First December orders finally arrived!

So after waiting for a month, I finally got my first batch of orders thanks to Yokatta Shopping Service. 8D

I was actually so frustrated about these since I’m not used to orders arriving a month later but oddly enough, it was worth the wait. And considering I took EMS as my courier of choice, it arrived pretty early as to what I expected.

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‘Tis the season of Yamashita Tomoko!

It’s already the Christmas season you guys! \*w*/ and what’s even more exciting is that a lot of new yummy BL releases are coming our way! ❤

→ So what I’ve noticed these past few weeks is that Yamashita Tomoko seems to be appearing a lot lately. I’m not that updated with her works so I’m not really sure why I’ve been seeing a lot of her nowadays, orz. But I’ve been waiting for onBLUE 4 nonetheless! ;u; I finally got to see the cover a while ago and god it looks gorgeous.

More exciting stuff in this issue which is making me cry because I’m not sure if I’m going to get myself a copy. ;n;

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last haul for September.

So my last two orders finally arrived. \*w*/ I actually received the four tankoubons (starting from the left) the other day but decided to just make this blog entry until they finally ship to me the last two — which I happily got today.

Compared to the previous haul I shared, I was actually more excited about this next set of orders since the new works of my most anticipated mangakas-to-try are included here. *u* Continue reading

Covers once again.

First off, I just want to apologize for the lack of release updates lately. I couldn’t manage going to BL sites lately for release updates so I often rely on subscription e-mails. Unfortunately, even if I received those release info, I still couldn’t make a release update since I’m pretty much lame with time management /sob/ so I always make my release update outline late and eventually end up not posting at all. I’m so sorry. orz;;

But here I am! And today, I’ll be talking about covers of some exciting releases! It’s a looooong weekend for most of us right now (in the Philippines) since we have a lot of holidays coming up. Haha! 8)

Anyway, on to the main entry!

→ For BLCD fans, have you already checked out the releases of Kumota Haruko’s “Itoshi no Nekokke” and the 2nd part of Moegi Yuu’s “Katekyo!“? *u* It was both released last 8/24. I’m actually excited about Kumota Haruko’s since I’ve been talking and spazzing about it ever since it was announced, lol. But I might just get myself a copy next time. ;; I posted the cast in my previous entry here.

onBLUE 3 and Nanaki Katsura’s “Ita Hime” (also from onBLUE) both released last 8/25. I really, really regret not buying onBLUE. I mean, I do include it on my list but I never got to buy it since I always put Canna and OPERA first. orz;; but I think I’ll start buying it when I have an extra budget for it. What actually caught my attention is Nanaki Katsura’s first tankoubon release — IT LOOKS SO ADORABLE.

Read: hikikomori + megane + otaku+ cross-dressing! Ohmygod. /;A;\ and I read it’s pretty sexy so will definitely get a copy!

→ I finally got to see the cover for OPERA 28 KISS (8/26)!!! /*A*\ AND OMG  KUSAMA SAKAE AJFGHSDKSHFJSDJKFGHFJ THIS IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. When I was talking about this in my previous entry, I was actually trying to control the urge to go all “ajkdhgfjskfgh” since I’m still waiting for the cover, lol. It really looks more gorgeous than I have imagined it to be. Although, I’m so frustrated right now since I still can’t order until next week and I’m afraid they might run out of stock already at HMV. orz;; but yeah I’m praying to have my copy by next month. ;;

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Reviews: Calling (バーズコミックス リンクスコレクション)

Calling” is Ootsuki Miu’s sixth tankoubon release and her third through Lynx Comics (please correct me if I’m wrong). This is actually my very first time to read anything from her since some people have been asking me why don’t I mention Ootsuki Miu that much (because according to them, her stories are just my type, lol).

Obviously, a lot of people have read this already so this review will be short unlike my usual ones since I’ll only be sharing a few thoughts about this tankoubon and how Ootsuki Miu finally got to have a place in my heart. ;u;

Let me just start off with my first impressions about Ootsuki Miu. When I first saw her works online, I really thought her art was cute, and since I’m a sucker for ukes with feminine features, I didn’t hesitate to get myself a copy of her works.

I’ve also read other people’s opinions about her art style. According to them, those thick long eyelashes and feminine features kind of freak them out. ;;;

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Back from Singapore~!

Just got home from our short trip to Singapore yesterday! *u*

Too bad we only stayed for 3 days. Actually, it didn’t seem like 3 days since when we arrived at Singapore, it was already in the afternoon. ;~~; but when we got to the hotel, we left immediately for Takashimaya since I’ve been dying to go there eversince some of my friends told me how much I would love it there, lol. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay at Takashimaya that long because my aunt wanted to buy some clothes so of course she dragged me with her. orz;;

So anyway, our first stop at Takashimaya was Kinokuniya. Actually, my main reason for our trip was to just hunt for BL tankoubons and artbooks, lol. And of course, to look at some other manga selections. A few Singaporean and non-Singaporean friends told me the Kinokuniya branch at Takashimaya doesn’t really sell BL titles so I just went there to look for a Kazuaki artbook I’ve been dying to buy for a very long time now, and some books for my friend.

I was so lucky to get that Kazuaki artbook since it was the only one left! *A* I nearly screamed when I found it because I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT BIG. I was supposed to buy some Starry Sky ones as well but I decided to just ask someone to buy it for me next time since I was on a tight budget and my money was only for my BL tankoubons. ;~~;

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Some of today’s BL releases + covers

  ◆ Ootsuki Miu – “Play Zone ~Nikushoku Kareshi to Kaikan Tenshi~” (ジュネット~JUNET~)

価 格: ¥680
発売日: 2011/05/31

Huuuuu. This looks gorgeous omg. /;w;\ unfortunately, I still can’t get my other Ootsuki Miu orders at the meantime so I’ll be putting this on hold.

You can also buy it here: bk1 | HMV

  ◆ Wada Mayuko – “Kedamono Hatsujoki!!” (ジュネット~JUNET~)

価 格: ¥680
発売日: 2011/05/31

You can also buy it here: bk1 | HMV



  ◆ Ooe Maki – “Kichiku Dokuta no Seiyoku Jikkenshitsu” (ジュネット~JUNET~)

価 格: ¥680
発売日: 2011/05/31

All these yummy releases from Junet is making me cry. ;;

You can also buy it here: bk1 | HMV


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