First December orders finally arrived!

So after waiting for a month, I finally got my first batch of orders thanks to Yokatta Shopping Service. 8D

I was actually so frustrated about these since I’m not used to orders arriving a month later but oddly enough, it was worth the wait. And considering I took EMS as my courier of choice, it arrived pretty early as to what I expected.

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BL updates

These are the days when there’s nothing really much to update. But thankfully I got to stumble upon some exciting release announcements today so…

→ First off, Lynx already posted their new covers in their site. As expected from Madarame Hiro, the covers for “Beautiful Days” are really pretty! *u* The Christmas present special in Lynx’s new issue (which is out today) sounds really interesting unfortunately I don’t buy Lynx so I won’t know how the special present feature goes. /sob

→ For Kitabeppu Nica fans, Citron already posted her special page—click! And as for the cover of her upcoming release, “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“…

Adorable cover *q* I cannot wait to see the second cover from Animate! ;u; I’m not familiar with Animate since I don’t really get to buy from them so I don’t really how they usually do the double cover feature. ;; Together with her 10th comic release celebration, if you buy her previous release “Hibari Hinadori Sudatsu Hi ni“, it includes a special manga paper of the said previous title and her upcoming release, “Ojisan wa Wasuremono no Naka“. *u*

→ Nobara Aiko is in COMIC Be’s first issue—click! *u* it features an interview and a special extra from her previous release, “Akiyama-kun“. I haven’t read it up to now sadly. ;n; I just got to order it a week ago and I’m really expecting to get my copy next week. *n*

daily BL matters.

I’ve been lurking around BL sites most of the time lately since it’s already our sembreak and I really don’t have much to do in Tumblr nowadays. ;; Also, I finally got to finish some mangas and got to list down my new purchases for next month! *u*

Anyway, off to the stuff I really wanted to talk about right now.

→ First off, I want to talk about some releases I wasn’t able to mention in my previous entry. It seems Takarai Rihito’s “Hana no Mizo Shiru (2)” will be finally released in tankoubon form by next month; I remember someone asking me on my formspring about it’s tankoubon release so I hope that person will be able to read this! ;u; Also, Yamada Torico’s “Long and Beautiful Life” will also be released next month! /really excited/ I only got to read a part of the story that was in Canna volume 16 and  the other story “Mizutama” from volume 11 before so I’m really looking forward to reading more of it when it finally gets released in tankoubon form! \*u*/

→ Speaking of Yamada Torico, I just finished reading her “Kanashii Hito wa Doko ni mo Inai” a while ago. After reading it, I became more intrigued about Yamada Torico’s stories. I’m not going to further talk about it in this entry since I’m thinking of making a set of short reviews soon; that’s where I’ll definitely share my thoughts on her work. Also, I’m really starting to like Umiyuki Lily. I’m kind of freaked out about her — in a nice way since she reminds me so much of Kojima Lalako. Again, I’ll tell you guys more about it in my short review post. Hee

→ I recently got to check some new scanlation releases in Baka-Updates and saw Hideyoshiko’s “Negative-kun to Positive-kun” has finally been released. *u* this will be my first time to read any of Hideyoshiko’s work since I only got to read a review of this particular tankoubon from a friend’s blog. I will definitely get myself the actual tankoubon if ever I can save up enough money this month. orz;;

→ I am also eager to get my hands on Nobara Aiko’s “Akiyama-kun“! It seems a lot of BL bloggers loved it and I keep seeing good reviews about it so I’ll definitely include it in my to-buy priority list, lol. The cover is adorable and I have a 100% feeling I will love it as much as my fellow fujoshis did. ❤

→ I haven’t heard of the BL comics anthology “BiQ” until a friend told me about it a few months ago. I was supposed to buy its 2nd volume since the cover was illustrated by Kobato Mebaru (and it is indeed CUTE) but anthologies make my wallet cry so I told myself to just save it for next time. But I am really tempted by this month’s BiQ release since the cover (by Tsutomu) is just too lovely. Also, I’m pretty much curious about the anthology itself so might as well try to get myself a copy. ;;

And that concludes today’s entry. Until the next update! o/