another HMV haul.

I’m really loving HMV’s service nowadays. I’ll probably say goodbye to for a while. </3

Anyway, those tankoubons by Jaryuu Dokuro and Yamada Nichoume (upper ones) were actually delivered to me last month; I just forgot to blog about it since I got too busy with school– the usual cause. D:

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Back from Singapore~!

Just got home from our short trip to Singapore yesterday! *u*

Too bad we only stayed for 3 days. Actually, it didn’t seem like 3 days since when we arrived at Singapore, it was already in the afternoon. ;~~; but when we got to the hotel, we left immediately for Takashimaya since I’ve been dying to go there eversince some of my friends told me how much I would love it there, lol. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay at Takashimaya that long because my aunt wanted to buy some clothes so of course she dragged me with her. orz;;

So anyway, our first stop at Takashimaya was Kinokuniya. Actually, my main reason for our trip was to just hunt for BL tankoubons and artbooks, lol. And of course, to look at some other manga selections. A few Singaporean and non-Singaporean friends told me the Kinokuniya branch at Takashimaya doesn’t really sell BL titles so I just went there to look for a Kazuaki artbook I’ve been dying to buy for a very long time now, and some books for my friend.

I was so lucky to get that Kazuaki artbook since it was the only one left! *A* I nearly screamed when I found it because I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT BIG. I was supposed to buy some Starry Sky ones as well but I decided to just ask someone to buy it for me next time since I was on a tight budget and my money was only for my BL tankoubons. ;~~;

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Some exciting releases.

Sorry it’s only now that I got to check some BL release updates. This will be kind of a short post since I forgot to list down all the releases for this month and next month. Gahd. OTL

These are just some of the exciting releases for May and June..

For drap, Okuda Nanao’s releasing her latest tankoubon, “Kimi no Tonari wa Ore no Mon!” on the 25th of May. I’m really, really excited for this even if I only got to read her “Rinjin wo Aisou” just recently. I must say it was soo cute!! The characters are adorable and the plot was very nice. Can’t wait to read more of her works soon!

She also had her “Go no Ato de Kisu o Shite” tankoubon release from Asuka Comics last May 1 together with other title releases by Abe Miyuki, Kitabeppu Nica and Nakamura Shungiku.

And for other exciting drap releases…

Aoi Levin’s “Mata Ai ni Iku” and Jaryuu Dokuro’s “Yakozen“. Really excited about these releases since I rarely buy BL magazines (lazy to do so, actually) so what I do is just patiently wait for its tankoubon to be announced/released. Although I try my best to keep updated with some since I’m always on the look-out for new artists whose works I can actually follow – take Kojima Lalako and Junko for example. (*´▽`*)

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