Where to Buy

As promised, I finally got around in making this separate detailed online shopping page for you guys. *u*

Amazon JP

  •  Must search in Japanese.
  •  Most tankoubons, magazines and anthologies are available.
  •  They use DHL for shipping which has a very reliable service; easy to track.
  •  Shipping is quite expensive so I don’t recommend buying from them if you’re only going to buy a single item. I recommend buying in bulk if you don’t want to waste such an expensive shipping fee. orz;
  • For those living in the Philippines, other than the tips for buying above, do expect to pay custom fees when buying from Amazon.jp. Our customs here in the Philippines charges pretty expensive custom fees so it’s best to have at least 30-50% of your total order’s cost in cash with you if you’re expecting your package to arrive.


  • Must search in Japanese.
  • Also has a wide range of items but some items may not be available.
  • Pre-ordering can be frustrating sometimes. ;;
  • They use EMS for shipping which can be quite annoying sometimes especially if you’re not that patient checking with your local post office when your package finally arrived in your country.
  • Cheap shipping fee—considering it’s EMS.

* Both sites can be viewed in either English or Japanese.


Still on the verge of buying items here. So please go to this very helpful tutorial by Cheezy if you’re thinking of buying there.

YesAsia (Global)

  • You can search in romaji.
  • Has a wide range of available BL tankoubons, anthologies and magazines. Although I’m not sure if they’re updated but when I first got to try their service, all of the latest releases I wanted were available so just kindly check for yourselves.
  • It takes time for your items to arrive at their warehouse especially if they can’t get it on time before they can actually ship it to you. Although when all items are set, they only take a short while to ship the items at your doorstep.
  • What I like and dislike about them is the free shipping when your item/s reaches a certain amount. Like because well who wouldn’t want a free shipping? Dislike because obviously, that where they get extra charges for the items. Items in YesAsia cost more because of the free shipping thing. But what I also like about it is that it won’t get taxed when it arrives (most especially here in the Philippines where buying online can sometimes be so much of a hassle because of custom charges).

Will still update this page if ever I try out a new online shop/shopping service. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Where to Buy

  1. Hello~ 🙂
    Have you tried ordering from honto? If so, how was it? How about comicomi-studio? :O
    I’m looking around which site doesn’t go our customs radar or getting worried about a lost parcel. ^^;;

    • Sorry for replying so late! ;;
      And sadly I haven’t tried yet. ;; Although IIRC, ComiComi doesn’t ship to international buyers? Hrmm not really sure. It’s been a while since I last went to their site. ;;
      Don’t worry about lost parcels if you’re ordering via online shops like Amazon, HMV, YesAsia and such. I haven’t experienced lost parcels for the last two years.
      As for customs, it’s quite annoying most especially in the Philippines. For HMV, my parcels sometimes ends up in customs and if it does, I have to pay a whole lot of cash to retrieve it. Although sometimes it simply ends up at my doorstep. I don’t know what’s their deal about that though.

      100% sure of not ending up in custom is Amazon and YesAsia. For Amazon, you have to pay a ridiculous amount for the shipping. Here in the Philippines, since Amazon’s carrier is DHL, we have to pay for the customs fee (which is awfully a LOT I tell you).
      For YesAsia, no need to pay for anything when your items arrive here but the prices of the items they have in their shop are much expensive than the original price. Although a friend of mine usually orders there and takes advantage of the free shipping when items total to a certain price.

      Ahh I’m sorry I typed a lot. ;; Although I hope that helps?
      If you have any other problems please feel free to ask me and hopefully I can help you with my fair share of customs duty experiences. ;v;)/

      • No worries about that! Thank you for your answer. 😀

        I read somewhere that Comicomi ships internationally but the shipping is only EMS. 🙂

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