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Finally got around to at least make (or try making) a decent entry for after how many months. I’ve noticed, whenever school starts that’s only the only time when I actually feel motivated to make decent blogs entries. ;;

– For moca 12, Ogura Muku will be on the cover and some pretty exciting oneshots of wanko (dog) BL by Kojima Lalako, Kashio, Takarai Saki and Mizuno Naiki (also her debut appearance in moca!). Crying at the thought of wanko BL. I have never read any of Mizuno Naiki’s woks (although I’m sure I’ve talked about her in one of my blog posts and that was about how pretty her art is judging from her previous release, Mezawari na Otoko).

– drap has also released Tanaka Ball’s and Ootsuki Miu’s newest tankoubons. click!
Aaaah I don’t think I’ll be getting these at the moment. Although I’m not exactly sure about Tanaka Ball’s since I really haven’t read any of her works yet? But the cover looks pretty amusing so I might! Too bad I won’t be able to get the booklet/s by the time I buy my copy. ;;

– Hanaoto has also updated their site with new covers + December releases.

*Click here for December release list.

– As for Gush comics, only got to take note of Shimaji’s Love Cafe Mocha and Kuwabara Yuuko’s Kimi to Asagohan!

*Images from Chill-Chill.

– I’m not sure if all of you know about Ishino Aya’s “room share” but it got released lately and I’m very excited about it! I’ve been tentatively following it since I did collect quite a number of OPERA anthologies so I got to read some of the chapters. It’s an interesting story eventhough I don’t know much about Ishino Aya’s works since I only get to discuss it with a certain friend who pretty much collected all her previous releases (Tsubaki series) and I only have one tankoubon of hers that I got to buy which was Amanojaku no Koi.

– Not for November but I’m pretty much excited for Kobato Mebaru’s upcoming release this December entitled “Oboreru Koi no Itade” (Dear+Comics). I know I’ve mentioned before about how much I love Kobato Mebaru’s works since I’ve read and loved most of her works!


Okay, that’s it for now. I actually forgot to make a continuation of my sneak peek post (which includes Erotoro, Kojima Lalako and Yamano Deco—if I’m not mistaken only those I think. But I was also planning on showing you guys a book I just got to discover entitled “Mousou Hello Work“. It’s not BL but a textbook of some sort that explains different kinds of professions—normal to fantasy ones. I don’t really get the sense of it all but it was a pretty fun read nonetheless. Also, I’ve burried myself with BL for the past few weeks juggling drawing practice and I have lots—I mean LOTS to talk about in here if I can find the time to actually make long blog posts! By those I mean reviews, (finally!) mangaka insights, BL commentaries and so on.


New Year covers!


New Year bringing us new colorful and sweet-looking covers—except for Katou Setsuko’s that has a more dramatic feel to it. Sadly, I only got to order Katou Setsuko’s and Narazaki Souta’s for the new year. ;; I’ll be on a long purchasing hiatus next year (but hopefully not sob) since school will surely get in the way already (finals and whatnot).

Anyway, been a while since I last read something from Katou Setsuko and Tennouji Mio so it’s nice to see them releasing tanks again this coming year. Quite excited as well for Narazaki Souta’s “Fudanshi Monogatari” since I’m really hunting down for good fudanshi-themed stories and this one seems to be a perfect buy. *0*

Other covers by Nishihara Keita, Aoiro Iriko, Nakazato Takeko(?) and Mito Hitomi are pretty tempting as well. Newcomer Nakazato Takeko seems pretty interesting but I’m doubting if I should really get myself a copy after my purchasing hiatus, lol. Must read reviews first for this one. ;;

And now, as for the last cover—KOBATO MEBARU. It’s a novel so I’m not sure if I’m going to buy it just because it’s Kobato Mebaru, IDK. /;A;\ I miss her. I really do. I wish she can release a new story soon. ;;

Today’s haul.

Kobato Mebaru, Psyche Delico, Est Em and Ogura Muku. ❤

As to what I shared on my Tumblr, I’ve been longing to get these titles for a very long time now especially Psyche Delico’s “Junai Ero Ki”. But what I was most excited about is Est Em’s “Equus”. Lol, I’ve been telling a certain open-minded friend about it and she was like, “Omg Hachi. First, gay sex. Now centaur sex. What’s next? Merman sex?”… is there really? orz; Continue reading

Reviews: さわって、とかして。 ~Sawatte, Tokashite~ (Dariaコミックス)

When I was enjoying my first summer week getaway last month, I got to read this beautiful work by Kobato Mebaru. I actually got to download it a long time ago but forgot to read it since I got busy with school and stuff, so yeah.

Anyway, “Sawatte, Tokashite” is Kobato Mebaru’s first tankoubon release from Daria last 2007. So as I usually say in my posts, this is my first time to read any of Kobato Mebaru’s works. Although I’ve read reviews before, I never got the chance to actually read any. So the tankoubon consists of 6 stories and an extra. The story is about 4 high school friends and their adorable love stories. The plot is quite typical, though. But Kobato Mebaru’s play of characters made it so much cuter.

I’ll buy the actual tankoubon soon together with other of Kobato Mebaru’s works – yes, I think I’ve fallen in love once again. (* ̄o ̄*)

Note that this post contains images that are not safe for viewing.

Read: Gay porn. Yes. This is what this blog is all about in the first place. Also, long review is long. OTL

All images are from Blissful Sin. (^_^)

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