 4 stories. The first story is about two guys who works in a film production company. The uke is a very timid college student who comes into the company one day and was assigned to work under the seme (uhh, not literally if you know what I mean /shot). So the seme noticed that the college student was kind of anti-social since he’s timid and all, so he tried talking to him and found out that the college student has a tremendous love for movies. I really love how their story went since it was pretty dramatic and I loved how the uke’s character developed. The second and third story were also very nice. The second was pretty hilarious and the third was kind of tense since the turn of events was very surprising—or was it just me that I didn’t see it coming. ;; anyway, what I loved most is the 4th story—unrequited love. *u*

So the fourth story is about 2 schoolboys. The uke reminded me of Akahoshi from Kojima Lalako’s “Kimi to Parade” because of his appearance and… attitude… well, maybe a little. Now uke has a crush on a male schoolmate—unfortunately he’s already seeing some girl. The seme on the other hand is your typical Mr. Brightside(?). I honestly thought he was just a supporting character at first since I thought the guy that the uke has a crush on will consider his feelings in the end, lol. But the story was great nonetheless—especially the extra story! /*A*\ Totally recommend. ;u;


Ugh sorry it turned out to be pretty long orz; I really fail in summarizing stories since I really want to talk about it in detail. ;;

I promise I’ll try to make a shorter “short” review post next time. /time to work on summarizing skills .__.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this long post! ;u;/


daily BL matters.

I’ve been lurking around BL sites most of the time lately since it’s already our sembreak and I really don’t have much to do in Tumblr nowadays. ;; Also, I finally got to finish some mangas and got to list down my new purchases for next month! *u*

Anyway, off to the stuff I really wanted to talk about right now.

→ First off, I want to talk about some releases I wasn’t able to mention in my previous entry. It seems Takarai Rihito’s “Hana no Mizo Shiru (2)” will be finally released in tankoubon form by next month; I remember someone asking me on my formspring about it’s tankoubon release so I hope that person will be able to read this! ;u; Also, Yamada Torico’s “Long and Beautiful Life” will also be released next month! /really excited/ I only got to read a part of the story that was in Canna volume 16 and  the other story “Mizutama” from volume 11 before so I’m really looking forward to reading more of it when it finally gets released in tankoubon form! \*u*/

→ Speaking of Yamada Torico, I just finished reading her “Kanashii Hito wa Doko ni mo Inai” a while ago. After reading it, I became more intrigued about Yamada Torico’s stories. I’m not going to further talk about it in this entry since I’m thinking of making a set of short reviews soon; that’s where I’ll definitely share my thoughts on her work. Also, I’m really starting to like Umiyuki Lily. I’m kind of freaked out about her — in a nice way since she reminds me so much of Kojima Lalako. Again, I’ll tell you guys more about it in my short review post. Hee

→ I recently got to check some new scanlation releases in Baka-Updates and saw Hideyoshiko’s “Negative-kun to Positive-kun” has finally been released. *u* this will be my first time to read any of Hideyoshiko’s work since I only got to read a review of this particular tankoubon from a friend’s blog. I will definitely get myself the actual tankoubon if ever I can save up enough money this month. orz;;

→ I am also eager to get my hands on Nobara Aiko’s “Akiyama-kun“! It seems a lot of BL bloggers loved it and I keep seeing good reviews about it so I’ll definitely include it in my to-buy priority list, lol. The cover is adorable and I have a 100% feeling I will love it as much as my fellow fujoshis did. ❤

→ I haven’t heard of the BL comics anthology “BiQ” until a friend told me about it a few months ago. I was supposed to buy its 2nd volume since the cover was illustrated by Kobato Mebaru (and it is indeed CUTE) but anthologies make my wallet cry so I told myself to just save it for next time. But I am really tempted by this month’s BiQ release since the cover (by Tsutomu) is just too lovely. Also, I’m pretty much curious about the anthology itself so might as well try to get myself a copy. ;;

And that concludes today’s entry. Until the next update! o/

September haul.

Hello everyone! It’s been ages since I last updated here and I’m terribly sorry about that. Also, our desktop PC keeps on hanging lately which made updating so much difficult. orz;;

On another note, our hell weeks will be finally over really soon and I just can’t wait to have a long deserved(?) rest, lol. Anyway!

So my orders finally arrived today and I swear 1 week was really worth the wait.  I was supposed to receive it last week if I ordered the week before. Unfortunately, I got too busy and just got to order it last week. ;;

This is my first order for September and the second one that will hopefully arrive by next month will include Yamada Papiko’s original tankoubon debut release and some more exciting releases! Aaah I love September ’11, lol. *w* Continue reading

Some small things I find “pretty-interesting”.

Literally “pretty” and “interesting”, that is. ;;

→ For the past few weeks, I’ve been spazzing about a newly discovered mangaka that eventually forced me into buying Canna’s volume 16. Guess who?

It’s Yamada Torico! *u*

I just can’t get over her art style. When I first saw Canna post some previews in their twitter account, Yamada Torico’s work really caught my attention. It’s looks so adorable and her coloring is pretty as well! For the story, it’s basically about a boy named Miyamae-kun who has an enormous love and inspiration for his grandmother. He even go to such lengths as growing up pretending to be a girl — until his grandmother died. But even if he stopped pretending to be a girl, he still followed one trait — again, inspired by his grandmother, and that is finding his own “prince” — just like how his grandmother found hers (which was obviously his grandfather). Continue reading