This month’s haul


Loaded up on Kojima Lalako since I couldn’t afford not to completely read all of her works. (:3)rz

As most of you (regular readers) know, I haven’t been buying BL that much lately because of the usual reasons. Thankfully last month, my mom agreed to let me buy new (manga) releases again and as for school matters, I’m now officially a college senior this coming semester and so my aunt actually allowed me to do anything I want this summer. So of course I’m trying to give all my time to my usual hobbies although most of the time, I dwell on improving my illustration (career—sort of).

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Insight: Kojima Lalako

At long last, my very first mangaka review. Initially, I planned to do this last year but then stuff happened so… .___.

Anyway, for this very first mangaka review, I’ll will briefly be talking about one of my favorite mangakas, Kojima Lalako.


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BL rebound

Waited for quite a long time for me to get back on buying BL so I think it’s okay to spoil myself again with a few titles. As much as I want to spend all out on releases I missed, I limited myself to the ones I really like and just took note of the others that I can just buy next time. I don’t really have much time to read lately anyways since uni has been a pain plus I’m busy for a convention this December. ;;

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anthologies + covers + Kojima Lalako

Citron already posted the lineup page for Citron 12.

♦ Full-color special extra of Kusama Sakae’s “Ame Furi“.
♦ First appearance by KUJIRA with her newest work “Kinmokusei ni Sayonara“.
♦ New series by Kashio entitled “Sawaranaide, Kowareteimasu“.

Ahh Kashio’s newest series seem interesting. I haven’t read any of her works before although I’ve been rooting for her “Try and Error” ever since the tank first came out last September—if I’m not mistaken. She’s also one of those artists who can deceive you if you only like to look at pretty covers (like me lol). I thought her story seemed to be just fluff but judging from the title of her newest series in this month’s Citron, it sounds pretty dramatic(?) so then I am once again deceived by her previous cute and pretty covers. orz;

→ The newest cover for OPERA has finally been posted—NAKAMURA ASUMIKO. *u*

♦ Last chapter of Nakamura Asumiko’s “Sora to Hara“.
♦ Special extra from Bikke.

Hopefully we can expect a “Sora to Hara” tankoubon soon, lol. Not a hardcore Nakamura Asumiko fan but I do get to enjoy her works most of the time.

I read pretty good reviews about this recent series of her so I’ve been sulking for months just waiting for the final chapter so I can finally tell myself “Oh there you go, now’s your chance to finally catch up with the whole god damn thing since it’s your fault for not buying anthologies.” orz;

Anyway, pretty much sure all Nakamura Asumiko fans are looking forward to this final chapter. :’D Oh and for Bikke lovers, she has the pin-up for this issue so you don’t want to miss that. :’D

Canna also posted up their lineup page the other day for Canna 21.

♦ Yes, the most-awaited new series by Yamada Torico… or is it just me who’s excited lmao.
♦ Zodiac-themed shots by Honma Akira, Takao Hiroi, Umiyuki Lily, Suzukura Hal, Hanamori Mito and Aikawa Fuu(?).
♦ New titles by Kikuya Kikuko, Minazuki Akira and Yoshida Yuuko.

Thankfully I got this month’s Canna since I can’t afford to miss Yamada Torico’s latest work. ;; Also, I didn’t know about the Zodiac puchi project they did so I’m really ecstatic about it since I loooove Zodiac signs and anything that has to do with constellation, lol—AND UMIYUKI LILY’S IN IT so. 8)

Oh I read from, I think Kijitora’s twitter or blog, that Ootsuki Miu’s last chapter for “Loser” will be on Canna 22 so… I sense a tankoubon. \*w*/ I was actually thinking of buying back issues of Canna just for that. orz;

Now for some pretty and adorable covers of some titles that will be released for the rest of the month.

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Kojima Lalako + a few other updates.

I’ve been waiting for the cover to be posted eversince a friend tweeted Kojima Lalako will be on the cover—-AND HERE IT IS! ❤ morning just got better. /;w;\

Ahh I missed her so much sob. Lately she’s only been releasing novels she illustrated for, and I still can’t read Japanese novels so I’ve been sulking while waiting until she finally gets something released. orz;

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Takarai Rihito + Kojima Lalako

→ CRAFT already posted the cover for Takarai Rihito’s cover for “Hana no Mizo Shiru 2“. *w*

Gorgeous. Just as expected from Takarai Rihito. :’D I don’t read the scanlation version of this so I’m pretty excited what the story turned out to be since the first volume.

→ Kojima Lalako will be in the latest issue of BExBOY Magazine (which is out today) so I’m really torn if I should buy it or not. I want to buy it because of Kojima Lalako but I’m not familair with some of the mangakas in the lineup so. ;; I really, really miss reading her works but I can’t afford certain BL magazines like this one so I’ll just patiently wait until she gets a new tankoubon release sob.

→ Also about Kojima Lalako, a friend just told me earlier that she’ll be on the cover of moca Vol.8!!! AHHHHH I seriously can’t wait for the cover to be posted!!! /;w;\

Too bad it’s already back-to-school for me this Tuesday. But it’s already the second semester which means a lot of holidays are coming up so I won’t disappear as much, lol. I’m still waiting for my orders to come in this month so I’ll be planning out a couple of reviews as well. And finally! I might post my very first mangaka insight—in which I will talk about BL mangakas and how thankful I am for their existence and for bringing us these beautiful homoerotic masterpieces. /shot/ it’s pretty obvious who I’ll be writing about first. Haha!


It’s November 1! First off, Happy All Saint’s Day to everyone. I’m sure all of you enjoyed Halloween—even if most of you were already too big for trick or treating—like me. /sob

So anyway, today’s a new day which means a lot of new releases and announcements on BL websites, lol.

→ On my noted releases, Minazuki Akira’s “Nobaseru Karada” will be released today as well as Citron Vol.11. I’m really thinking if I should buy Citron since it’s Jaryuu Dokuro’s special feature and I just can’t miss that interview. /sob/ but aaahh, too many good releases this November and I don’t think my wallet can handle buying any more anthologies for this month except Dame BL. orz;

→ On HertZ mobile—iHertZ—IT’S KOJIMA LALAKO ON THE COVER. /;A;\ but ahdgshdgdh MOBILE. /sob/ she actually has a lot of novel releases lately but I still can’t read Japanese novels so… orz;

→ Last night, I was already fixing my orders for this month and noticed the mangaka “Nimoda Ai”. I happen to stumble upon her blog and clicked on her Pixiv account and guess what I found? SHOTA PARADISE. Inazuma Eleven paradise to be exact. And a couple of APH. I’ve been pretty obsessed with shotas ever since my best friends and I were randomly hunting for little boys in the mall a few months ago… /perv

She’ll be having a tankoubon release this month enitled “Trouble x Prince“. And for next month, Citron will finally release her “Moe Goe“. Pretty excited, really. *u*

→ For those who are residing in Japan, Natsume Isaku will be having a signing event for her newest tankoubon release this Nov.10— “Devil’s Honey“. Aahh, how I wish I can go to such events but buying a plane ticket just for a signing event is just too impossible.


Yamada Torico + Kojima Lalako

→ finally posted the cover of Yamada Torico’s latest tankoubon release next month—“Long & Beautiful Life“!! *u* really happy to finally got to see the cover design! Adorable isn’t it? ❤

I really got all jumpy when Yamada Torico tweeted about it a few minutes ago since I was already hoping Chill-Chill would post the cover on their site within this week. ;;

→ Kojima Lalako never fails in amusing me every time—I recently got to stumble upon her “The Interviews” page (it’s like a Japanese version of and I swear you’ll really fall in love with her and her adorable way of answering all of the questions! Aaahhh she really is my moe queen. ;3; ❤

BL Update – finally.

I’m so sorry for the long absence! I got busy with driving school and enlisting matters at my university. I was actually thinking of updating last week since I was all hyped up about Kojima Lalako’s recent blog entries.

➜ First of all, she made a tumblr account. Although, she removed her post about it after a few days (or was it the following day?). I don’t really know what’s her reason for removing that post but she didn’t delete her account – she’s still posting some yummy doujinshi teasers and fanarts there, lol.

➜ For those who wanted to buy her “Kawaii Kimi no Koto da Mono” doujinshi at the Super Comic City 20 held early this month in Japan, you can finally buy here it at ComiComi Studio. \*u*/

➜ For magazine/anthology news, she’s in the newest issue of Chara Selection and Moca! I swear the stories seem so interesting (I promise this is not me being biased! ;u;). So as I always say in my blog, I rarely read stories serialized in magazines. I only buy magazines/anthologies whenever I see a mangaka I know and if something seems new and interesting. ;;;

Gateau’s Vol.3 cover by Ogura Muku – IT IS SOOOOO  BEAUTIFUL. /;A;\ and what’s more is that, from what I read on Chill-Chill, Arii Memeko’s “Hitorijime Boyfriend” has been continued! Not really sure about the story though since I haven’t read it yet. sob

I’m pretty sure a lot of Arii Memeko fans are very much hyped up about this said continuation; so if you were able to read the first story and loved it, better grab your copy of Gateau Vol.3 noww. *q*

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